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Freenom Domain Error All Reason And Way To Solve Tutorial

Freenom Domain Error All Reason And Way To Solve Tutorial




Freenom Domain is currently a FREE DOMAIN provider. 


So many Freenom register problem like "transfer freenom domain","freenom register error","invalid domain","domain setup error" etc. More bellow..


Most of the following reasons we are focusing here.

A few of the problems when we use this Freenom Domain are "Error code 0x08823", "error code 0x0116a", "technical error","freenom dns not working" "freenom domain cancelled" etc.

We'd try to solve this freenom problem and evaluate which freenom error code you are looking for a problem with freenom, The details of the solutions below.learn 

 Get All  Freenom Error Attention Here.  

"how to fix freenom technical error" from bellow:


Main Problem Of Freenom Are: 

Error code 0x08823

Error code 0x0116a

freenom technical error

Freenom is not working

Error code 0x08823. freenom

freenom 0x08823
freenom domain cancelled
Introduce Freenom Domain Company:

Freenom means free registry domain for everyone. this company based on Armsterdam,Netharland, main work is domain operate and DNS Service. freenom is part of open TLD B.V. Group.This company offer domain registration and domain  monetization. 

China people may trouble what is freenom error ?. how to solve this problem. please see details from how to solve 

 Do I Cancel Any Domain Names If You Get Freenom Error?

Yes, you register new domain when you get any problem existing domain .Go to freenom loged in page then go domain cpanel then click cancel freenom domain.

Learn :How To Register On Freenom

Freenom Alternative Domain Under $1 Dollar: best cheap domain

 Freenom domain usa top 10 frequently reported errors and how to fix them

This article will set to name some of the top most reported freenom domain errors encountered

by freenom users in the usa. Additionally this article will also give suggestions for possible

solutions to these errors.


The top 10 most frequently reported freenom errors include:


#1 freedom domain usa most reported error: Error code 0x0883:

Your account is on probation. This is just a code that gives your website freenom domain a

warning that your account could be flagged. This is usually caused by a number of reasons,

which include:

a.   You account if suspected of fraudulent activities

b.   You have registered too many inactive freenom domains

c.   Suspected of using many domains pointing to a single URL

#2 freedom domain usa most reported error: Error code 0x0116a:

It means that your account has been marked as potentially harmful by freenom. This could result

from your account having potential illegal or malicious content or suspected of violation of

freenom anti-abuse code.

#3 freedom domain usa most reported error: Technical error:

 Means that you have more than more than one freenom domains using the same server.

#4 freedom domain usa most reported error:  Error code 1049:

 It means freenom not available error:

 This error simply could be that you don’t have an account set up successfully with freenom.

Therefore, you may just need to create a new account and set up a new domain.

#5 freedom domain usa most reported error: Freenom DNS not working error

This is usually caused by  wrong url forwarding settings. To solve this problem you have to

make sure that your domain is forwarding to working routes.

#6 freedom domain usa most reported error: Freenom error

#7 freedom domain usa most reported error: Freenom URL error

#8 freedom domain usa most reported error: Freenom white screen error

This error is usually caused when you redirect your website to 301 pages.

#9 freedom domain usa most reported error: Freenom registration failed

This error could result from a number of reasons.

a.   Your account could have been flagged by freenom

b.   You could be trying to register an unavailable domain.

#10 freedom domain usa most reported error: Freenom account error

This can be a result of having been flagged by freenom for violating anti-abuse code or poor

account setup.

 Freenom domain Introduction:

Need help registering your domain at ease without any expenses?  Freenom domain is the right choice for you. Read on to learn more about this versatile tool.
About freenom domain

Freenom helps people register their domain. And it offers several free domains that can last for over a year. But, your domain will end as .tk, .gq, .cf, .ml. or .ga.

To register your domain at freenom, visit their website, and open an account for yourself.
Unfortunately, the freenom domain is not ideal for professional use. If you don’t have the resources to get a domain, you can use freenom.
In 2001, Zuurbier introduced project domain of the Tokelau islands, which considered ccTLD. In 2006 only, after 5 years of this domain proposal, ICANN was agreed of the validity of the TK domain which is part of the freenom, Freenom current time offering five Free ccTLD fully free of charge.

FIX THE  FREENOM ERROR the following way:

 What is freenom error?

Freenom is basically a domain provider that offers both a free and paid domain. Occasionally, when using freenom network, we face a technical error such as ERROR CODE 0x08823

We're facing this problem for a lot of reasons. That's the freenom error call.we do not understand the complexity, we don't know exactly what the meaning is.freenom not working many reason but main reason of freenom details see whole article.

