Bluehost Pricing Packages Optimize: Bluehost monthly rates

Bluehost Pricing Packages Optimize: Bluehost monthly rates


How much price for bluehost?.

Are you afraid bluehost pricing?.

Bluehost Special Offer Topics.Bluehost provides free domain access if we buy hosting plan. 

We might get lots of feedback news for bluehost.

 Bluehost offer the best choice for monthly plan or annual plan.Get Bluehost latest news from

Get latest price anatomy of bluehost and choose your right plan for your website. better security and better web hosting for new users.Learn more..

More than 2 million domains registered in bluehost and hosting.different Bluehost pricing for different people choose. 

Bluehost shared price most common because it is so cheaper than other price. 

How fast processing and storage you need from bluehost will decide which hosting plans you actually need.

Bluehost ranked Best Web Hosting from customers coice and WordPress site builders.

History of bluehost:

Bluehost web hosting owner Endurance International Group. Shared hosting, WordPress hosting, VPS hosting, dedicated hosting, WooCommerce hosting, bluhost main package.
The head office of bluehost in Provo, Utah, USA.Matt Heaton was the founder and CEO of bluehost from 2003-2011.Mike Olson was the founder and CEO of bluehost from 2015-2016.James Grierson was the founder and CEO of bluehost from 2016-2017.

 Why so many people use bluehost package?

Many people prefer of them because it is so easy to use for beginners. For wordpress apps, most prominently. There is no hidden expense for everyone. 
Best service for customers at any time. A lot of people search for cheap web hosting, but do not go with bluehost if you search that cheap. For such, bluehost offer quality hosting for long-term business.

Why we are talking about bluehost pricing?

Often, all the news under one roof is difficult. When we look at what is really comparable in our own budget, price is an important component. 
For numerous customers, bluehost price has enormous facts. If you are aware of them, the potential use of any bluehost package, the price of bluehost will benefit you.
Comparing different prices will be worth if we don't want to buy hosting package, but if we seriously buy hosting package, even for a long time, we must measure our potential hosting cost every year. 

So, for everyone, hosting package and price must be an important component, even for learning purposes, we can learn more about it.

What is Shared Hosting?

Shared hosting is a form of web hosting where multiple users account.shared hosting is not sufficient for sites with high-traffic solutions on a single server.
 If you're using a VPS hosting service that offers you a free bluehost domain.shared web hosting schemes are also the best option for clients.

 "Bluehost shared hosting price compare with others"

Hosting for new customers is also planned by bluehost and godaddy. Check all the Bluehost prices here. Try to find various companies that provide cheap and reliable hosting details if you really need to start your company.

 Most popular Bluehost price package:

Before purchasing any hosting package, it is important to know how to select the right service. Bluehost offers various packages for different clients.
 Most people use shared hosting because it's so inexpensive and easy to run small websites instantly without much trouble. 

Wordpress and bluehost make great tiny website combinations. Learn if you're looking at wordpress from websale.xyzz from

Bluehost shared hosting pricing:

Bluehost offers a number of great products for clients.Basic, Plus, Choice Plus plans, Pro plan current time exist.most cheapest price from bluehost shared hosting starts at $3.95.bluehost Plus shared hosting price is $5.95. bluehost choice plus hosting price $6.95. 

 What is VPS Hosting?

We 're really moving what the customer wants?. Yeah, customer preference bluehost several reason.great shared hosting with 99.9 percent uptime. VPS hosting is virtual private server for those requiring more space and big company or private server website. If we need more traffic until I get VPS hosting .

Bluehost VPS hosting pricing:


Next generation bluehost VPS hosting offers. Virtual private server hosting plans particularly require lots of traffic at the same time. Bluehost's full price may change at any time as this is not a fixed price. Current updates can be found from the bluehost web site.
  Free domain for the first year, if we buy VPS hosting from bluehost.users take care of their storage space and price while using bluehost 

VPS. Facility for automatic updates and backups and the most secure alternative than shared hosting. Bluehost pricing is a very affordable and versatile choice for clients.

