What is us domain and how to register cheap us domain

What is us domain and how to register cheap us domain?


" I am a resident of us, but now I want to get a .us domain extension for my website that being used .com domain. I don't know how easy or how complicated it is. I'd purchase a new .us domain or replace the .com domain with .us. My brain is puzzled."


History of .US DOMAIN short descriptions:

 The .US domain extension is a top-level domain extension which is the base domain of the ccTLD country code. CcTLDs refer to the top-level domain country code. USA people can freely use the .us domain without any restrictions. 

Any migrated individuals who are already using a social security number can easily register a .US domain.


For small or large-level websites, most people use the .com or .net or .org domain. If we want to use the .US domain extension, we have to be a resident. So funny, you might be the heart of these topics if you are not a U.S. citizen.

 All is possible, but alternate methods are required to get the .us domain from outside the USA. How to get .US domain from another country?. Does a question come to mind? TRULY!!. 

 Wait for new topics on how to get extensions to the .us domain from another country.

  The .US domain extension was invented in 1985 and this TLD was the first full domain history of ccTLDs. 

Jon postel handled the .US domain that was SRI International contact with us defense department. Sequently, network solutions settled on .us domain with national science foundations in the USA.

In 2019, the .US registry made it clear that it would not permit the selling of drugs via the .US top-level domain.

The advantage of the .us domain is that you can get the target US audience quickly. Local individuals can conveniently serve the website and no google limitations can be found. If you have a U.S. office and would like to raise foreign currency, extra revenue is conceivable.

Why we choose .us domain?

.US Domain is very brief, distinctive, and quick to remember. Best for those looking to introduce new ccTLDs on a special website.

You have the section of the community with a .US web address that is involved with the .us domain community. The company use .US domain model brand recognition for unique goods value emphasis from USA.

Users feel secure when we use the .us domain, because its a .US web address is a high American quality standard.

Domain Registration graph for .US domain:

.us domain use for individuals and company owners for the local and foreign market. This .us domain extension is enjoyed by American people. Here is a graph of purchasing interest in the .us domain.


.US domain price:


I was trying to search for komio.us from a separate domain provider. We found some differential prices for the .us domain here. 

Godaddy revealed that the price of komio.us is $7.99, 

The price of alibabacloud domain provider is $7.00, 

We searched in namecheap for $3.88.


How to us domain registrar?.


 Top ccTLDs List:

Russians use .ru, ccTLDs, for the United Kingdom ccTLDs is .uk, so we can remember the top-level domain country code in a simple way. 

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Some best ccTLDs list are bellow:





 USA people's perception of .US domain:

USA people dame care what the extension of the domain is, this is normal for all, major people prefer .com domain. We can assume that the Hole World is seeking to buy the first .com domain name. 

After that, some individual or organization attempts to make users different. They try to buy .us domain extension to a particular website. When people search the Google search engine for a website, it's really different. 

The .com extension comes with the majority of the website So, think differently how unique your own company  before buying .us domain extension.

.US Domain Administration reservations right policies:


.US Domain Acceptable policy for users:

Source of .us data policy and register policy