Problem solved freenom Error code 0x08823:

Error code 0x08823 if you found that we should assume that the reason for the error code 0x08823 is the following

By consciously using them, you have created too many domain names.

Too many domain names have been registered

Too many domain names have been registered using same name servers.

With Freenom, you use more than one account.

If this happens, you won't be able to register a new freenom domain. If you solve the problem, you can easily use your old domain and easily renew it. error news latest update from would solve your desire problem

How to solve this problem freenom error code 0x08823:

There's one way to remove your old account if you want to solve this problem.freenom error code 0x08823. is common may give message such type:"please contact support for more information. error code 0x08823.".

 Download the browser's oepra. Open the opera menu vpn. 

Use a Virtual Private Server and choose USA country. try to freenom is open after vps on. 

Take New email address for registration. boom!! .. You'd get your new freenom account and get your new domain to work properly again.

Bypass Freenom Com Error Code 0x08823 from freenom most reason are account problem.

Freenom specific error codemose common are: 0x08823,another freenom Error code 0x0116a which explain the reason of problem.
freenom technical error is another type of freenom error.

If you trying to sign up for multiple domain freenom would not work. they serve one domain for one users current time.
A lot of people are wondering "why Freenom doesn't work?". I've seen many reasons why Freenom has a big user error. 
This kind of issue from freenom might be unfamiliar to us. Any tasks that others don't have. Every step of Freenom error and reason must be read carefully. How to delete freenom mistake, fixing tips are often better solutions.
  "I couldn't complete the domain registration and now the domain is gone".this is comon error in freenom.For this type of freenom error may  cause internet connection fail or internet browser catch problem during registration fail in freenom.

If freenom registratioln could not complete it would automatically new domain registration fail would be happen in freenm site.

Check again perticular domain in your freenom search box to get your desired domain from freenom.

How to solve freenom white screen error?

Unless your forward approach is not working or nameserve is incorrect, the key source of the white screen would be incorrect. 

When you want to run servers with your own name on your free domain name you need to know the server name. At least two name servers need to run your hosting provider's what name server is and how to add it.

Freenom sign up problem:

We need to register freenom, some people who face freenom issue. Simply use your email to sign up, if you forget to try to resent your password, if you face short domain accessibility, try opening VPN to reconnect your freenom account.

Changing domain or modify go to bellow process of freenom

My Domains - Manage Domain - Management Tools -Nameservers

Problem solved freenom Error code 0x0116a:

Freenom error code 0x0116a means that you are flagged by can't open new account and can't use freenom account anymore.

Simple Error Freenom:

  "A user already exists with that email address freenom," which signifies your email address is already registered with freenom, and which you may encounter when changing your password.

 "We can't verify you're human, please try again later" is a common issue when enrolling for Freenom or logging in. 

This is a capcha error that occurs when Freenom attempts to log in as a human rather than a robot or a spam hacker. Freenom uses a capcha filling method for everyone for security reasons.



The way to solve Error code 0x0116a:

If your old account is flagged, there is one way to open a freenom account. 

Open VPN first and open freenom second. 

Then try opening a new account.  check your current freenom Id when you find Error code 0x0116a  and get new one.

Register Free Domain at Freenom:Account Error: fix freenom technical error [SOLVED]

you may clean your old browser catch if you find freenom register error. clean your browsing history. and try again register. if you find after clean browser catch,try opera browser open, VPN  then try register again. VPN is best solution for freenom error register.

you would not sign up freenom until you choose domain availability first. first choose domain then try to fill up other requirement. freenom would error if you do not choose any domain fi

UNABLE to sign freenom domain:

it shows, when the internet connection goes down or the internet browser is disabled during registration.

If the unfinished registration goes on, it might be fine again if you try the internet connection for the second time.

please check if domain is available to register if someone taken domain you tried you should choose new domain name not old one.

Freenom Account Error Solution:

How to resolve freenom error code 0x08823. 
 If we get some error from freenom this is not tricky. We may claim that free domain freenom has no chance of maintaining it all the time. The alternative freenom domain is VPN's registration for new account. Upon registering in a freenom account, you'll only get new account. So, if you are facing a Freenom error, this is one solution.

Freenom technical error could not register:

 If internet connections go down or no internet connection can occur during registration time. 

Please try again when connecting to the internet. Refresh your browser cookie and create a new freenom Id when available online.

