Amazon web tutorial you need to start website by AWS

Amazon web tutorial you need to start website by AWS



Life is misery, any time, we will change. Amazon Cloud Service is Web Hosting Improvisations for New Users. Lots of competitive market in Web hosting. The AWS is new business in web hosting, they bring an audience new direction.

What is Amazon Web Service?

AWS is a full web hosting and cloud based platform solution. If we want expert.custom cloud-based business solutions, straightforward data usage facilities are all possible in amazon web service, we need to learn all of AWS website.

 In particular, Amazon provides on-demand cloud computing systems and APIs for individual people looking to pay as you go on conditions.

Amazon's web service is huge. We need to learn more and spend a lot of time totally understanding all the amazon goods. 

We will be glad to know that will support you both amazon products website. Here's all we'll cover about AWS resources and operation.

Why we need Amazon Web Service?

We may claim that AWS is bigger than life, both hosting and business solutions under one roof. 
Traditional web hosting companies offer only fixed packages where hosting use is not transparent. AWS still helps to host the scalability base platform. 
If traffic rises automatically, additional space in your AWS account will be added. Essentially, AWS builds for reason and that overcomes some technological obstacles found in the traditional system of web hosting providers.
Difference between AWS vs  HOSTING:

Amazon web service is slide-different, which is scalable as more traffic comes new possible way update space. As with traditional web hosting, we don't need to upgrade the hosting kit. When we invest on our special needs for website, AWS helps the budget tide.
When you want to build a hosting company or website, you have an immense opportunity for your needs. 
Any business or government needs a hosting space that is now really necessary for a few days. For someone who wants it, AWS provides tremendous flexibility. 

AWS retains the website expenses. When you open an AWS account, it is possible to reduce your budget or set a fixed price.

Amazon is a vast website for small and large companies. If you have a giant company looking for the best web hosting, AWS is perfect for your company's web solutions, we need more time to learn all parts. Read more about AWS professional  if you want to get started hosting your company connect.

Learn Amazon web service training

Amazon EC2 is a popular aspect of starting base web hosting zero lose money investing in web hosting that lets small to mid-sized company owners pay as you go. Usage data can only be paid at no extra charge when traffic arrives on your website or when you contract a package.

How to Setup and configure an Amazon EC2

 This is one of the fundamental process for web hosting, we need to learn basic part because of executing process need to run smoothly. any website must need best web hosting solutions for 
professional purpose.

 Why you need AWS Training?

Go forward knowledge , confidence, and reputation through practical cloud knowledge by learning AWS training, more professional skills, you need to learn more to be a freelancer, Get free AWS Digital Training from AWS Training Centre.

What is AWS cloud computing?.

Cloud computing is the computer system resource network on demand, which offers data storage and processing power without the user requiring direct active control.

Usually, cloud services pays as you go solutions where no extra fee can be applied if we don't use the platform. In particular, we might use computing to save some money from unrelated environments.

Why New users Like AWS ?

Aws has huge market share nearly 41 percent. Most popular video streaming like Netflix hosted from AWS.Amazon Prime Video and Amazon's largest e-commerce web hosting also hosted from, most of the big giant AWS trust company, so new users definitely love AWS because of their engineering performance.

Who is CEO of AWS ( amazon web service )?.

US-based Andrew R. Jassy who operates AWS and CEO of amazon web service. His father was also a businessman, his father was a senior partner in New York based corporate law firm.

He joined AWS 2003 and he promoted CEO in 2006. 

How we define AWS or amazon web service?

Amazon web service which we describe to be amazon items. 

This includes all human needs related to IT customer service based on demand.infrastructure as a service, application as a service, packaged software as a service, all three site people select and user base they represent.

Get free web hosting PAY YOU GO Terms:

AWS is very user friendly most of the time. You can use this web hosting any time and the company's key advantage is that you can get almost cost-free before using their service. 

You don't have to spend first prior to using. If you have a credit card, just open your account and use their service. This is win-win situations investing in network web hosting.

Why we use AWS for our website?