  Bluehost VPS provides customers with a scalability level and a more reliable bandwidth without losing loads of visitors at a time. Shared hosting has restricted bandwidth as website users come in.


Bluehost yearly Price cost:

Bluehost has an enormous option to choose the best web package hosting.basic, plus, choice plus, pro this four category is the main yearly feature plan. Bluehost price 12 Month basic price $8.99, Bluehost price 12 Month plus price $12.99, Bluehost price 12 Month choice plus price $16.99, , Bluehost price 12 Month Pro price $25.99.

Bluehost Main Helping Support:


 Bluehost one of the best facilities, you can get back money after thirty days if you don't like bluehost.web hosting expenses will be reimbursed some non-refundable.bluehost email service customer services, online chat, phone service also available free of charge.

 Bluehost Professional Service:

If you are using bluehost, you could get plenty of extra tools to develop your business. Bluehost 's website service is key to developing your website smoothly.

 Bluehost SEO service provides additional services to help your website increase traffic. PPC service lets you plan another advantage you will get tips on how to better design your blog. Many facilities are not unnecessary. 

Bluehost Full-Service :

Bluehost SEO Service:

Bluehost Pay per click Service:

Bluehost Website Migration Service:

Bluehost Blue Sky Plans:

 If you're looking for wordpress website combined with bluehost, blue sky plan is better for you.three type of bluehost wordpress designs available. Basic blue sky, blue sky plus, blue sky'd get advice from the bluehost expert.

Bluehost Blue Sky Basic:


Bluehost Blue Sky Plus:


Bluehost Blue Sky Pro:

Bluehost Dedicated Hosting Information:

Bluehost dedicated service is one of the highest quality web hosting system for any organization with best protected options. Privacy and control panel, users will get direct access to dedicated servers with private customers cares.your servers should not be shared with anyone.

Bluehost Dedicated Hosting:

Free domain for one year, free SSL certificate for best choice safe website. If you are not happy, money back guarantee options available from bluehost will be possible.

Difference Of Bluehost VPS  and Dedicated Web Hosting:

 Bluehost VPS and dedicated web hosting have features that make a difference. On the other hand, Bluehost VPS servers start from 2 GB ram and dedicated servers start from 4 GB ram.dedicated servers give you more horsepower than VPS.

 Bluehost Plan cost solutions:

You can use the bluehost bundle if you are new and willing to invest in making website. Without the best solutions we can not run website smoothly.

Website has huge part we must make it great, we can not use website hosting of lower quality. We don't know the bandwidth and page speed required to be successful online. 

Technical Parts of Bluehost:

 File Upload Easy solution in Bluehost:

1.Open Bluehost Account

2.Go Cpanel and Open File Manager



3.Choose the folder where you would like to upload file



4.Once, you select file from computer file would be upload in bluehost server.


   What is the bluehost renewal price?

 For some tools that price is for everyone, Bluehost offers the same renewal price. Bluehost shared hosting , bluehost WP Pro hosting, bluehost WooCommerce hosting, bluehost VPS hosting, or bluehost dedicated hosting are available package. See bellow that all packages are priced the same.

Bluehost Add On Price Optimize Details:

hostpapa vs bluehost you may like who is better

  Shared Hosting Dedicated IP

Shared hosting dedicated ip essential and this renewal price is
$5.99 per month.

Additional Dedicated IP for VPS and Dedicated Hosting from bluhost renewal price $17.99 per month.

SSL Certificate Price Rate from Bluehost:

Positive SSL certificates boost confidence among consumers. Avoid Not Secure warning for structure. Most Cheapest and fastest bluehost Positive SSL that renewal price $49.99 annually.

We need Positive Wildcard SSL certificate. Bluehost Positive Wildcard SSL renewal price $149.99 a year as any website requires more subdomain.

A Wildcard SSL Certificate that lets you protect your main domain and limitless sub-domains on a singles.

Comodo SSL is a global leader in digital web protection solutions and this is $79.99 a year from the bluehost renewal price.

Comodo Wildcard SSL Bluehost renewal price is $299.99 per annually.