 Some of your domain could not be registered the reason of a technical errorhappen when server conection down or no internet.

Some message if freenom goes error:

"one of your domains could not be registered because of a technical error. these domains have been cancelled"

Domain not working in freenom problem:

 Many reason domain setup not work. domain forward may not setup should do perfectly how DNS setup freenom.

How to setup DNS record in freenom: 

You can follow this step in freenom if you want to add your own A, CNAME, MIX file.

If freenom domain not retrieving

Go to My Domains in freenom
Click on Manage Domain in your freenom account
Click on Management Tools from freenom nenu bar
Click on Nameservers in freenom
Select Use default nameservers
Press Change Nameservers

 Now, by switching to Manage Freenom DNS zone, you can set up your DNS records.

Tap Manage Domain Manage Freenom DNS Now you can join a wide range DNS databases, including records from A, MX and CNAME.

Why Domain suspend from freenom?

The reason suspend your domain because of content policy. you can read content policy of freenom domain. the all condition are included there.

Managed Domain in Freenom:

Manged domain  is one tools in freenom that help you to change DNS,you can change your DNS record from freenom Managed Domain tools.

What Freenom Nameserver ?

Freenom nameserver is default nameserver that use to identy of freenom server.

Why sometime freenom domain not working?.

 Often, when setting up a domain, many people see the blank page.Your domain setup with other web hosting may need time to display perfectly if you have added a new web hosting company name server.
Showing the website takes 24 hours.If your Cname record is missing or improperly added, it may not show a freenom domain on your website.

In you need to do the DNS or URL forwarding settings.

  Is there any alternative of freenom?

Some people are looking for alternative freenom, free domain for one year, but some are looking like the same company that offers free domain.

Alternatively to only the best options, you may consider some other sub-domain, but essentially this is not a complete TLDs domain.

It's difficult to get a completely free domain at the moment.Try or freenom.


How to add freenom A MX CNAME record:freenom cPanel


This guide can help you set up your DNS freenom setup if you're new to online and want to start free web design. Here we'd try to find a short way to advise how to set up a web hosting and link up domain by a record cName track.

Freenom is one of the top companies where a free domain name can be acquired. It is possible to connect the domain to an important part of the free hosting site that you don't understand. If you're having trouble setting up a record here, you'll find solutions.

If you want to insert your A, MX, CNAME or any other DNS records, you can.

STEP 1. Go to freenom My Domain page
STEP 2. Click the manage Domain
STEP 3.Manage Freenom DNS

Add your own a record or CNAME record from other site where you want to domain points to. after complete your record click save.

that is all, now go your own a record site where your hosting CPANEL then parked your domain easy way. it takes 24 hours to show your domain perfectly, sometime domain appears short time when you points your new record in freenom. offering free hosting that is easy to setup your own domain in go to menu free hosting sign up now then go to websalestation's cPanel after that find nameserver of websalestation's. copy that and paste it in freenom manage domain page.

What is freenom domain?

 Freenom domain is identical to that of other domain extensions. Most people find it's not like domain. Yeah, freenom is not too common for all other domain extensions as this is other. Most professional free domain don't use it. freenom domain extension that are free  see bellow


Domain from freenom history:

Freenom provides a free domain that is the key attribute of a free domain. domain for those willing to obtain a free domain domain. 

Anyone or small business can sign up some domain names for a new website or an existing website for free.


 .Tk is one of the popular domain TLDs of freenom. TLDs you can select any name.


.Gq is another TLDs of freenom.Gq is a region code top-level domain absolutely free of freenom costs but not every domain is useful until we get top-level domain.


 .cf is a top-level domain of Internet country code from the freenom. The .cf TLDs region is in Central African Republic.


.Ga is another freenome Domain TLDs. This is fully free, and is one of the most common free domain extensions. Google ranks no free domain at the first page until it is verified.


Whenever you need, you can use freenom domain. You wouldn't be getting how to register here. Free domain problem is that it doesn't have any assurance it would be yours all the time.
 It can disappear from freenom any time without warning.




Sometime we may not get error message from freenom "
freenom some of your domains could not be registered because of a technical error" that is common problem freenom registered.

"some of your domain could not be registered because of a technical error. freenom"

If you're familiar with freenom recently, freenom displays an error domain that isn't available, free domain will use a lot of spammers and abuse. 

That's why freenom sometime showing this error to offer users don't exploit free, open VPN and retrying to open freenom account, the problem will probably be solved.


Why .tk domain not available or freenom domain not available ? domain means your domain may be taken over or your account is flagged.

