Free Blogging: can you make money with free blog?

Free Blogging: can you make money with free blog?



 Lost of advise in google free blogging and make money but how we understand?. how to access make money online?. this is hard to executions. "i am in that group free blog make money problem".

 It is not lack of idea or it is not lack of opportunity, it all about practice day by day. hard work how to convert blog to make money. very easy to start but is hard continue. we may quit middle of hard work blog making because no results coming from earning money. 

We need understand products and market what products could be best for audience.


Blogs is a free forum for expressing our own thoughts. Everything we can post or talk to online. Online journal the alternate name is blogs. We can write the story of our lifestyle everyday. It's the most hard work getting famous bloggers. 


Some people think I 'd start blogging - "where is possible way free blogging success?". These are basic questions about how to get started first. What's needed to create a blog? .Love and passion are essential to blog success. Now we'd discuss briefly any blog website that creates for you. long-term strategy for free blogging may success rate higher than short term.

Make money from your site if you have time and effort for blog writing:

Essential SEO Tips for free blogging is must. we need to prepare our website well formed first. then start Keyword research for SEO rank. most experience SEO do lots of time to research first. you can follow this rules before publish your own content.

Free blog sites can help you success freelancer without hire any office or stuff. SEO is must essential parts before start organic traffic is part of SEO without invest money for advisors.


Where to start or what platform best free blogging?


This three website is free to use WordPress, and to launch free blog. A lot of people struggling online how to make money. This three website could help you get started blogging for future success.

 Those three may be easiest, because you don't need a lot of blog information. Easy phase and simple to do if you 're familiar with mobile apps.

 When you're fresh, you don't need to host any MYSQL or vital application. Only follow a step on how to create the best content and write it.

If you're getting some free platform that means you 're stuck in some spot. Not all software will render the ideal website until you have completely run the program. Here are some online free blogging pros and cons bellow.

Free website hosting:

For website making, we must know that hosting is most important  part. we can get easy free website hosting and free sub domain. make a new blog using free website hosting. 

Free website builders like blogspot is best for blog making. wordpress is another one. if you want php base website try or


  • Free
  • Easy to use and easy setup
  • No technical knowledge required for new comers


  • No best website URL or website name
  • Limited web space
  • Few web theme and design available for free blogging
  • Customization blogging is not enough for free blogging 
  • For commercial use has huge restrictions

Small blogs or private blogs may be possible for beginners, but we need hosting or large space for professional blogs and the best online platform to earn money.

If you know any skills, this three blogging may improve your interest in starting up blog. Read a little bit about wordpress, blogspot or timblr. We 'd try to give you an idea here if you're prepared to make a web blog right now.

Free Blog WordPress:

WordPress helps you to host and create free web blog space. You 'd get some free theme, and some plugins. Some Plugins are cost-free. 
If you just want to go to the wordpress website, try to register first.when you start your first blog, you may need some additional plugins for professional look. 

And if the blog grows bigger and bigger you need more room to store your customer data.

Free Blog Blogspot:

Blogspot is Google products which means you can use it without spending any money, only purchase one domain and use it to make it professional. 

You don't need huge blogger hosting and wide space. If you are a good blogger, google will always support you. But there are also drawbacks to that. You can't get more technical theme on the internet. You have to buy your blog or make it yourself.

Google is one of the best for those who want to make money. Google adsense platform will help you out how to make blog money. 

Google places ads on your web blog site to send consumers to advisers. Just create your blog first. Write your blog posts 20-30 Render your theme very professional on the blog.

 If you don't know how to get best theme, buy low-cost website theme from

Google Adwords is intended for advertisers who want to advertise online. You can get more customers through Google Adwords in your blog or web site.

 Google is one of the best win conditions for anyone. And, whatever we need, we need to take advantage of the free opportunity or paying opportunity.

Free Blog Tumblr :

 Tumblr varies little bit from blogpsot and wordpress. If you don't like blogpsot or wordpress, you can get a new idea from


Personal free blog making idea:

Individual blog-looking for their intentions. We don't all have enough resources so we're trying to distribute our business or income. 