AWS is most valuable in that it supports more than web hosting. You don't have to have been spending money before you get feedback from your investment.

 If you haven't got any traffic from your website you don't need fixed amount money. Some of the best reasons for using AWS are increased scalability and elasticity, improved protection, cost efficiency, flexibility, etc.

Cloud service Amazon is commonly used and new technology from amazon company providing cloud base cloud hosting.175 full loaded service from globally.fastest growing startup, largest organization included here.many government department use aws due to cheap price and most stable technology.

What is cloud hosting?

We will learn what amazon web service is about cloud storage until we understand that.
Cloud hosting is a multiple web server link up to make website run smoothly all the time providing 100 percent uptime and download speed.

How to learn all sections of AWS?

It takes a lot of time to get to know every amazon product. Amazon is the largest provider of web hosting, with various parts. We need to understand the basic knowledge of any product that we actually use. But we do need some basic knowledge of which goods our website or service is suited to. There are a lot of products.

Popular AWS service EC2

Elastic compute cloud is one of AWS 's best-populated parts. We can get OS to help you install apps and website hosting as well.

Amazon web service products and tools list:


Amazon athyna

Amazon cloud search

Amazon Elasticsearch service

Amazon EMR

Amazon Kinesis

Amazon Managed Streaming for Apache kafka

Amazon Red shift

 Amazon QuickSight

AWS Data exchange

AWS Data Pipeline

AWS Glue

Amazon Lake Formation

Application Integration

AWS step functions

Amazon Eventbridge

Amazon MQ

Amazon Simple notification service

Amazon Simple Queue Service 

Amazon AppSync


Amazon sumerian 

Amazon Cost Management:

AWS Cost explorer

AWS Budget

AWS Cost and Usage report

Reserved Instant Reporting

Savings Plan


Amazon Managed Blockchain
Amazon Quantum Ledger Database

Business Applications:

Alexa For Business 

Alexa for Business is very useful to staff and companies. Alexa for Business allows digital assistants to be more efficient in conference rooms. It can be used by facilities managers with other Alexa Business tools.

 Amazon Chime 

 Amazon Chime is a messaging service that lets you meet, talk and business calls internally and externally.

Amazon WorkDocks 

Amazon WorkDocs, you can easily build, edit and upload content from anywhere on any device, Amazon WorkDocs stored centrally on AWS, access it from anywhere. Amazon WorkDocs enables easy partnership with others.

 Amazon Workmail

Amazon WorkMail helps users to access their addresses, contacts and calendars easily using their option of client software like Microsoft Outlook etc.


 Amazon EC2
Amazon EC2 Auto Scaling
  Amazon LightSail
 AWS Batch
 AWS Elastic Beanstalk
AWS Lambda
 AWS Outposts
  AWS Serverless Application Repository
  AWS Wavelenght

 VMware Cloud On AWS 


Amazon Elastic Container Registry
Amazon Elastic Container Service
Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service
AWS Fargate

Customer Engagement:

Amazon Connect
Amazon Pinpoint
Amazon Simple Email Service
Contact Lens for Amazon Connect


Amazon Aurora
Amazon DynamoDB
Amazon DocumentDB (with MongoDB  
Amazon ElastiCache
Amazon Managed Apache Cassandra
mazon Neptune
Amazon Quantum Ledger Database 
Amazon RDS
Amazon RDS on VMware
Amazon Redshift
Amazon Timestream 

AWS Database Migration Service

Developers Tools:

Amazon Corretto
AWS Cloud Development Kit (CDK)
 AWS Cloud9
 AWS CodeBuild
AWS CodeCommit
AWS CodeDeploy
AWS CodePipeline
AWS CodeStar
AWS Command Line Interface
AWS Device Farm
AWS Tools and SDKs
 AWS X-Ray

 End User Computing:

Amazon AppStream 2.0

Amazon WorkDocs
Amazon WorkLink
Amazon WorkSpaces

Game Tech:

