Quick fix and easy solutions of DNS Problem

Quick fix and easy solutions of DNS Problem


DNS problem is one of the pain topics for everyone, we need some extra knowledge how to fix it. some message come like "no DNS servers";"DNS server is not responding";"DNS not working windows 10" etc. we might to find actual solutions. here we would discuss all type of solution for DNS Problem.


What Is DNS means?

 DNS means Domain Name System that is any term which translates ip address as an identity of a website.Conversion of alphabetic domain names to numeric IP addresses for web access in browsers. We need a domain to connect hosting server for Web access.

What Is DNS Problem?

The inability to open a website by name usually indicates a DNS means Domain Name System problem. DNS is the service that make the website URL, i.e. www.yahoo.com into the IP address that is needed for actual communication with IP address.

 Each website has its own web-based IP address, and users can connect via the Internet to other pcs and use their IP address to look up websites.DNS is connected with server which converts the addresses of the websites so that your computer can link to them.

 Comprehension of DNS problems:

Any downtime on the website is a severe problem and may result in loss of income and damage to your company or website's reputation.

DNS server is temporarily unavailable may come when website is not found or server goes down. most of time we can correct changing browser if internet connections good for.

 That's why fixing any mistakes as quickly as possible is essential. Unfortunately, this is a bit difficult because of the nature of DNS.Main message come from windows ‘DNS server not responding’.


Some Basic Cause DNS Problem

Long updates cause rippling issues,
often misleading you as you attempt to solve the problem.
Incorrect DNS settings generate an immediately evident slow-motion catastrophe.
There are numerous points of failure, and where things have gone wrong can be difficult to figure out.

IONOS: DNS server not response:

Find the DNS Problem By yourself :


Check your registration of your domain. Make sure that your registration is up-to-date and has not expired. If it is, it will need to be renewed.

Check the servers of your names.

Make sure that the right name servers are used in your domain.

If you've recently switched your domain registrar or hosting company, this is the most likely issue.

Your domain will need to point to the right nameservers for the location of your website.

You can visit the website of your web host to find out which nameservers to use.



DNS Problem Fix:


 IntoDNS is a free instrument that scans your DNS documents and identifies any settings issues, then produces a comprehensive report that makes it simple to recognize and solve in a flash your DNS issues.dns server not found is common problem.

Server failure "DNS server is temporarily inaccessible" by changing browsers.restart router or modifying firewall settings most of the time we can solve this problem.

Deactivate firewall for sometime will help you with this issue. When you consider fixing problems that have gone well, then firewall is the issue if you don't try to solve this problem the other way.

 DNS common errors fixed method:

You can't visit a site without first getting to a Domain Name Server (DNS). Simultaneously, you may be met with a message, for example, 'DNS worker not reacting'. 
This implies that the decentralized naming frameworks answerable for transforming hostnames into IP delivers neglected to react.

There are an assortment of reasons these sorts of DNS blunders can happen. Luckily, the majority of them have straightforward goals. Indeed, fixing the issue could be as simple as restarting your PC or changing internet browsers.
A DNS is a naming framework that takes alphanumeric area names (or 'hostnames') and transforms them into numeric IP addresses. Basically, "DNS common errors fix method"

At the point when you input a web address into your program, it is sent to a DNS worker from your switch, where it's at that point broke down and returned as an IP address.
 Notwithstanding, if the DNS worker can't appropriately finish this name goal measure, the final product is generally a message demonstrating that the DNS worker isn't reacting.

'DNS worker not reacting' implies that your program couldn't build up an association with the web. 
Ordinarily, DNS blunders are brought about by issues on the client end, regardless of whether that is with an organization or web association, misconfigured DNS settings, or an obsolete program. 
They can likewise be ascribed to a transitory worker blackout that delivers the DNS inaccessible.

Hence, it's conceivable that you may have the option to determine the issue just by exchanging programs. In different cases, you may have to impair associations, change DNS workers, or flush the DNS reserve.
To resolve the DNS common error fixed issues, we have some following methods:
  1. Switch to a different Browser
  2. Disable your temporarily Antivirus software and firewall
  3.  Disable your secondary connections
  4.  Restrart your Router

On windows it have simple resolution methods to fix common DNS errors.

How to Fix DNS Server without Windows reply

A fast way to judge this is to attempt to use its IP address instead of its name to access the issue website.
You can look up a website's IP address by opening a Windows MS-DOS or Command prompt and trying type ping, followed by the website domain you are trying to reach (don't use the www, though).
C :\Windows>ping google.com
Pinging google.com [] with 32 Bytes of data :
Reply from : Bytes=32 time=267ms TTL=242
Reply from : Bytes=32 time=261ms TTL=242
Reply from : Bytes=32 time=256ms TTL=242
Reply from : Bytes=32 time=252ms TTL=242
Ping statistics for :
Packets : Sent = 4, Received = 4, Lost = 0 (0% loss),
Approximate round trip times in milli-seconds :
Minimum = 252ms, Maximum = 267ms, Average = 259ms
You can look  that is google.com’s IP address, so now enter into your web browser’s address or location box. If the website comes up, you have got this DNS problem.