 Try changing website to the freenom website to find a new tk extension name. You could get solutions. Remember domain extension is part of the world of freenom.

  Solve problem of freenom domain not available:

Fixing domain problem is common in freenom. if someone using your desire domain, it would show you not available.First try register in freenom then search what domain you are looking for.

What is an A record?

The record A in A refers to Address. Whenever you visit a website, send an email, connect to Facebook or twitter, or do almost anything on the Internet, your address is a sequence of dot-related words. 

What is an CNAME?

Cname points one domain to another domain. for example, you have sub domain like it could points to by changing CNAME record.


Free and paid domains from freenom:

freenom offer free and paid domain both. one year validity free domain available with five TDLs extension. you can not get top level domain like .com or xyz but .tk,.ml etc are free. you must pay from the second year from freenom domain list.

Difference between A and Cname records:

A record points instead of a name to a specific ip address. If our website name is and our IP address is assumed to be then the IP address record points to find our website address. This is a simple web address name alternative. Look up the ip address at all times.
 Also look name for the CNAME record instead of the ip address. This refers one domain name to another, you can change it by modifying the CNAME record if you pass your domain or point to another hosting company.

 DOT.TK Domain Setup Problem:

Configuration of the domain often goes wrong. Domain setup,one of the main reasons domain configuration goes wrong is nameserver setup .changing domain, we need to change ip or name server or Cname record.

 Try to change ....
Focus on name server whether is correct way setup or not
Focus on ip address of hosting site
Focus on Cname Record or  A record

How much cost freenom domain renew?

Some domain extension freenom is fully free for one year. You don't need to pay any money after a year has passed. The cost of which domain extension you want to use for your website depends. top level domain every year price over 10 USD not include SSL certificate.

Cancellation of freenom register:


To cancel domain registration from freenom

Go to freenom account

Go to Domain panel

Click on Cancel domain

Next follow the instructions 

Freenom domain not available problem:

Many domains taken by other people or the domain may not have been for free version for some time.

You can pick a new domain name, and try to get a freenom domain again.

If you are not happy with freenom free domain get top level domain under one dollar may be better options for your website. 

Freenom activation link does not work:

freenom activation link does not work means registrations process has not been finalized.please try to link few minute later.if does not work re register again with the same domain name or new one.

freenom alternative more news.

100% Freenom Free Domain is one of the best ways to get new Free Domain but every time Freenom Domain may not benefit from online success.

We need an alternative freenom domain.we can almost pick a free domain that would be an alternative of freenom domain.

Some cheap domain name are: .XYZ,.ONLINE, etc

Freenom Review by Q&A:

Does freenom real domain?

yes,this real domain extension

Freenom domain is top level domain?

No, all free domain not top level domain

Freenom to register free domain?

Freenom has both free and paid domain extension. you can buy .com extension from freenom website. 

Has Freenom expansion to something like a variety of domains?

freenom has only five extension free of cost,.tk domain , .cf domain , .ml domain , .ga domain, .gq domain.Meaning tk domain , .cf domain , .ml domain , .ga domain, .gq domain

Does Freenom even have the hosting?

No, freenom provide free domain only.

Freenom Domain Free forever?

No, this free domain only for one year free cost

Freenom domain safe to use?

Freenom has a domain which is both paid and free. It is not safe to use the free domain. It can disappear at any time.paid domains are safe

Freenom can cancel my domain anytime?

Sure, free domain with freenom, no rules that will always be yours.

Freenom Customer Care:

Customer service is not assisted freenom if any problem exists. 

When we lose free domain, we can not expect any support from freenom. Free domain is not possible without support from customers. 

Buy Top Level Domain From Freenom:

Freenom is the best choice for free domain, no one permits free top-level domain, freenom helps some completely free domain extension, freenom sales top-level domain, etc if you're willing to pay freenom. 

Free and paying options. Easy payment options are available, credit card, paypal, bank wire etc.

Freenom Review:

freenom domain has many problem if you are trying to get that. the main reason we may face ,freenom is free domain. we should get stuck any time if we use free domain.

Clients freenom review for new freelancer is good becuase they are getting free domain for practice.
Professional client are not happy of freenom domains. we may be face dificulty of freenom domain.

Get Knowledge base:  From may give you extra knowledge what  actually cause of your freenom error.

Too many domain name activity from freenom a major cause of freenom error.More than one account also cause of freenom error.

Some account flagged by freenom anti-abuse should follow Freenom DNS Service
and how do to domain setup and management accurately.

