Easy Tutorial points domain to Shopify from third party

Easy Tutorial points domain to Shopify from third party



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 How do I point to shopify for your custom domain?. We 're going some of the best ideas for you here. You need some knowledge of shopify to point domain first. We 'd discuss briefly about shopify setup step by step domain by third parties.

For multiple domain providers, domain points to shopify system are applied different method. All possible solutions meaningful discuss and
we will discuss major all domain providers system, how to connect domain with shopify store. Both tricks of shopify domain configuration are also discussed as often as possible.


Why shopify so popular?


"Shopify fully integrated store",Shopify is so common because it's easy to use even though it's technical. 

If you don't know any code like CSS, javascript, you can create any code without your knowledge. 


Shopify may have sections which are easy to transfer without understanding any code which is really interesting shopify bits.

"Start free trial shopify  store"

Shopify, theme is one of the best places with a specific theme which is free of cost. You can also buy theme if you want to unique your store.

You can invest some money to make professional website in shopify. you pay monthly fee that is enough for online store include hosting price.

 Shopify plans and pricing per month:

 It does have a fixed amount per month to use shopify store for the purpose that we chose shopify. 
You just need to market your website with a professional look. Shopify has massive integrated payment options, which is a plus point for consumers to shop. 
All you need is an expansion of how to market your store. Shopify's price depends on your preference. The general price per month is $29 at the present time. Any time depends on their strategy, it will up down.

 Start a Dropshipping Business by shopify:

 People like to shopify because it allows individuals to start their own company without making any goods. In your store, you can sell other's things. 
The company dropshippng will ship on behalf of your position. You just need to sell your own dropshipping goods from third party companies through your store.



What is pointing a domain to shopify?

Domain points means, connect any domain to hosting account. Hosting account in browsers identify website by IP address or domain name.
 So, if we want live our website we will do domain connect to host first. We need to purchase domain name first and then add this domain to the hosting account. shopify domain points is domain connect in shopify hosting.

Easy way we can say, when any website name we search in browser it  appear in browser by domain name. 
if we do not connect our domain to hosting account browser would not find our website. so,the easy solutions is "domain connection with hosting account that call domain points". 

 What you need to do for your shopify store?

Three things is essential to make good small website in shopify. 
1.Customize your own domain
2.Choose your own theme 
3.Upload products and your own logos.

  1. Add your own domain to shopify

 Now you need your own domain to setup shopify:

Your record must point to the IP address of Shopify, which would be

Your record of www CNAME should point to shops.myshopify.com



  2. Connect it to shopify

  3. Varify your connectin with shopify

 To check that your domain connection is going the right way, you need to verify the domain.


So, if you have another domain company's custom domain, you "need to point it to shopify" to run the website using your custom domain name.


Automatically domain points to shopify:

Domain Setup shops provide different steps for different domain providers. If you've bought a GoDaddy, Google, or 1&1 IONOS's domain, you don't need to search for manual connections. They have options to connect automatically.

           1. Go to "shopify Admin > Online store  > Domains"

Some people face "domain connection shopify error", you can try to connect your domain manually using IP address replacement and CNAME record change.

Manually shopify domain connections Process:

Domain to your Shopify is simple step if we follow any rules of bellow:

We would discuss all possible solutions for domain setup or points from different host.domain to point to Shopify from different hosting company need to learn step by step. 

Shopify store is one of the best choice for small business. we should learn individual way how to points domain reducing investment in eCommerce site. 

you can buy domain through Shopify, the advantage of buying domain from shopify is, do not need to setup or points nameservers to shopify.

We will be working through all possible domain connection solutions. You may search for a domain connection from the first to the end.

Some people may look for IONOS domain connection. Perfect way Domain Connection Information will be here.
All Domain Connection has similar tasks just see how to connect Shopify from your IONOS domain

 Domain connection, domain points, domain register you need to know if you want to make your own website.IONOS,GODADDY,BLUHOST How to add a third-party domain to Shopify?.

I wasn't knowledgeable it, so I experienced it on my own. You should take it easy. Don't invest money for domains connections to tiny task .