Spam Expert Mail Filtering Bluehost Renewal Price:

Bluehost $2.99 a month and this offer for per domain name.

For your website which is Email Essentials, office 365,business pro, extra tools may be required. Bluehost renewal price is $4.99 per user per month. office 365 Business Plus price is $9.99 per user per month. Bluehost Business Pro renewal price is $14.99 per user per month.

Bluehost Domain Privacy Renewal Price:


Bluehost Domain Privacy Protection is essentially an add to the need to purchase a service to protect your personal data and keep it hidden from the web to protect your domain information.

Bluehost Domain Privacy Price $14.88 per domain per year.

 Bluehost Sitelock:

Bluehost features three types of sitelock. SiteLock Find renewal price $3.99 per domain per month, SiteLock Fix renewal price $19.99 per domain per month, SiteLock Prevent renewal price $29.99 per user per month.

Bluehost SEO Add on:

bluehost SEO tools price different price are available if some users need this help.SEO Tools Start renewal price $5.95 per domain per month, Bluehost SEO Tools Grow price is $19.95 per domain per month.

CodeGuard or Daily back up from Bluehost renewal price:

CodeGuard Basic: bluehost renwal price 2.99 per domain per month. 
CodeGuard Professional: bluehost renewal price $5.99 per domain per month.
CodeGuard Premium: bluehost renewal CodeGuard Premium price
$9.99 per domain per month.
CodeGuard Enterprise: bluehost renewal CodeGuard Enterprise price $23.95 per domain per month.


 Bluehost Constant Contact Renwal price:

Constant touch plans are paid according to number of contacts:

Bluehost Constant Contact 0-500 contact renewal price
$3 per month
Bluehost Constant Contact 501-2,500 contact renewal price
$25 per month
Bluehost Constant Contact 2,501-5,000 contact renewal price
$45 per month

Bluehost Constant Contact 5,001-10,000 contact renewal price
$75 per month
Bluehost Constant Contact 10,001-25,000 contact renewal price
$185 per month

  Bluehost domain renewal price:





New Generic Top Level Domain bluehost domain renewal price list:

