How and where to sell a website websale true story

How to sale website online


During information revolution time - in which technology using have became as important as food,clothes and air – it has become essentials  to make our life with all its fileds  more easier  and simple .


Want to sell website online there are lots of options now.  best current time which selling company we can sale  totally free. some people may not familiar with the  but this is one of the most free eCommerce platform who are looking to sell online.

 you can sale website trust worthy way this website and most of the time you should not  spend your money fast.

Most popular websale company  flippa which is most trusted and most custom available website where you can sell and buy any website which is now action or available for bid. 

What is the name of website to sell anything?

 current time shopify is one of the best trusted selling platform for individual anyone can sell anything if you have new account in shopify file just register in and spending few dollars.

One of its fileds is how to sale website from online, to sell anywhere at anytime and for anyone, by controlling everything from a single platform with centralized inventory, , pricing and order management.


But the most important question is how to sell on a website ?

You have to know it’s not that much complicated thing to do ,because within only five minutes you can  create your website with simple, customizable design tools.Or you can add your online سr you can add your online site s you can creaa your website with store to  your existing website by a technology that mimic your current design.


Now having your own website to sale as Amazon or eBay is not so far dream ,as you can build your simple work and improve yourself !



You are saying and thinking now ,yes I want but how I can .

Ok, at first let us talk a about you online store that will link it with your website that you have already create it .

 To launch your online store  ,you have to do many steps to determine specifically  certain information about your online store.

Don’t feel confused ,It much easier than what you think !

You have to link your store to your existing website .

In your store ,you will show your products or services that your store will offer , you will show your product or service name ,its price and its image .

To which region your store belong ? what is its currency and language that your store use .

Excellent , you have shown your products or services ,but how can you deliver it to your customer ?

It’s very important to show your shipping options.


If you decide to sell your website, then our article will come in handy. In it, we will tell you not only how to sell your site, but also where to sell your site more profitably.

There are many places where you can sell your site. These are special forums, social networks, and exchanges. But the first two types are not the most reliable – here you can runin to anyone. But with the exchanges, everything is more interesting. Before selling, prepare some important information that you need to provide potential buyers, for example, statistics of your website traffic, your financial indicators.

Today, one of the most useful and demanded resources in this regard is the Flippa exchange, which we want to talk about.

It is a massively secured marketplace that all ows both sellers and buyers to act well informed. Flippa is one of the best online marketplaces to buy or sell a business.

If you are looking to sell your business through Flippa, use the free appraisal tool right on your website. With this information at hand, you can promote your business yourself or tradewith a broker. It only takes 15 minutes to list your asset for sale on Flippa and you will find potential buyers immediately.

There are several associated costs on Flippa. In particular, listing and success fees.

Also, you can email your website to your target audience if you have a ready-made mailing list.

If you do not have an email list, you can find people with similar domains and email them directly and ask if they would be interested in your domain and website.

The process of buying and selling websites is common, and the number of such offers is growing along with the development of the Internet. A successful transaction is based on a competentanalys is of the resource, an assessment of its value, and the selection of an appropriate site.



Flippa  Flipkart can help you how to sell website and new movie what you are looking for business. Option alternative flippa  available like  eBay, Warrior forum, Amazon, Alibaba digitalpoint forum etc. if you have your own website this is is the best option sale your website online.

 How to success in online selling Site?

 There are a few steps we need for success. first one marketing and hard work Mast for success online we must know marketing any place like social media mobile app. now a days mobile marketing and do Marketing hot place.

If you have time you can make your website very popular just spending your free time. you can hire your own stuff to promote your website if you do not have time.

 How to make a good website for sale my products?

 Many people do not know how to make good website. struggling free website making process. Websale  helping how to make free website training course. if you do not know how to make free blog or website learn from the websale. Xyz.

Good website we must  spend  money. without money current time hosting not impossible. hosting for any website essential part if we I want to sale form professional website. many place help you to make a good website.


Where to sell websites?

 If you search in Google there are a few options where we can sell only websites. 

 Rady website has pros and cons because website ready must be changed with the product that is why rady website demand very few, most of the people go fiberr  also go freelance site hire freelancers make on demand website.

 We should try turnkey business if we do not have time in the current world. try to buy a turnkey business where we can sale many products.

10 sites where we can sale our website.



3.  digital foreign forum

4.  geek village Dot com

5. Internet company Dot com

6.ebay Dot com

7. Amazon Dot com

8. Wix

9. Weebly

10. WordPress

Buy and sell websites new Tradition:

 current world all time changing. New online business is coming everyday so we should focus our business and online buy and sell website one of the best hot online businesses. There are a lot of sites but every site is not totally a solution for professional purposes.

Many people are there facing stuff short for operating new website.Grow traffic and the best website could be a money making machine. many websites facing traffic monitors and SEO problems. We should focus fast on one website and SEO service.

 Our main goal should be to make a website and market our products online. Now social media has an audience, we can market our product through the social media platform Facebook UK is one of the best social media current time.

 Online success depends on our working activities. If we do not follow the exact Path, we may be Going underdog. making a good website and marketing need extra knowledge how to sell online.

Why we should buy turnkey website:

Many people do not know what is turnkey. Turnkey is a ready-made business. We do not need to hire anyone to operate this system, very few people need to operate this type of business. Turnkey business has a huge facility because this is a system working for everyone.

 large turnkey business purchase McDonald's or KFC has a success rate. online turnkey business now a new revolution for the young generation .we should try to make this new generation business. our main goal should be online business now it is because this is new generation evolution.



Ready websites are the best solution for individuals.  hard to maintain a new website when it gets lots of traffic. the new generation used mobile for purchase any products current time. we must follow our customer footstep.

 New turnkey business or website which is ready to reduce the time of making websites.   never come without to earn money until you have new skills which could give you extra income from online.

Smart business best for individual is Turnkey business:

 white label business are turnkey business is similar.we can make  online destiny purchasing a new website for sale anything.

 smart means without hard work and reducing time earning money. we should use latest technology for future income.