 IONOS domain connection to shopify are very easy and would be done by yourself if you have some knowledge how to do that.

Working with "domain configurations" to third party are similar process. if you follow the CNAME record and A record that is major part points to any domain.

Here, i am going to show you how to connect IONOS domain to shopify by using from shopify store and also manually both system.

   Domain points IONOS and Shopify:

Log in to shopify Store.


Click Onlineshop in the Sales Channels area navigation bar on the left.

Click the domains button.

Click Connect Existing Domain.




Enter in the domain sector the required IONOS domain and click Next.

Automatically click Connect.



The login window for 1&1 IONOS will open.



Process of IONOS login and points shopify:

To log in to ionos, you need your email address and password. This is as easy as any online registration.

You'd get your own cpanel after logging in. You can also manage your own domain and configure your web hosting package.


You can configure ionos CNAME record.In the Control Panel Domains section, you can add a CNAME record to your subdomain. The name servers of  IONOS should be at the time to have any effect on these changes.

DNS Settings in  IONOS:

Ionos is one of the biggest providers for web hosting and domain.How to configure the server of your own domain.That's simple.Go to your hosting company where you will find the name server. 

For example: if you want to shopofy domain server just to add .try copy name server to ionos from the shopify then paste it to IONOS DNS settings sections.

IONOS Namservers:

When you sign up IONOS it would show automatically namesevers when you use their package.By default nameservers are set by pre configure such as 





Shopify Connect using CNAME Record and A Record with IONOS:ionos domain shopify connection. 

The first thing to remember is that only two DNS configurations need to be changed ; the A record and the CNAME record.

Before work we need domain and need to verify: the major benefit of verify domain is you can use google service like G Suite, Drive Enterprise, and Cloud Identity

Log into IONOS:1&1 ionos Tutorial

Log in your Control Panel. Find the domain you link to shopify in the My Domains list. Choose DNS. 

Add CNAME Record For Shopify and IONOS domain Control Panel

Usually, the "Host" field we put   "www" for the CNAME Record.and the .myshopify.com is the POINTs To field we replace.

Add A Record For Shopify and  IONOS domain Control Panel


Select A Record 

Then write  @ symbol in host field

Then points to field write this IP address. thats all


Wait for few hours you would get ready to use domain from  1&1 IONOS to shopify.If you still have difficulty setting up this, we advise you to achieve 1&1 straight, they may be able to add it manually.

we also need connect google domain to shopify who are using godaddy domain. this is another same process points domain in shopify.

1&1 ionos Control panel tutorial:shopify ionos

IONOS control panel has six parts, once we enter IONOS control panel we can switch one package to another using at the top menu bar.

 From control panel you can also parked domain.access domain,set up new domains too.you can access your website and application from the control panel.

website and application can help your website's image edit,layout,text,site analytics.

 you can get advertising center which help your marketing camp from 1&1 IONOS control panel.

You can create personalized email marketing content,update your marketing site.you can access SEO management from advertising parts.

Another option is my data which allow manage users settings,manage contact settings,also upgrade and downgrade package too.

Another parts is communications and online storage,which can help view your emails and manage too.it can help virus protection and spam from fraud.

you can store online data and mobile data too.

download and help section is another parts that could help you access your 1&1 IONOS log in from desktop.you can get referral manuals,forums,frequently asked questions options and contact information.

Shopify business Ideas:

Shopify is a website open to everyone. You can open your company online by shopify.

When we have fresh genius brain, business ideas fall into our heads. Try discovering your own skills first, open your shopify and sell your valuable goods.

How To points IONOS domain in Shopify

How To points 1&1 IONOS domain in Shopify


To connect your third-party domain from IONOS domain in Shopify see bellow.....

Domain in IONOS configure

  • Steps:

  • Log in to your IONOS account.
  • you should go My Products to Domains & SSL.
  • Configure that domain you want to use
  • If your domain is active, then click Adjust Destination. If you haven't used this domain yet, then click Use Your Domain.
  • Press DNS.
  • Press Add record.
  • Click A and enter the following information:
    1. Host Name box, enter @.
    2. Find Points to box, type Shopify's IP address
    3. Leave the TTL set to 1 hour.
  • Click Save.

