Best Possible freenom domain setup to blogger tutorial


Best Possible freenom domain setup to blogger tutorial




 You may be blessed to have one free domain. the next move is make a new website and domain setup with hosting business. We need a website template after a full domain link. We 'd talk here about how to setup domain from freenom to third party hosting site

Get the right way domain setup in step by step setup your custom domain in blogger by yourself. this is simple follow the rules easy way.


Freenom DNS Configuration Topics:


If you want to add your blog from freenom to your custom domain, you can do it on your own. The method is easy and the step should be continuously followed.


I'll share a wonderful tutorial on how to register,.ga,.gq,.cf,.ml domains for your blog and use it as your blogger's custom domain name.

This will surely create confidence for your visitors and boost the number of visitors as individuals prefer to visit a custom domain blog rather than a subdomain.
Easy To Get Free Website By Freenom Domain Setup To Your blog the bellow Process.freenom manage domain we would discuss also here.
freenom domain search in google simple way you would get lots of information.



FreenomDomain Setup To  blogger :

  • Go to and check the name is available or not  by entering a great domain name for your blog.
  • If your domain name available then good news if not try different name and check again availability.
  • Then. Click on checkout tab.

  • When you click checkout it takes bellow page. you can select your domain from 3   month to 12 month free . next year you would get charge years validity.  click continue 

  • After verify your email 

  • Check! You will receive a connection to your email address for confirmation. Just press that.
  • Go to freenom login Congrats! Your free domain has been recorded. 
  • Now it's time to set up a custom domain to use it. Follow the measures to do so. 

Step of Freenom Custom Domain Setup to Blogger:


  Step 1. Go To The Dashboard of your blogger and press the Settings button     You'll see a button like this: "+ Set up your blog's third-party URL," click.


Step2.  Enter your registered domain name through Freenom. Along with www, press Save.
It will show error, don't worry it implies that there is no DNS record in your freenom domain yet.
Step3. Go to your account with your freenom. Click on the My Domains submenu on the menu bar


Step4. Click on Manage Domains of freenom. After Manage Freenom DNS.


Step5.  Here you can add ip addpress that is provided from google blogger

Step6. Alternative add CNAME record too following format to your freenom or other hosting provider place.


Copy www and add it in host name and in points to paste

same copy again the code bellow wwwl and paste again CNAME reord place and second code in points to fields.



After adding Click on Save changes

 Now switch to Account Blogger and click Save again.


It is not going to demonstrate any mistake now and is going to be saved. Sometimes updating the DNS records may take up to a few minutes, so be patient if you still have an error and try to save it after 5-10 minutes.



Freenom domains can be used on any website instead of using a blogger's custom domain. You can also build an e-commerce shop on your website and choose a excellent hosting

Here you can get other precious material that really gives you the right advice on how to succeed online.we sale blogger custom template.


If you find any error of freenom domain sign up follow this from websale.


Domain Registration From Freenom: 

Some of,.ml,.cf,.ga,.gq domain names offer completely free of charge. You can add to in the blogger. So we'd talk about how to register freenom and get totally free domain.

Freenom free domain who need this?

Freenome is a free domain. We will use this domain for the name of our own Website. This is not accessibility to the top level domain. Google neglect free domain rankings. But if you need that, you can use this absolutely cost-free. 

How to get freenom alternative


How to add freenom and cloudfare?

Create freenom account:

This is simple way login process:

Go to

Choose free domain from search box

Check availability

Click Get it now 

Click Checkout after domain selected


Choose 12 months from freenom shopping cart

Click continue button from shopping cart


Review and sign up with your existing gmail account

Get your email varity from your email. "well done" your "freenom domain allready registerd by yourself".


 Second Part Is Adding Freeonom To cloudfare :

                 Step 1: Go to cloudfare .com


Learn Freenom domain to 000webhost


Freenom supporttickets:


Freenom free domain customer support is false. they never answer if you take free domain. they have terms and conditions for every users.
You must know before use any free domain from freenom. some restrictions always for free domain.
nytime free domain from freenom could be deactivated or suspended if it goes spam use.becareful use of free domain. see more freenom error problem if you face.

Freenom Error Code:

Sometime we face freenom domain error. this is the best way we have to learn how to solve. you may find all freenom solution from Freenom freenom 0x08823


Freenom Cpanel: A Record:CName Record Details




 Freenom what is that?. freenom is free option for domain register. we looking free domain but this is hard to get best alternative of freenom.freenom always free for everyone who need free domain TLDs.freenom account sign up process to cpanel freenom would be discuss here.

"Top level domain  from freenom must know the alternative technique".we all are need best top level domain but all domain is not free.checkout freenom free domain list from

Latest News about freenom and free domain. best soultions what oyu are looking about domain.checkout the best solution tutorial all about domain connection.
Freenom account sign up: Freenom domain check

Step1: Find 

Step2: From the home page : Find the free domain name and check availability

Step3: Choose One year period free domain

Step4: Click Terms and conditions for freenom domain for final part to get free domain.

Get more news freenom not available

How to Connect Domain in freenom Hosting Cpanel:Freenom domain parked in third party:


This is simple step:

# Go to freenom website and loged in


# Find my domains from menu bar

# From my domain click manage domains

# Click management tools from freenom menu bar

 # Then click Nameserver

   # Tick use custom nameserver from freenom account

 # Change your freenom nameserver using third party nameservers

# Then go to your third party hosting company. you need to copy freenom domain and past it your third party hosting company to parked it.

Now your freenom domain ready to use from any hosting platform.enjoy free domain and free hosting to make beautiful website. learn more about how to make website from websale.