DNS server not responding Cause and way to solve:

Incorrect DNS settings in the TCP / IP characteristics of your computer are the most prevalent cause of the conduct mentioned above, but except other commons can also cause problems.

 This generally occurs after installing a hardware router or software for Internet sharing such as the Internet Connection Sharing function of Windows. If your computer had manually (statically) set its TCP / IP characteristics, you would experience DNS-related issues.

The reason for the issue is that sharing systems (and programs) generally like to manage DNS tasks as part of their sharing tasks and need to have pcs linked to them in place of your ISP to get their DNS services from the router or sharing program.

Although most individuals obey the directions for setting up the router and alter their TCP / IP network adapter settings to "Automatically get an IP address," ,

they usuallymay neglect to clear out the DNS settings, which in Win98 are located on the DNS Configuration tab of the Network Properties window.

WinXP makes it more difficult to forget to clear any manual DNS settings you may have as it puts IP address, default gateway, and DNS settings in the same window.

It's simple to fix the issue if you know that. Here's how for Win95 and 98: 1) Right-click on your desktop's Network Neighborhood icon and select Properties. In your laptop, a window comparable to Figure 1 will open.
Figure 1 : Win98SE TCP/IP properties check this
2) Scroll down the window in the Configuration tab until you find the copy of TCP/IP that is bound (indicated by ->) to the network adapter that you are using to connect to your network. You should be able to recognize the correct adapter, since it will usually have some sort of manufacturer’s name in it. Click on the adapter to select, then click the Properties button. Another window similar to Figure 2 will appear.

3) The IP Address tab will probably have the Obtain an IP address automatically radio button selected. Click in the DNS Configuration tab.
Figure 2 : Win98SE DNS properties

4) Figure 2 shows that the old DNS settings (your will probably be different from the screenshot) are still in charge. Fix this by deleting all entries in the DNS Server Search Order box. Then click the Disable DNS button. While you’re at it, click on the Gateway tab, and make sure there are no entries there. Click the OK button to close the TCP/IP properties window, then click the OK button to close the Networkproperties window. Restart your system when prompted.

5) After the system restarts, it’s possible that your computer may still have old IP address information that can result in the same behavior as before. To force the system to get new IP address information click Start > Run and type winipcfg. Click the More Info button. Select your network adapter, click the Release button, wait until the information in the window is cleared, then click the Renew button. After a short delay you should see new information in the window. (This is called a DHCP Release / Renew.)

6) Now open your web browser and try your problem sites. The problem should be fixed. If it isn’t, see the What Else can be wrong ? section below.
Here’s the fix for WinXP :

1) Open the Network Connections Control Panel. Double click on the Local Area Connection icon in the LAN or High-Speed Internet section of the Network Connections window that opens. Click on the Properties button of the Local Area Connection Status window that opens when you click. You should see another window similar to Figure 3 open.

Figure 3 : WinXP Local Area Connection properties
2) Click on the Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) item to select it and click the Properties button. A new window similar to Figure 4 should open so.

Figure 4 : WinXP TCP/IP properties
3) All you need to do is click the Obtain DNS server address automatically button (the static DNS server information will automatically be cleared). Click OK in each of the TCP/IP and Local Area Connection properties windows to close them.
4) Once again, we want to be sure that we now have new IP address information. You should still have the Local Area Connection Status window open. Click the Support tab, after click the Repair button. After a short delay, you should get a repair completed popup and IP address information should reappear in the window. You should need to click the Details... button to see the DNS server information.
5) Now open your web browser and try your problem sites to check. The problem should be fixed. If it isn’t, see the What Else can be wrong ? section below.
What Else can be wrong ?
If only all problems were so straightforward ! But, unfortunately, bogus or bad DNS settings in your computers aren’t always the problem. Here are some other possible causes and actions to take if you’re having problems accessing certain websites : Google SEO problem or Index your Website in Google or other search Engine may cause problem.
ISP DNS problems If things were working perfectly with your exact same network setup, and then mysteriously stopped working, it may possible that your ISP’s DNS servers are having problems. Contact your ISP’s tech support to report the problem and ask them to fix it !

Proxy problems

This also tends to fall into the category of ISP issues. Few ISPs (e.g. AOL) operate through a proxy server to all their subscribers. Proxies sit between you and the Internet and are used to store (cache) information locally, which does not alter very frequently.

