Free Hosting Suspension Reason Must Know Solution

Free Hosting Suspension Reason Must Know Solution



 "Any hosting free offer!!!". Sure, we are all concerned about restrictions on free hosting that might hurt professional websites. 

Free Website making method one of freelance 's surprise solutions. Any suspension hosting from free hosting company unexpected. Free Hosting suspension solutions we would discuss here.

We need to focus more about free hosting before using this. We have to keep in eyes between what is free hosting and what is paid hosting. 

We should consider how work free hosting first before using free hosting. Let's get an idea about how to know more about the drawbacks about free hosting and suspensions.

Free hosting suspension topics must know before use

My Hosting Account Suspended:

When you check your email one morning, you discover that your own site hosting account has been suspended. What kind of day are you having? Some people may experience this form of short-term pain as a result of using a free web host.

All Free Hosting Suspension Solutions Are Bellow:


 Free Hosting From "000webhosting Suspension Reason":

Some of the reason your 000webhosting can suspend. one main reason your free hosting limit exceed probably they would ask you upgrade your free hosting plan. Other reason may be involve suspension of 000webhosting.
Three reason are main to suspension of 000webhosting
1.Automatic System Suspensions
2.Third Party Reports
3.Manual Staff Suspension  

For store all web data, each web hosting has its own server and hard disk, or big giant disk storage. If they provide free hosting this doesn't mean all web hosting capacity is offered. They offer a certain amount of new user space.

The bulk of free hosting users are freelancers. Using free software i practice the website building program. I was one of those people. Yes, I tried 00webhosting. Suddenly in 000webhosting free hosting software I find some restrictions.

1. They show their logo in any free hosting website first page
2. They offer only 10,000 hits request per day for one single free website
3. 100 daily unique visitors limits

See 000webhost Free Hosting MYSQL Limits:

30 Concurrent References 
Max queries per hour  = 15000
Max updates per hour = 5000 
Database size will maximum be 1 GB
Database can hold at most 100 tables 

Monthly limitations From 000webhosting Free Hosting:


Every free hosting has the options of shortages. We shouldn't know about time management, suddenly we sign up and after a few days when our website is running smoothly, free hosting users face difficulties in moving website or updating or sometimes failing to recover old website data.

 Monthly limit of 000webhosting free hosting:

Transfer: 3,000 MB per month
Access to learners: 300 MB
Tables to MySQL: 100
MySQL Dimensions: 1 GB 

Recover Your 000webhost Suspension:

If you believe your 000webhost account was suspended for the wrong reason, you can appeal the suspension. As a result, you'll need to contact 000webhosting's customer service department to reclaim your privileges. Get how to recover 000webhost suspension through 000webhost customer service.

Be Aware Of Suspension Of 000webhost Free Fosting:

Backup all your data manually or backup all your web code by yourself, as free 000webhost will never automatically store your web data. 

 We should reconsider any bad hidden game that could affect potential updates to our website. Occasionally we can't update our website due to technical issues if we're using the 000webhosting free hosting.
 Previous backup will help you switch to account upgrade if the free account suspends free hosting. When you're new users seek to obey these laws. 

Certain issues are free 000webhosting displaying their own logo in free website which is hard to get the viewer to believe. That can harm your understanding of the brand. 

So, consider upgrading your own free hosting to future can get cheap news hosting.

Free Hosting From "Infinityfree Suspension Reason":


"Infinityfree Account Suspended" or

"Infinityfree Account Temporary Suspended"

Infinityfree is one of the top free hosting popular on all. Free infinityfree hosting has some restrictions for any free hosting applications. Some of the main reasons for free hosting to suspend your account or restrict your regular usage.

Why infinityfree hosting suspend?

1. If your free hosting account does not receive any hits with in 30 days your free infinityfree hosting account would be deactivated.

2. Sometime deactivated account would be deleted but if you would like to reactivate follow the infinityfree account activation rules.
If you over your daily limit, your infinityfree account may be suspended. If you exceed your limit, your account will be instantly suspended. Your account can be reactivated after 24 hours. 
Another reason for the suspension of an infinityfree account is because of abusive behavior.

Login fininityfree hosting account > Manage next for deactivated account

Infinityfree claim, unlimited free hosting but that's not true, they do follow hits and space mechanism as usage.if daily limits surpass then your account will be disabled for 24 hours. 

You 'd lose your customer who'd be looking for your website this time. So, locking infinity-free hosting website could hurt your future business.
  "Cant Logged in Infinityfree":

Daily  LIMIT of Inifinityfree Free Hosting Hits:

Infinity-free reaches daily limits of 50,000 hits a day. When you exceed the mark you will miss 24 hours to use your website. Your site hits limits will be reset within 24 hours.

Advise For Free Hosting Infinityfree Usage:

 If you want to keep running free hosting via infinity-free hosting you need to learn some tricks. Only upload light website code, delete any unnecessary or java script or CSS file. Using reactive web code, using the new fast-load technology.

