How To Set Up Domain Server Infinityfree In Freenom


How To Set Up Domain Server Infinityfree In Freenom


With the uncertainty that is surrounding business due toCovid -19 pandemic, there is no better time to host a website than now. Web hosting is when a hosting provider allocates space on a webserver for a website to store its files. This will make the website easily accessible by everyone on the web.

A lot of hosting providers have responded to the call but however, the cost associated with it has remained unaffordable for many. 

There are many hosting providers who claim that they are hosting for free but however, most of the time they only offer a free trial period.  Of all the free hosting providers, InfinityFree is the only one which seems to offer more without asking for any payment.

What is InfinityFree

Infinityfree isa free hosting initiative powered by iFast Net. It allows you to host your website for free with unlimited space and unlimited bandwidth. 

It has a well-designed website that makes a positive impression and is user friendly. The accounts are created in a few minutes and it even allows you to host your websites for years without even paying a single cent. You can sign up any time and use it as long as you wish.

InfinityFree is meant to assist anyone to build a presence online regardless of their location, financial status and budget because it is free. Allowing users to have many subdomains as they wish for free. It has a feature that also allows users to host their own domain name. 

Although it doesn’t provide domain registration services itself, one can easily use his or her own domain registered elsewhere on their accounts if he or she so wishes.

The good thing about InfinityFree is that it is not a free demo, trial or sample for some premium version of hosting but rather it is a completely free website hosting. 

However, you will find some promotional alternative premiumsor people looking for more but their services are very different.

It also offers a free Secure Sockets Layers (SSL) certificates and 99.9% uptime. SSL certificate is a bit of code on your web server that provides security for online communications. 

When a web browser contacts your secured website, the SSL certificate enables an encrypted connection, that is; the standard technology of securing and safeguarding any sensitive data between two systems preventing criminals from reading and modifying any information transferred including potential personal details.

InfinityFreealso allows the user to install over 400 scripts like Joomla and Wordpress in a few clicks with the Softaculous script installer which is quite helpful for the beginners. 

The users who have some experience of using the software can use the other PHP programming method which may come at a small cost and select a version they love.As a free and unencumbered service, infinity free has proved to be one of the best.

Setting up the Domain server with InfinityFree

Before adding a domain name to a hosting account, first of all; there is need to find out the nameservers which one should use before starting on changing anything.

 For InfinityFree the nameservers are and  Name servers are a setting to the domain registrarto allow one to host a domain name with a different provider. So there is need to change these settings at the site where the domain name was bought.

If the user intends to point his or her domain his or herserver, then he needs to change the record from the Domain Name System (DNS) zone where the main domain is currently pointing.

DNS is the address book or phonebook of the internet. Humans access the information online through domain names for example 

Web browsers interact through the Internet Protocol (IP) addresses. DSN servers makes it easy for humans to avoid memorizing complex alphanumeric IP addresses. DSN translates domain names to IP addresses so browsers can load internet resources. Each device connected to the internet has a unique IP address which other machines use to find the device.

The process of DNS resolution involves converting a hostname ( into a computer friendly IP address (such as 

When a user wants to load a webpage, a translation must occur between what the user types into the web browser and the machine friendly address necessary to locate the web page. 

There are four servers involved in loading a webpages, that is; DNS Recursor, Rootnameserver, Top Level Domain nameserver (TLD) and Authoritative nameserver.

The Recursor is a server designed to receive queries from client machines through applications such as web browsers while the Root server is the first step in translating human readable host names into IP addresses. TDL server hosts the last portion of a hostname, for example, in TDL server is “com”. Finally the Authoritative nameserver is the last stop in the nameserver query. If the authoritative name server has accessto the required record, it will return the IP address for the requested hostname back to DNS Recursor that made the initial request.


Setting Domain Server

Step 1. Go to the domain’s management area

First of all, login to your domain registrar’s client section and select domain manager. Find your domain name in the list

Step 2. Go to the nameservers area

You can amend the nameservers of your domain name over a separate section. The nameservers section always separated from the DNS Records section. To change your nameservers, go to it.

Step 3. Set the custom nameservers

Set your domain name to use customnameservers and entered before starting on step 1 and save them.

Step 4. Wait for the changes to transmit/ propagate

When you update the nameservers for your domain, it may take up 24-48 hours for the change to take place. This period is called the DNS propagation. In other words, it is a period of time ISP (Internet Service Provider) nodes across the world take to update their caches with the new DNS information of your domain.

This is the last step. It is important to be patient at this point as it takes between 24-48 hours.