In some instances, certain websites and web services may not be accessed. Most of the moment, proxies work without understanding that they are even there, but offefyen get confused and cause trouble.

Check the Internet Options Control Panel, select the Connections tab, and click the LAN Settings to see if you are using a proxy. click. If one of these checkboxes is checked in the opening window, you may use a proxy.

You can try clearing the checkboxes (write down the settings first or grab a screenshot), then quitting and restarting your browser and see if that helps.
But if your ISP requires a proxy to be used and you can't bypass it, it won't assist.
Again, your choice is to contact the assistance of your ISP and inform them about your issue.

Content filtering

While more popular in work settings, content or website filtering for consumer router and internet sharing apps is also accessible on a simpler basis.
This feature enables some or all users to block specific domains or website pages.
In many cases, you won't get an indication that you're blocking the internet page you're attempting to achieve and the router just hanging.

Again, there's not much you can do about this one if you don't regulate your Internet access. A web-browsing proxy service may get you past any Mom or Dad set-up filters, but smart network admins are likely to block those websites as well.


My DNS Server Is Not Working:


How to clean and reset the Windows 10 DNS cache:

First STEP  – Windows Command


Select the button "Start" and type "cmd." 

Right-click "Run as Administrator" and select "Run as Administrator."

 Type ipconfig / flushdns and click "Enter" 


For a split second, a command box flashes on the screen and the DNS Resolver cache is removed.

Second STEP – Windows PowerShell


Select the “Start” button, then type “powershell“.

    Select “Windows PowerShell“.

   Type the following command, then press “Enter“.




DND server not responding windows 7/10:

We get some message like "dns server is not responding windows 7" or dns server is not responding windows 10" this type of DNS setting need manual change sometime.

When you are using Windows 10 go to Network Connection Properties settings.check in the "Network Connections" search window. After selecting network connections or just enter the ncpa.cpl command.

Inorder to change your DNS seeting first select "view network connections" in the control menu.



 Next step is adapter settings:

You need to choose WLAN (Wireless Network Connection) for the wifi or wireless router. 

This is the best choice for DNS.Find LAN adapter(LAN) settings from network connections if your router connects to the cable. 

Make sure your existing adapter is connected.

Right click the adapter and select properties.

 The final step is concentrate your work:

Before change any option see which options is selected first without lost any select part that was default.

"Obtain an IP address automatically" this options is default selected

"Obtain DNS server address automatically" this options also default selected

 If you have any problem choose your default part again to run smooth your past settings.

Changing manual DNS assignment you need to find "Obtain DNS server address automatically" and enter any alternative server address. For example Google's DNS  servers to "preferred DNS server" search box and write for "Alternative DNS server" Search box.

Whenever you visit a website using it's domain name (i.e. microsoft.com), your browser is directed to a DNS server where it learns the IP address of that website.Then you're going to that website.A record of the IP address to which the domain name points is created in Windows so that the information will be accessed faster if you visit the same website again.

DNS problem ps4:

When version 6 ( IPv6) of the Internet Protocol is used with of version 4 ( IPv4), the IP addresses of the DNS server should be modified. Public IPv6 addresses in Google's DNS are:

 Sometimes a website's IP address may alter. If the DNS Resolver Cache has the ancient IP address record, you may not be able to reach the site with your laptop. Also cached information can get corrupt. Clearing it is therefore a move that you can take whenever you are unable to link to a site.

Yes. For viewing the data, you can use the command "ipconfig / displaydns" or the command "Get">-DnsClientCache."

DNS server not responding windows 10 you may get the video detail also for your major problem

how to fix dns server problem is little triky but some people going solve easy way. if you have problem anything about please ask question. we would try to add the problem solving content that would help you opt out from serious problem.


DNS server not responding All possible solutions:

dns server is not responding fixing this issue are painful if we are not familiar with coding. do not worry try all technique one until solve the issue.

Your DNS server's prevalent frustrating error. But panic is also not necessary. Fortunately, you can readily solve it on your own! You will learn two simple and efficient ways to solve this issue

STEP 1: Flush or  Clean your DNS


1) On your keyboard,  press the Windows logo key 
 + R key at the same time to invoke the Run command. 
2) Type cmd.exe in the box and hit Enter to open Command Prompt.


3) In the Command Prompt window, type the following commands and hit Enter after each one:
ipconfig /flushdns
ipconfig /release
ipconfig /renew

4) Close the window and see if the mistake has been corrected. If the mistake still occurs unfortunately, kindly attempt the next way.

DNS server not responding wifi:

STEPN  2: Reset your router for DNSn Problem

Many DNS mistakes can be fixed by the reset router. Thus, if a DNS error happens, make sure to attempt to reset your router. You can use your router's reset button or unplug and reconnect your router to reset it. See if the mistake is resolved when it is finished.