You may get "freenom error" video if you like.Freenom not available problem one video of freenom error.

Freenom Domain Not Available Problem is another freenom error video.if you are happy how to fix it by content you may get video from freenom error video.


Sometime we search domain name in freenom but all time domain may not available to register.

What you should be solutions for this. this is simple, if you do not have account sign up first in freenom to get free domain.

This error is temporary base. we should not get it again if we search correct way.

In search box of freenom search with extension for example: do not put only websale without .tk extension. probably your domain would be available and you can checkout for 12 month free of charge from freenom free domain.

Freenom error code "0x08823": why so important for freenom domain?

"How to fix freenom technical error" there no best solutions opening new account or use VPN

Please contact support for more information. Error code 0x08823 is most common problem.

VPN may be one of the best option to open your freenom without any errors. we may not find best solutions until use VPN. 

Make your first blog with free freenom domain if your old freenom account hacked. 

If you are facing problem you can open " sign up". just go to sign up. remember before open new account try to clear all browsing data from browser.

Freenom  error code 0x08823 what would be happen?

Some new users do not know what the main reason freenom error happening. If you get
error code 0x08823 first time you can not sign up new account. you may delete your current account and sign up again.

You can modify your domain name that you purchased but you can not reopen new account until close your old account.


knowledgebase Freenom error code:

Freenom will always help people solve problems, freenom will never be easy to continue free domain until you renew it by paying, free means never free. We 're living a century of giving and taking. Anything sell able.

We can buy top level domain but first freenom free domain has low value. We need to pay money for that domain after one year that isn't actually, first we should try free domain as a test basis. We can get that from freenom.

We may need more information to run freenom free domain smoothly because freenom.freenom knowledgebase error code can give you additional knowledge about freenom and freenom error code. 

Can't Use freenom website Problem:

 Many people finding difficulty how to solve freenom error.many people use freenom for test experience.
it is free of cost.sometime you would get freenom error 1049 that means this domain you already found in freenom is not available or you are not able to get it until you pay for this domain. many domain extension for paid domain or someone taken. 

Freenom Free Domain Renewal Topics:

If you use a free freenom domain and your domain extension is expiring early, that's for you. You must buy for next year before the expiry date, freenom will never give free domain email renewals.

One of the freenom-free users already set up google search rank by free domain, this domain was suddenly stopped without notice by freenom. So, be careful of that.

 SOLVED Freenom URL Error :

 Freenom URL forwarding problem another problem, if you are looking to URL forward from freenom lets get start.

Step1: You need to go to My Domains

Step2: Press on Manage Domain

Step3: Press on Management Tool

Step4: Click on URL Forwarding

You need destination URL in the URL Forwarding box.
You must click Set URL
Finally you completed domain forwarding!!

 Sometime you would get freenom white screen if you redirect URL "freenom redirect/301 forwarding".

Freenom registration failed:

Probably you have old account or your domain availability are booked by someone or that domain only for paid domain.we discussed all reason domain error of freenom in this article.  

Freenom error code 0x08823 Lots of Intention:[SOLVED]

Article all about Google Search Freenom error code 0x08823 or my.freenom all explanation is the same. We don't know exactly how people are faced with this issue. 

Recent freenom error equals that of past. Our mission is to make it clear that there is a common cause for all freenom errors. Following upper cause all Freenom error can be understood to be the same cause. 

Iis freenom safe or not depends on your working procedure.Many people use freenom domain for spam way because this is free. so safe is depends on your itentions.

 Do not make any website base on illigal topics may harm your website or freenom domain. see freenom policy how to safe before use free domain from freenom company.

"Freenom not working" why is that?. 

When people trying to "freenom DNS setup" or "FREENOM domain forwarding" sometime it may show error. if your domain DNS goes wrong or missing the right direction, you may get freenom error. check your "Freenom A RECORD or CNAME Record" if it written correct way.


 All Freenom API ERROR:

"Freenom 401 Authorization Required"

"No function called Error"

"Invalid Data Submitted"

Learn More About Freenom API Error

"freenom not sending email


New Freenom Error  "no wildcards" error:

If you use github and freenom domain connections you probably find  error "no wildcards". this may be sometime irritated for new users. probably billing information incorrect or try to avoid @ symbol. You may get error like "wildcards not allowed" such type of message. "error occurred wildcards are not allowed freenom" Learn How to fix Freenom Error
The "ANAME" record is not supported by Freenom. Only the "AAA" record is supported by freenom. An A record, specifically an ANAME / ALIAS record, must need.