Generic Top Level Domain Registration Renewal Privacy
.academy $39.99 $42.99 $14.88
.actor $49.99 $52.99 $14.88
.agency $24.99 $27.99 $14.88
.associates $39.99 $42.99 $14.88
.bar $99.99 $99.99 $14.88
.bargains $39.99 $42.99 $14.88
.bid $39.99 $42.99 $14.88
.bike $39.99 $42.99 $14.88
.blackfriday $34.99 $49.99 $14.88
.blog $16.99 $24.99 $14.88
.blue $21.99 $23.99 $14.88
.boutique $39.99 $42.99 $14.88
.build $99.99 $102.99 $14.88
.builders $39.99 $42.99 $14.88
.buzz $49.99 $52.99 $14.88
.cab $39.99 $42.99 $14.88
.camera $39.99 $42.99 $14.88
.camp $39.99 $42.99 $14.88
.capital $69.99 $72.99 $14.88
.cards $39.99 $42.99 $14.88
.care $27.99 $39.99 $14.88
.careers $69.99 $72.99 $14.88
.cash $39.99 $42.99 $14.88
.catering $39.99 $42.99 $14.88
.center $24.99 $27.99 $14.88
.cheap $39.99 $42.99 $14.88
.church $39.99 $39.99 $14.88
.city $24.99 $27.99 $14.88
.claims $69.99 $72.99 $14.88
.cleaning $39.99 $42.99 $14.88
.clinic $69.99 $72.99 $14.88
.clothing $39.99 $42.99 $14.88
.club $14.99 $18.99 $14.88
.co $12.99 $24.99 $14.88
.codes $69.99 $72.99 $14.88
.coffee $39.99 $42.99 $14.88
.community $39.99 $42.99 $14.88
.company $24.99 $27.99 $14.88
.computer $39.99 $42.99 $14.88
.condos $69.99 $72.99 $14.88
.construction $39.99 $42.99 $14.88
.consulting $39.99 $42.99 $14.88
.contractors $39.99 $42.99 $14.88
.cool $39.99 $42.99 $14.88
.credit $129.99 $132.99 $14.88
.creditcard $186.99 $189.99 $14.88
.cruises $69.99 $72.99 $14.88
.dance $29.99 $32.99 $14.88
.dating $69.99 $72.99 $14.88
.deals $27.99 $31.99 $14.88
.democrat $39.99 $42.99 $14.88
.dental $48.99 $69.99 $14.88
.diamonds $69.99 $72.99 $14.88
.digital $39.99 $42.99 $14.88
.direct $39.99 $42.99 $14.88
.directory $24.99 $27.99 $14.88
.discount $27.99 $39.99 $14.88
.domains $39.99 $42.99 $14.88
.education $24.99 $27.99 $14.88
.email $24.99 $27.99 $14.88
.engineering $69.99 $72.99 $14.88
.enterprises $39.99 $42.99 $14.88
.equipment $24.99 $27.99 $14.88
.estate $39.99 $42.99 $14.88
.events $39.99 $42.99 $14.88
.exchange $39.99 $42.99 $14.88
.expert $69.99 $72.99 $14.88
.exposed $24.99 $27.99 $14.88
.fail $39.99 $42.99 $14.88
.farm $39.99 $42.99 $14.88
.finance $69.99 $72.99 $14.88
.financial $69.99 $72.99 $14.88
.fish $39.99 $42.99 $14.88
.fitness $27.99 $39.99 $14.88
.flights $69.99 $72.99 $14.88
.florist $39.99 $42.99 $14.88
.foundation $39.99 $42.99 $14.88
.fund $69.99 $72.99 $14.88
.furniture $48.99 $69.99 $14.88
.futbol $14.99 $17.99 $14.88
.gallery $24.99 $27.99 $14.88
.glass $39.99 $42.99 $14.88
.graphics $24.99 $27.99 $14.88
.gratis $17.99 $24.99 $14.88
.gripe $39.99 $42.99 $14.88
.guide $39.99 $42.99 $14.88
.guru $39.99 $42.99 $14.88
.holdings $69.99 $72.99 $14.88
.holiday $69.99 $72.99 $14.88
.host $19.99 $34.99 $14.88
.house $39.99 $42.99 $14.88
.immobilien $39.99 $42.99 $14.88
.industries $39.99 $42.99 $14.88
.ink $39.99 $42.99 $14.88
.institute $24.99 $27.99 $14.88
.insure $69.99 $72.99 $14.88
.international $24.99 $27.99 $14.88
.investments $129.99 $132.99 $14.88
.kaufen $39.99 $42.99 $14.88
.kitchen $39.99 $42.99 $14.88
$25.99 $14.88
.kiwi $47.99 $50.99 $14.88
.land $39.99 $42.99 $14.88
.lease $69.99 $72.99 $14.88
.life $39.99 $42.99 $14.88
.lighting $24.99 $27.99 $14.88
.limited $39.99 $42.99 $14.88
.limo $69.99 $72.99 $14.88
.loans $126.99 $129.99 $14.88
.maison $69.99 $72.99 $14.88
.management $24.99 $27.99 $14.88
.marketing $39.99 $42.99 $14.88
.media $39.99 $42.99 $14.88
.menu $49.99 $52.99 $14.88
.moda $39.99 $42.99 $14.88
.name $14.99 $14.99 $14.88
.ninja $24.99 $27.99 $14.88
.online $4.99 $12.99 $14.88
.partners $69.99 $72.99 $14.88
.parts $39.99 $42.99 $14.88
.photo $27.99 $39.99 $14.88
.photography $24.99 $27.99 $14.88
.photos $24.99 $27.99 $14.88
.pictures $11.99 $14.99 $14.88
.pink $22.99 $25.99 $14.88
.place $27.99 $39.99 $14.88
.plumbing $39.99 $42.99 $14.88
.press $19.99 $34.99 $14.88
.productions $39.99 $42.99 $14.88
.properties $39.99 $42.99 $14.88
.pub $39.99 $42.99 $14.88
.recipes $69.99 $72.99 $14.88
.red $22.99 $25.99 $14.88
.reisen $24.99 $27.99 $14.88
.rentals $39.99 $42.99 $14.88
.repair $39.99 $42.99 $14.88
.report $24.99 $27.99 $14.88
.rest $49.99 $52.99 $14.88
.reviews $29.99 $32.99 $14.88
.rocks $11.99 $14.99 $14.88
.schule $24.99 $27.99 $14.88
.services $39.99 $42.99 $14.88
.shiksha $22.99 $25.99 $14.88
.shoes $39.99 $42.99 $14.88
.singles $39.99 $42.99 $14.88
.site $2.99 $12.99 $14.88
.social $39.99 $42.99 $14.88
.solar $39.99 $42.99 $14.88
.solutions $24.99 $27.99 $14.88
.space $1.99 $12.99 $14.88
.store $9.99 $34.99 $14.88
.supplies $24.99 $27.99 $14.88
.supply $24.99 $27.99 $14.88
.support $24.99 $27.99 $14.88
.surgery $69.99 $72.99 $14.88
.systems $24.99 $27.99 $14.88
.tax $49.99 $69.99 $14.88
.tech $4.99 $19.99 $14.88
.technology $24.99 $27.99 $14.88
.tienda $69.99 $72.99 $14.88
.tips $24.99 $27.99 $14.88
.today $24.99 $27.99 $14.88
.tools $39.99 $42.99 $14.88
.town $39.99 $42.99 $14.88
.toys $39.99 $42.99 $14.88
.trade $39.99 $42.99 $14.88
.training $39.99 $42.99 $14.88
.university $69.99 $72.99 $14.88
.uno $39.99 $42.99 $14.88
.vacations $39.99 $42.99 $14.88
.ventures $69.99 $72.99 $14.88
.viajes $69.99 $72.99 $14.88
.villas $69.99 $72.99 $14.88
.vision $39.99 $42.99 $14.88
.voyage $69.99 $72.99 $14.88
.watch $39.99 $42.99 $14.88
.website $1.99 $12.99 $14.88
.wiki $39.99 $42.99 $14.88
.works $39.99 $42.99 $14.88
.wtf $39.99 $42.99 $14.88
.xyz $14.99 $19.99 $14.88
.zone $39.99 $42.99 $14.88