Long time loading means you can loss your own website anytime if they exceed of CPU usage lime. so all depends on your hits,views,CPU usage of any free hosting.


 Free Hosting From "Frehostia Suspension Reason":


 Freehostia is one of the free hosting providers but they are advised not to use free hosting because many spammers use free hosting to hack other websites over the, often they seek to avoid response if they find some guilty website that uses freehostia hosting.

 Freehostia offers using MYSQL and php for free hosting users but only 50 MB of MySQL space.another limitations are the same with all free hosting. 

Upload file size 500 KB by user. You can't upload any bigger file in freehostia anymore.

There is also a limit on their CPU use. Freehostia portion limits or 24-hour limit hits base. If they surpass a certain amount your website is down before it is reset for the next 24 hours. 

So, it measures the system of freehostia server calculations. Your limits can be reached at any time. 

Freehostia CPU use limit for free plan witch is 1.3 per cent lower than paid freehostia hosting.

Free Hosting From "Awardspace Suspension Reason":

Awardspace is one of the most common free hosting offerings. You can do free hosting using MYSQL and php. We shouldn't assume any device is free of awardspace. 

There are also limits for hits, views and track file use. Often more features such as CNAME record or custom domain points can be limited to free hosting versions. You need to learn which one is right for you before using it.

 You can upload 15 MB via the File Manager if you wouldn't be able to upload your web code file more than 15 MB into the free awardspace hosting package. 

So, how do you think the free hosting will make you feel better? What we need to learn about the reason we use awardspace.

 Some organization may have specific best features or software to help you work. Some free MYSQL, PHP hosting can give you an extra opportunity to practice.

Free Hosting From "Googiehost Suspension Reason":

Googiehost free hosting can be suspended for a variety of reasons. If we use multiple accounts for free hosting, this is one factor. So, if you don't want to be suspended, don't use more than one free Googiehost account.
The suspension of googiehost free hosting may be due to incorrect profile information. It's possible that we aren't aware of it. So, fill in the correct information about yourself and your address for googiehost free hosting.

Free Hosting From "Wix suspension reason":

Most likely, you will receive a new email stating that your Wix account has been temporarily suspended or locked due to a lack of payment or requesting that you move to a premium plan. If you use premium, your Wix account can be suspended for a variety of reasons.

Disadvantage of free hosting:

 Disadvantage with plenty of free hosting. We can't upload large files into our website. We can not use the MYSQL data storage and PHP limitless. 

We can not have the traffic unlimited. We can't run large website.disk space limitations, bandwidth limitations, plug-in software inaccessible, custom domain use restrictions.

Despite the lack of the best website design, Google Ranking may not be possible to use free hosting.

Earning money impossible using free hosting if we try to make money online.

Customer support not available for free hosting

It's hard to  free hosting for sell eCommerce web store and be famous with in a short time. 

You can lose data  at any time without warning. If this were to happen, you would have wasted your hard working time investment.


Advise Before Use Free Hosting:

The freelancer specialist doesn't use free hosting. So, if you have faith to make good website, aim to stop free hosting. If your website is popular and more hits than free hosting restrictions, your website will be limited.

If you're new to hosting site, seek to use free hosting as an intention to learn. Free storage should be updated so you can back up all your data and future software code.

Learn the move of any free hosting with all limitations before signing up. Find reason for all free suspension hosting and solve. Choose who provides better free hosting relative to "free Web hosting limitations".

What is HITS means of hosting website:

Website hits means any simple file request from your website. it would be one image or MYSQL data or PHP,CSS etc. so, it called hits that request limits would be different from different web hosting company. "free hosting company has certain limits" to request for every website.

Difference between Visitors and Hits in web hosting:

We need to know the limits of the hits and views on the website. A lot of individual page views mean hits but that's not real. If you know what the hits are you will recognize "free hosting limitations". 

Know more  what website hits are from websale free hosting topics. A visit may involve multiple views of the website, and several hits can be included in a single page view.

What is processor power or CPU Usage in web hosting?

 If we look up our own computer, we can find our power.processor control when all the computer-processing program runs higher power consumption, making computers slow if we run a lot of programs at a time.

Same, Each hosting system has the processing power to run its own system which performs on your own website. Free hosting has a certain cap on computing power consumption.

 If your website's data is big and it takes a long time to load, the free hosting company may stop serving your website's data.

It uses the certain percentage of a Processor core every time a program executes by a certain amount of time. If you have five demands for three seconds that use half a Processor core, this is 5 * 0.5 * 3 = 7.5 Processor seconds.

Reduce Hits USAGE for free hosting:

Some people are struggling to spend money but want a nice website to make. When we can take any method we can use reduction hits free hosting. Here's some trick to lower free hosting site hits.

1. Do not use unnecessary Java script or CSS or remove if you have
2.Using web caching to reduce the number of hits for next page.
3. Make one file where javascirpt and CSS could combine 
4. Use cloudfare to reduce statistic file

Free hosting wouldn't provide incentives to maximize traffic. Whether you upgrade your hosting, it depends on a premium package for unlimited or some more.