 What is Wildcard  CNAME?.

A surprise A DNS record is a record in a DNS zone that matches requests for domain names that do not exist.Learn More about Wildcard CNAME


Freenom Points Tutorial:

 freenom domain to infinityfree

 Freenom tutorial why freenom free 


Freenom hosting is not true. we know than freenom provide only free domain and paid domain. freenom does not support hosting sale.For more information you could get lates information all about freenom."my freenom" tools help you all about that. 

 Freenom domain name no need to pay but many people getting error all about freenom domain regisration dificulty.

 Some people ask new problem facing like"Some of your domains could not be registered because of a technical error. These domains have been cancelled"

Yes, day by day freenom free domain going hard. many reason behind that:

Free freenom domain using by some spammers.

May be this message come because this domain only for paid domain from freenom. 

"Attention! Some of your domains could not be registered because of a technical error. These domains have been cancelled"

This is behind the freenom domain error.if you use VPN, you may not get free domain.alternative thinking is best way buy "top level domain under one dollar" from websale .xyz.


 "Freenom broken"? are you unhappy?. "buy low cost top level domain" for professonal use.

 Why freenom users angry?


Although Freenom is the answer for every person who wants to start their online project with the less money possible.

 However, looks can be deceiving, because, according to many reviews from people around the world, one of the clients registered a domain, it was labelled as free, after entering all his information, the site logs him out and then empties his shopping cart. 

Another one states that it is an awful experience, and costumer service is rude and completely unhelpful. But another customers sums the whole experience by this sentence: You get what you pay for.
The lower prices and free domains are very attractive for beginners but the services provided are not really worth it. The website is slow and managing your domains and changing settings is tedious and even slower.

Some freenom user's bad story see below why they angry:


Why "freenom domain suspended"?.

There's a common cause involved if the freenom domain suspends. Below are some common reasons:

1.No Content in website

2.Inactive freenom account

3.Freenom content policy

4.Copyright infringement issue freenom domain

5.Matching with other's domain or account 

Freenom Error New Problem:


Domain not working this is new problem in freenom problem always facing customer of freenom. do not worry try to read all article how to solve this problem with in short time.

 Why freenom is not working?

All is the system is same if you follow this instructions how to solve freenom problem. this is not easy until we know the main reason why freenom not working. we be clever and find actual reason what the reason freenom not working. some way we can fix which is described in here.

Freenom login problem is another problem. we should follow how to log in freenom.may be your browser is the reason log in problem.

Enable any cookies in internet explorer then try to again. try other browser instead of current browser to solve freenom log in problem.

Freenom to 000Webhost Domain Error

Internet connects the whole world, and for communication to happen, we need addresses to direct us to various websites. These addresses are known as the domain name. Therefore, a domain name is the words we use in the computers that direct us to a specific website on the internet. 

The domain mane consists of two parts that are the website name and the domain name. An example of a domain name is The name consists of the website name, “Facebook,” and the domain name “.com.” the domain name is bought from the domain name server, and the files and the database that your website entails are hosted in the webserver. 

The web server sends the files from people across the globe when they search for your website. In this essay, we are going to focus more on the freedom domain and 000webhost domain problems.

Using a domain name to access any website may seem enjoyable and straightforward, but setting these domain names can be difficult. Domain names have some associated problems, which include changing a domain from one form to another. 

As simple as this may sound, it comes with some challenges. For example, changing a freenom domain setup with a 000webhosting domain setup causes an error. To solve this, one needs to change the nameserver using the 000webhost nameser name.This way, the domain for the 000webhost will be successfully be altered from the freenom domain.

Another problem with the domain is in 000webhost; a domain park error keeps reoccurring. Domain park error means that the domain type is not connected to any website or email. 

This means that the traffic being sent can’t be redirected to another active domain server. This error is solved by getting a new domain name from the freenom, and the word is used in 000webhost.

An account can be subjected to the prohibition if your freenom website domain is exposed to fraudulent activities. This may also happen if one has registered more domains that have been active for an extended period. 

It also appears in the case of one using so many domains pointing to a single URL.  The prohibition problem only occurs as a sign of warning that your account may be flagged.

Domain names can be associated with many problems, and for the smooth running of the website, one has to ensure that the domain name is set correctly. 

The domain helps directly to the server that hosts the files and the databases of one’s account. Having proper domain aid,us to browse efficiently and we avoid the problem such as the need to change a domain name, the parked domain error and the prohibition problem.

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