How to add subdomain in IONOS

you've configured your root domain, you can set up subdomains too. You need to create a subdomain, and then edit the CNAME record to make sure that it points to your store.


  1. Log in to your IONOS account.
  2. You should go My Products To Domains & SSL.
  3. Find domain that you want to configure.
  4. Find menu bar, click Subdomains.
  5. On the Create Subdomain card, click Add subdomain.
  6. Enter the prefix for your subdomain. i.e, you might choose shop, www, or store.
  7. Press Save.
  8.  Menu bar, click Details.
  9. Press Adjust destination.
  10. Click DNS.
  11. Click Add record.
  12. Click CNAME and enter the following information:
    1. Find Host Name box, enter the subdomain prefix you created earlier. For example, it might be shop or www.
    2. In the Points to box, enter shops.myshopify.com.
    3. Leave the TTL set to 1 hour.
  13. Press Save.
  14. In your Shopify admin, click Verify connection to confirm that your custom domain has been connected to your store.

Connect  existing domain to your Shopify store


Buy domain through a third party, then you need to edit the following DNS settings:
  • A record should point to Shopify's IP address, which is 
  •  CNAME record should point to shops.myshopify.com 

  If A record associated with your primary domain only one . If your domain is already associated with an A record when you edit your DNS settings to point your A record to Shopify's IP address, then remove the old A record.


Steps: Points Domain shopify

  1. Log in to the account from your domain provider.
  2. Look DNS settings. Look for your domain management area, DNS configuration
  3. Replace your A record for point to Shopify's IP address use this ip

    • Choose the @ symbol, or A record
    • enter Shopify's IP address as the destination for the A record.
  4. Save the A Record (click Save, Save Zone File, Add Record, or similar).
  5. Find the CNAME record in your DNS settings.
  6. Find your www CNAME record to point to shops.myshopify.com  .  For some domain providers you need the whole subdomain. Use the existing entries as a guide. Follow your provider's instructions. CNAME records must always point to a domain name.
  7. Save the CNAME Record
Now you need to verify your connection in Shopify.

It may take few hours or 24 hours sometime use perfectly your domain.

Congratulations  !!  Now you ready to use your shopify store !!

Easy configuration of bluehost domain tips in shopify

How To Setup Bluehost domain in Shopify

Easy configuration of bluehost domain tips in shopify ||
Do you have domain from Bluehost?. if you did not buy domaingo now and do it for now shopify setup.If you have Domain From Bluehost then you need to reconfigure your DNS settings to point the domain Shopify store.

  I am going to show you some basic idea easy way how to configurations of bluehost domain and tips for shopify. learn easy way to setup domain anywhere.

 How to Domain points Bluehost To shopify

Be sure that you've already added your custom domain by clicking Connect existing domain on the Domains page of your Shopify admin panel.

Go to Bluehost

Log in to your cPanel on Bluehost.

Click Domains Tab


Select  the domain that you want to connect to Shopify

Find DNS Zone Editor, find Manage and click

Your documents are managed by the DNS Zone Editor. The following steps will demonstrate you how to access the editor once you have logged in to your Bluehost cPanel account:

Press  Domains Tab
  • For Legacy Accounts, the Domains option will appear in the sub-menu at the top of the screen.
  • Bluerock Account users will see the Domains tab on the left-hand side menu.

Modification DNS Record:

These measures will clarify how to alter an current record once you have accessed the DNS Zone Editor. For more data, see DNS Record Definitions for help with the DNS Records.

From the drop-down box, select the domain you are changing. The record you want to alter can be found under Zone File Records.
 Click the button Edit.
 Enter any adjustments that you would like to create.
 Click the Save button.

Find A (Host) table, click the gear icon @ row:

  • In points to field to  place Shopify’s IP address:
  • After Click Save.

Go to CNAME (Alias) table, Find gear icon in the www row:

  1. Replace existing points to field to shops.myshopify.com
  2. After Click Save.
  3. Then Click Verify connection in your Shopify admin to confirm your custom domain

    If your work done you get connected notifications

    Within 24 to 48 hours your domain name would be linked up shopipfy store.
    Congratulations !!