Bluehost security and Bluehost Servers:

Every website needs different tools, SiteLock is a website security monitoring application from bluehost can give your website extra protection from hack and fraud attack.

One form of attack Brute Force Attack can occur when users log into any website.bluehost security defense against this form of fraud log in attempt.

You will get all of Bluehost 's apps like trustworthy software that helps protect your website in the best way.

Bluehost Uptime News:

 Bluehost uptime 99.99 percent and smooth 405ms.easy-to-use cPanel gui for new users without knowing anything about it. 

Uptime is the sum of time that runs all the time within this time server. 99.99 percent of the web hosting service is the best way to serve the internet.

 When you're using shared hosting this uptime isn't 99.99 per cent. The average shared hosting uptime is 99.59 percent. 

Low value Web hosting downtime 1.7 hours or more per week. So, for competent Web hosting, bluehost uptime is best.

Best eCommerce hosting for small business:

 Designer of ecommerce website for small business idea that have but best web hosting is critical before starting up. Hosting is car fuel. 

We can't tell when our website is slow if it goes down. We can find the best web hosting for our company.

Open-source tools and website builders help developers make good websites. Bluehost supports many add ons built in and many more to make decent websites.

 So, the best web hosting we can think of as a bluehost first for small business.

  Bluehost discount offer and bluehost renewal discount:

Bluehost's never get the same price. There's different rate of time available. You could get some Bluehost discount offer. 
The price of the renewal also changes sometime. Current bluehost price range may be necessary which is the best way to get the new bluehost discount price update.

Access Of The Bluehost Domain Manager:

You can buy Bluehost domain separately,  most important domain settings choice in Bluehost are easy. Any important parts, you can do on your own after logging into Bluehost domain account such as name servers, locking, contact information, anonymity, renewal options, etc. 