Free staff enjoy blogging online because they don't need any office or other equipment. Only use a $1 blog domain, and start your own web. Write more content on google to list.

The big problem with big blog activity is that we need host space and operator to operate it. One individual isn't sufficient to run a broad blog or website. The pros and cons of free blogging for individuals are bellow:

Personal Blogs  Pros and Cons:


No Functionality and Development limitations

No hosting need if we use blogspot or wordpress

possible to upgrade commercial purpose by wordpress


Big technical skills needs

Responsibility operate our own blog

Hosting cost sometime need if we use large blog

 Free domain for free blog:


We need our free Blog Free Domain. Somebody doesn't even want to pay domain first. So, learn how to get free blog domain from other topics on the website.

How to start any Blog  in 10 minutes


Now, the most intelligent way to get money online.The online platform is the economy of new generations.Those who want to reshape the world need to be online business.Digital money transactions are now days simpler than ever before.One of the highest priorities of freelancers is how to blog and earn money.

Here you can find solutions to blogging in less than 10 minutes. Users use blogs and wordpress for blogging most of the time. See the move below How to start any Blog  in 10 minutes and earn money.

STEP 1: Sign up with blogger or wordpress
STEP 2.: choose your sub domain and take theme
STEP 3: write content for getting visitors.

Sign up blogger tutorial:

Sign in blogger first

Choose your Display Name

After sign up you can now create your own blog by bellow step:

How to Create a New Blog by blogger:

Click create a new blog 

 Enter your blog tittle and Sub domain name

Select free template or upload custom theme
Click create blog after complete all requirements.

Why we write blog ?

Blog is most common part now online. You can help bring your blog to the top of the search engine result pages by adding quality content that bring you thousand of visitors.

Difference between beginners and experience bloggers:

Beginners blogger new to blog writing, some basic idea need to make new blog but experience blogger knows more deeply than new blog, they know SEO, how to design blog, bow to drive traffic, how to sell blog products etc, over three billion blog current time running online, each blog isn't professional, you can earn money if you're a good blogger. 

Step: How To Write Blogger Post

Sing in blogger first

Under the View blog click the post

click the New post in the left corner

Write your blog post tittle

In descriptions place write your new blog Content

 How to write blogger description:

Minimum 320 words for basic blog explanations are normal words.There's no blog post word limit.Great demand from any audience topic you need to show the best of the best content to satisfy more viewers.

First use the core subjects, use your own stuff. Don't steal the content of others. Best way to serve the audience's desire to know.

Content is not only for news serve, it is also best way learning new, blog writing bring thousands of visitors instantly. products sale is one of the main earning source by blogging. if you are expert that is good idol to make money online.

Blogger making Concept for small business:



Freelancer love blog since blogging makes money online the most respectable way. You do not need a lot of money to invest. Only using the viewer's expertise. It is one of the newest free cash-giving engineering. The process of making money for small businesses is the most important and critical.


The big jam company like amazon, ebay, alibaba, the big giant, dominate the market. But don't be afraid. You can resell products to make stunning money by blogging.

How to Customize your blog in Blogger:


you can edit you blog post,publish,edit, label change schedule change etic. 


Go to new post
write content
click save right side of blog post
if you want to live your content click publish button.
you can change permalink and change your post url by permalink


  How To Customize Theme in Blogger:

Edit theme so easy,Go to blogger dashboard  -> theme -> custom theme



How to create a blog by WordPress:


Step 1: Sign in with

Step 2: Choose hosting plan from WordPress or self hosting provider

Step 3: Complete your hosting sign up

Step4: choose theme or use WordPress installer from self hosting provider

 Step 5:  write your first blog post 


All success full blogger using free WordPress blog. there are more benefit if we use WordPress. WordPress is drag and drop base website builders. 

You can use or to create a website. You need wordpress hosting or paid hosting and domain name from You can buy theme paid and plug in to make websites more comfortable..

Just buy the cheap web hosting from any web hosting company and there are ways to use WordPress to make a website or blog. WordPress is the most popular website builders based on CMS. 

Freenom free domain for free blogger domain:

if you need free domain, freenom is best place to get free domain. domain is most essential things to start blog. so, try to get free domain from freenom.