    You have got your new shopify  store include Domain. if you do not have domain find our site
    you can buy cheap domain from here or buy hosting get free domain.

Domain from domain.com connect to shopify:



  Many individuals are using the domain.com and want to link it to the shopify.If you're using domain.com  and want to select the primary domain in the shopify,
 this is for you.Some individuals are new and want to know how to set up in shopify third-party domain, this tutorial would assist them link domain to shopify.


Shopify Domain Connection Tutorial is now simple for you, here I'll show you how to link Domain.com Domain name  in Store Shopify. 
This is always comparable, but if you want to set up a fresh domain on your own, this is the correct location. 
 There are two methods to shop for domain configuration. Use the shopify domain is easy, but if you want to use the third-party domain configuration in the shopify, 
you can find possible alternatives here. We'll speak about how to connect the domain name of domain.com to the shopify

Shopify Domain connection and third-party domain connection 

Step1 : Go To Domain.com and find control panel

Step 2: click domain that you want to points to shopify

Step 3: find A record from Modify option 

place shopify ip address  in A RECORD 

Step 4 : select CNAME RECORD and place shopify nameserver  shops.myshopify.com this

in points to sections. and host would be www 

thats all now come back your shopify domain section by login shopify

Step1: Go to shopify admin

Step 2: online store then go domains

Step3: click change primary domain

select the domain you want to add , if your domain  baught from domain.com then put it here and save it. select third party domain

Now your shop would show you your primary domain that you buy from domain.com

If you need a SSL certificate, you can buy a domain before purchasing or purchase a SSL certificate from the shopify domain. If you have an online store you need a safe online transaction SSL certificate.


How to connect link godaddy domain to shopify?



Everyone can set up a domain if you have some knowledge of setting up your domain or shopify shop settings. Shopify now best known as a solo individuals selling platform who enjoy working online.

I'll show you how to configure the godaddy domain with the store, her  is some tips to assist you link the godaddy domain with the shopify . Let's start now.

STEP 1: Go to shopify store

Go to Online Store  shopify
Then Domains from your Shopify admin
Click connect Existing domain 

Enter the domain you would like to link to:

Push Next.
Then Click Connect automatically

shopify would direction how what to do 

your next work is go to godaddy and find Manage Domains

Find  CNAME record and replace it with shopify ip address 

 CNAME Records. see the picture bellow from godaddy CNAME

Find A record from Godaddy to point to Shopify's IP address, which is 

find add button and from drop down menu in godaddy domain manage select A record and paste shopify ip address like bellow picture.

 After adding A record and CNAME in godaddy from shopify recommended

that is  Shopify's IP address which is for A record and CNAME record is point to shops.myshopify.com

Go to shop and press verify button, it may take 12-24 hours to connect your godaddy domain to shopify shop after verification. That.you've made Godaddy Domain Easy setup in the shopify.


How to connect shopify google domains:



All processing of the domain connection is similar You don't have to think about different companies. If you want to connect to the Google Domain in the shopify, step by step process will take place.

Step 1: Go to google domain dashboard
Step 2: Update CNAME record by shops.myshopify.com
Step 3: Update also Ip Address

 What would be if shopify a record and cname entered incorrectly:

 If you  write wrong way CNAME and A record in shopify you would not get your domain in live. this is one of the main setup system when we use other domain points to shopify. Eroor problem would be showed in your url link. 

Do not worry, try to change your CNAME record and A record, that is best way get live your domain in shopify.

 Shopify simple Method of Domain Connection:

Step 1: Add domain in shopify first
Step 2: Connect it to shopify
Step 3: Verify it after added domain

Any Third party  domain setup through shopify:

Your A record should be shopify ip address:

Your CNAME record should be points WWW to shops.myshopify.com

What is Third party domain ?

 Third-party domain offered by a domain provider that may be pointing to other web hosting site by modifying the IP address of A record and CNAME record to change sub domain as well.A C Name record allows you to assign another address or hostname to a domain or subdomain.