Available domain price  cheap from websale

Renew of Bluehost Domain:

Domain is an important part of it and we must also renew it every year. Renewing the bluehost program is very easy if we need it. 

Log in Bluehost first

Go domains from menu of Bluehsot

Select the domain you would like to renew

You would get renewal options for domain

Select Renew now and click submit button

It takes you confirm payment page. after payment clear your domain would be renewed. 

you can open auto renew options from domain settings. it may no need to repay manually, your money would be deducted after one year if your credit card is added in bluehost payment method.

Bluehost Optimized Hosting for WordPress:

Controlled hosting service for wordpress users providing package items from bluehost.bluehost adds additional  adds on for strong wordpress website. 

Bluehost Basic Feature for wordpress

Features WP Standard WP Enhanced WP Premium WP Ultimate
CPU (Cores)DualDualTripleQuad
RAM (GB)2468
SAN Storage30 GB60 GB120 GB240 GB
Backup Storage30 GB60 GB120 GB240 GB
Max Concurrent MySQL Connections150150150150
Free Domains1111
Auto SSL CertificateIncludedIncludedIncludedIncluded
Premium SSL CertificateNoNoPositive SSL (1)Positive Wildcard SSL (1)
Dedicated IP1111

Monthly Pricing of Bluehost Managed Hosting:

For wordpress users, bluehost is the most perfect web hosting. We couldn't be sad about the price range. See bellow map of price range for wordpress managed  hosting operated by bluehost.

Reseller Web Hosting Plan From Bluehost:

Bluehost reseller program is one of the best choices for anyone who would like to resell web hosting.small planner could open website to offer web hosting.

Unlimited domains are free when you buy plan.cPanel reseller web hosting accounts, MySQL, FTP accounts, Free Spam Security, Free Billing System, Free Website Builder these are free choices when you buy bluehost reseller.

Features Sky Blue Electric Blue True Blue
Storage (GB)100250500
Network Bandwidth15 Mbps25 Mbps35 Mbps
WildCard SSL CertificateYesYesYes
cPanel AccountsUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Free Domains111
WHM AccessYesYesYes
Dedicated IPs111
Billing SoftwareYesYesYes

Terms Sky Blue Electric Blue True Blue
Monthly Price$30.99$59.99$125.99
12 Month Term$27.99$51.99$105.99

Additional ADD ONS for Reseller bluehost plan:

Additional Domain Names: $15,99 per registration year;
1 Given IP: $5.99 per month
5 Dedicated IP's: $20 a month
10 Dedicated IPs per month: $40.00
SSL Certificates: Annually $49.99
SpamExperts Mail Filtering: $2.99 per domain name per month;
Privacy: $14.88 Domain Privacy per annum domain
SiteLock: $23.88 per annum domain
Backup and restore site Pro:3

Bluehost server for Dedicated:

Web server dedicated for people seeking their own server. Many businesses or entrepreneurs require dedicated servers for business purposes.

Dedicated bluehost plan, divided into three packages. Standard, Enhanced, Premium current time available on this three package.

Standard Dedicated Package Feature From Bluehost:



4 cores @ 2.3 GHz
500GB (Mirrored) Storage
5 TB Bandwidth
3 IP Addresses

Enhanced Dedicated Package Feature From Bluehost:


4 cores @ 2.5 GHz
1TB (Mirrored) Storage
10 TB Bandwidth
4 IP Addresses

Premium Dedicated Package Feature From Bluehost:

4 cores @ 3.3 GHz
1TB (Mirrored) Storage
15 TB Bandwidth
5 IP Addresses

  Bluehost without wordpress:

 You can use Bluehost without WordPress, WordPress is not mandatory, WordPress recommended website is Bluehost which helps to make it easy with, we can try without WordPress if you have technical knowledge how to set up website without WordPress.

  Wordpress Setup From Bluehost:


If you're waiting for a bluehost wordpress setup it will support. We 're adding tutorial on how to install Bluehost wordpress.