What is cpanel freenom?

Freenom is domain provider for everyone who looking free domain extensions. freenom cpanel means freenom domain control panel that serve tools manage your domain to connect other's third party platform. 

My Freenom: all solutions for your freenom:

My freenom can help you with other technical errors or solve your freenom-free desired domain. 

We may not get all Freenom solutions but we cat get maximum Freenom solutions. You may get the correct answer from  my freenom page.

Freenom domain setup in infinityfree:

You first find freenom namesrver options. change with this infinityfree nameservers in freenom nameservers.

This is simple step domain parked in infinityfree or in freenom.

More cheap domain registration From

Freenom dns management tutorial:

If you are tired how to seup Freenom dns, here is the best solution freenom dns tutorial

Step1# Login Freenom Account

Step2# Find Freenom Manage Domain

Step3# Management Tools option you need to find also

Step4# Click Nameservers in freenom account

Step5# Change freenom nameservers with third party nameservers.

Adding A Record In Freenom:

freenom a record need tto change when we points domain to another host. see  bellow step Freenom A Record Setup:

Step 1# Login Freenom

Step 2#  Find My Domains From menu Bar

Step3# If you want to edit freenom A Record sleect that domain clicking by manage domain

Step4#  you need to click again Manage Freenom DNS

Step5# From the Drop Down Menu Select A Record

Step6# After change A record Click Save Change from freenom menu

Freenom CNAME record setup: 

Follow the step to add CNAME record in Freenom

Step1# Login Freenom

Step2# From the menu bar of freenom select My Domains

 Step3# By clicking Manage Domain you can edit and save change

 Step4# Select Manage Freenom DNS from the menu bar

Step5# Now from the dropdown menu select CNAME 

Step6# Change CNAME record from the third party to points domain

Step7# Click Save Change Then to get New CNAME Record

Adding MIX Record in Freenom:

 Follow he step To add MIX Record in freenom

Step1# Login First Freenom

Step2# Now go to Service and click My Domains

 Step4# Now Go Manage Domains

Step5# From he Management Tools select Nameservers

Step6# Make sure you are usinf freenom nameserer as a default first

Step7# Select Then Manage Freenom DNS From the Menu bar

Step8# From the Drop Down Menu Choose Mix Record

Step8# Type New Mix Recor in The value look like bellow:

Step9# Click Save Change from the freenom menu

FREENOM Manage Domain system:

You can meet these guidelines if you choose to run your own Freenom domain or link to some other hosting. Change DNS,CNAME record if you need to points.

Go To Freenom's My Domains

Click Freenom's Managed Domain

Click Freenom's Management Tools

Click Freenom's Nameservers

Click Freenom's Change Nameservers

If you want to  Manage Freenom DNS you can do easy way.change CNMAE Record. if you have third party CNAME record to points domain,you can change CNAME record or A Record.

  WEB-TOOLS-CLUB: All Freenom alternative News Update:

Some companies try to give some news about free domain names, but all websites are back date for free domain updates. https:/ is one of them free domain news that displays an alternative to the freenom. 

web tools club showing alternative of freenom domain but ll domain extension are not top level domain.

 SAASHUB.COM: All Freenom alternative News Update:

Freenom alternatives can be hard, if we consider cost-free. There's quite a lot of false news about freenom. 

When we look at freenom free domain in the beginning, it is almost impossible except for subdomain and almost free domain. 

Until you buy cheap domain name you may not get the best alternative freenom domain. You can find some of the free sub-domain news that may help your desire of free domain.

Freenom the reason free of cost:

There are no significant surcharges for freenom DNS operation. Freenom provides free anonymous DNS resolver, which is freenom free domain for all users. 

You can handle freenom DNS points at and freenom IP addresses. 

Location of freenom servers:


Freenom servers located in Asia , Europe , Africa, the United States , Canada, South America and even Oceania cover the world.

You can be part of the new location of the freenom servers, if you want to. For more information, you can contact the Freenom office.

Freenom support Windows and Mac?

Yes, freenom supports both Mac and Windows. If you use freenom ip and as your DNS resolution service up to very old computers.

Why Freenom domain disappear?

Domain with freenom not always yours. You may get a free domain extension like. TK or. ML from five free TLDs, but until you pay, this is not yours all the time. 

If your visitors go high, your domain could be taken freenom, even if somebody pays that domain, you 'd lose your own domain.


Is Freenom fraud company?

Many people think that freenom fraud company but here some misunderstanding is possible, one is if you get free domain but don't use it, freenom thinks this domain isn't registered, so if anyone retakes or buys this domain you 'd lose your domain, you 'd instantly disappear domain, you could get freenom fraud company misconceptions, but that's not true.

 Freenom is one and only give free domain for certain time.


Is Freenom free forever?

 After all, free means free, and free domain value you consider before using it. Free domain offer only one year, you must run your domain for use otherwise someone may take it if you don't use the domain.

  Freenom technical error From youtube:

You may find technical error freenom video tutorial from youtube if you're not satisfied with what all the problem freenom error has been written here, so see some link that will help you solve more freenom problem.

 Freenom and free hosting:

If we look up free domain, freenom is must for one year we can use. if we want more simple way how to get free domain and hosting we should use freenom and free hosting. some of the free hosting could be possible solutions if we try to make free website using freenom free hosting.

Some free hosting could link up with freenom:

1. 000webhost and freenom connections
2. freenom and infinityfree connections
3.Awardspace and freenom connections



1# Checkout Freenom technical error from video tutorial:

2# Checkout Freenom technical error from video tutorial:

3# Checkout Freenom technical error from video tutorial:

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