How to connect hostgator domain to shopify:


When you use your own, you'll have to set the DNS records manually. If you use the name servers of HostGator, many of the DNS records you need will be automatically generated for you. 

Domain.com domain connect to shopify:

Domain.com is one of the largest providers of domain services. We can point any domain you want to shopify. If you are facing trouble see bellow the instruction.

Log in your domain.com

Select the domain you want to points 

Click mamage domain

In list click the gear view

Then click DNS & Nameservers

Add a New CNAME records

Place shops.myshopify.com and place www in host name place

Next Change A record replacing by and place @ in host name

Next Click Update DNS

 Step of domain points to shopify

Log in shopify
Go Shopify Admin
Click Online Store
Select Domains
Click connect existing domain
Enter the domain from domain.com that you bought

connect namecheap domain to shopify:


Two way you can points  Namecheap domain in shopify. here are bellow method: 

1.Sign In Namecheap Account
2.Select domain list and click Manage Button

3.Find Advance DNS the look DNS templates

4.From Dropdown Menu choose shopify

 5.select green arrow 

6.Click Continue

After successful you would get message error message would come if goes wrong something.after 24 hours your Shopify Template would be perfect.

Namecheap Domain configurations to Shopify By A records and CNAME:

1.Login Namecheap Account

2.Select Domain List and click Manage Button

3.Click Advance DNS Tab


4.Change A record and CNAME record


Add bellow record in Namecheap Cpanel:

Your A record should be shopify ip address:

Your CNAME record should be points WWW to shops.myshopify.com

 5.Save All Change

Easy any existing domain to shopify:

 When you are already purchased from another third party hosting service, any existing domain can be set up in shopify.

Step1:  Go shopify Admin -> Go online store -> Domains
Step2: Click existing domain
Step3: Enter domain that you have and would like to connect
Step4: Click Next

If you have bought a domain from another web hosting service, you need to update the IP and CNAME records. You need to add IP and CNAME records shopify.myshopify.com

All processing of the domain connection is similar You should not to think about different method. If you want to connect to the Google Domain in the shopify, step by step process will take place. 

Get 1 dollar Domain From IONOS

shopify vs godaddy points domain:

This is similar way we can connect any domain to shopify or godaddy. if we have hosting account in godaddy but domain bought from bluehost or other domain provider we can points similar way to godaddy.
Shopify is eCommerce platform provide for small business owner all tools to success online.

Shopify nameservers:

Sopify does not provide any nameserver but they provide ip address to connect or point domain.You can change your domain setting by DNS of shopify. so, shopify IP address use to change domain settings. shopify IP address is 23.227. 38.65 

Domain Points vs. Domain Transferring:


If your domain is host to third parties, such as Godaddy or IONOS. You need your existing hosting account to points domain. We call it domain points.

Transfer domain means you are forever transferring domain from one domain provider to another. Sometime we purchase hosting from a different company and domain from a different company. By authorizing code we can move domain to our hosting company or new domain company. It is highly critical of domain level.

 Transfer Your Domain today:

 Want to transfer a domain?. It may charge domain transfer.sometimes we have multiple domain and some domain we need to send customers account. 

Some reasons we need step.some domain transfer provider to support you, without any technical knowledge. One of these is godaddy. Know transferring godaddy domain if you have godaddy domain.

Godaddy domain transfer process is automated, fast and risk-free. You can not transfer expired domain unless you need to renew again. If you want to transfer any domain at least six months old should be.



How long will it take for my domain transfer to shopify?.

Regular domain transfer time normally is 5 to 6 days. Sometime it takes longer depending on the extensions to your domain. Database of top level and country code database has different cycle of time transfer. 

You can get a lot of rules for transfer ccTLDs. Each country code has different domain transfer rules. Their registration periods are generally different and the requirements take time.

Domain transfer to shopify more extra knowledge from websale.xyz 

Get one dollar domain for shopify:

If you don't have a shopify but dream about creating, you can get new TLDs under one dollar domain. Google will rate xyz domain at cheap first level. Use your domain for one dollar, if you don't have.
If you get shopify default sub domain like websale.myshopify.com you must need custom domain to make it perfect professional.