Amazon GameLift
Amazon Lumberyard

Internet of things:
AWS IoT Core

AWS Greengrass
 AWS IoT 1-Click
AWS IoT Analytics
AWS IoT Button
AWS IoT Device Defender
AWS IoT Device Management
AWS IoT Events
AWS IoT SiteWise
AWS IoT Things Graph
AWS Partner Device Catalog

 Machine Learning:

Amazon SageMaker

Amazon Augmented AI
Amazon CodeGuru
Amazon Comprehend

Amazon Elastic Inference
Amazon Forecast
Amazon Fraud Detector
Amazon Kendra
Amazon Lex
Amazon Personalize
Amazon Polly
Amazon Rekognition
Amazon SageMaker Ground Truth
Amazon Textract
Amazon Translate
Amazon Transcribe
AWS Deep Learning AMIs
AWS Deep Learning Containers
AWS DeepComposer
AWS DeepLens
AWS DeepRacer
Amazon Inferentia
Apache MXNet on AWS
TensorFlow on AWS

Management  Governance:

Amazon CloudWatch
AWS Auto Scaling
AWS Chatbot
AWS CloudFormation

AWS CloudTrail
AWS Command Line Interface
AWS Compute Optimizer
AWS Config
AWS Control Tower
AWS Console Mobile Application
AWS License Manager

AWS Management Console
AWS Managed Services
AWS OpsWorks
AWS Organizations
AWS Personal Health Dashboard
AWS Service Catalog
AWS Systems Manager
AWS Trusted Advisor
AWS Well-Architected Tool

Media Service:
Amazon Elastic Transcoder

Amazon Kinesis Video Streams
AWS Elemental MediaConnect
AWS Elemental MediaConvert
AWS Elemental MediaLive
AWS Elemental MediaPackage
AWS Elemental MediaStore

AWS Elemental MediaTailor
AWS Elemental Appliances & Software

Migration and Transfer:

AWS Migration Hub

AWS Application Discovery Service

AWS Database Migration Service
AWS DataSync
AWS Server Migration Service 
AWS Snow Family
AWS Transfer for SFTP
CloudEndure Migration

AWS Amplify

Amazon API Gateway
Amazon Pinpoint
AWS AppSync
AWS Device Farm

Networking and content delivery:
Amazon VPC
Amazon API Gateway

Amazon CloudFront
Amazon Route 53
AWS PrivateLink
AWS App Mesh
AWS Cloud Map
AWS Direct Connect
AWS Global Accelerator
AWS Transit Gateway
Elastic Load Balancing
Quantum technologies:
Amazon Braket


AWS RoboMaker

AWS Ground Station

Security,Identity and Complience:

AWS Identity  Access Management

Amazon Cognito
Amazon Detective
Amazon GuardDuty
Amazon Inspector
Amazon Macie
AWS Artifact
AWS Certificate Manager
AWS Directory Service
AWS Firewall Manager
AWS Key Management Service
AWS Resource Access Manager

AWS Secrets Manager
AWS Security Hub
AWS Shield 

AWS Single Sign-On

Amazon Simple Storage Service 
Amazon Elastic Block Store 
Amazon Elastic File System 
Amazon FSx for Lustre

Amazon FSx for Windows File Server
Amazon S3 Glacier
AWS Backup
AWS Snow Family
AWS Storage Gateway
CloudEndure Disaster Recovery


Creating Account In AWS and Necessary Tools:

1.You need to open account in AWS with details info include your valid credit card.
2.When you add credit card your money would be deducted from your card certain amount. can choose any plan such as basic ,business or Developers plan. can get basic plan free of cost one year.if your credit card is valid
5.After paid money you can get full access of AWS management tools that you already purchase.

Why AWS essential for everyone?

Amazon's web service is a vast website offering different needs for customers. We may find some portion that's offering AWS all the time.

AWS helps run diverse host websites and you need more time to know all aspects of AWS to store information in AWS. You're never frustrated with giant enterprise.

Why Many people should learn AWS?

AWS is not a small enterprise offering only shared hosting or business hosting. AWS is an incredible tool for the needs of individuals or organizations. We can say in the near future, AWS is ten times larger than a small web hosting company.

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