Web hosting cPanel tutorial from all major web hosting

Web hosting cPanel tutorial from all major web hosting


We know how important our platform for the web hosting is. We check our website every day and update it a number of times by hosting cPanel. Web hosting cPanel tutorial from all major web hosting platform very essential part.


Introduce of cPanel:

Access to cPanel, all the resources we need some basic information for any Web hosting. The cPanel layout is similar to major web hosting. We will know from bellow how cPanel looks and what cPanel access is like. 

CPanel tutorial is part of a lot of web hosting resources here we'd explain a lot of resources and the most feature demands.

How To Login Any Hosting cPanel?

Hosting cPanel needs users account in almost every hosting. Go to your existing hosting service, or first create a new web hosting. You will get the Hosting cPanel options after logging in. To log in to any web hosting you need the username and password.

How to become familiar any cPanel?

You need to register any web hosting company first to become acquainted with the cpanel. We may find some of them different from each other but we don't have more chances to practice until we purchase hosting plans from every website. We shouldn't be spending a lot of money registering every web host. Buy one plan for web hosting and get new cPanel options.

 What you can do in cPanel?

Update Information
Change style of cPanel
Uploading file edit file
Back up facility from cPanel
Auto responder in cPanel
Parking domain in cPanel
Creating Sub Domain in cPanel
Email Forwarding in cPanel
Creating MYSQL user account in cPanel
Adding FTP by Filezilla or other software in cPanel
URL redirect option in cPanel
Mange Hosting Space in cPanel
Manging PHP by using Mysql


Hosting cPanel tutorial of Hostinger:

You can easy can get hostinger cPanel just sign up. 

To all users cPanel has a number of different features. Not all devices are important for all but you can search anytime you need them. Domain name configuration, registration and conversion are some of the methods used. 

Others feature in hostinger cPanel:

Email creation and management
Spam filters management
Autoresponders and email forward setup
Visitor and error logs
Database creation and management
IP Blocker, leech protection,password protected directories
Server protection monitoring.
File Manager and FTP user creation
Many other third party tools are available.

All cPanels and Plesk panels are the most widely used panels worldwide.

Hosting cPanel tutorial of Bluehost:

There are many feature available. when you login bluehost you would get all tools under one roof.

Database setup, email accounts, FTP account management, security system tools are the most common features in bluehost.


Hosting cPanel tutorial of HostGator:

Another cPanel Web hosting company is most popular. Web hosting for the hostgator has modified its web cPanel architecture. One of the raising feature bellows down.

Website Builder,Applied Merchant,FTP Connections,Aliases,Email Forwarders,Email Filters,Global Email Filters,Address Importer,Authentication,Metrics Editor,Weebly,Site Software,Indexes,Track DNS,Templates,Directory Privacy,Encryption,Images,PHP Selector.

Hosting cPanel tutorial of A2hosting:


Nearly every control panel feature or related tools but different dashboard design. The most rising function you can get is in A2Hosting.

Email Accounts

Imports email accounts and forward
Accessing webmail through cPanel
Mailing List
Filter spam
Forwarding incoming e-mail messages to a script file
 Accessing webmail clients directly
Exceeding mailbox storage quotas

Hosting cPanel tutorial of Siteground:


Siteground is one of the largest providers of Web hosting. Here are some features that are most common in any web hosting program.some feature of siteground are file manager,Backup Restore,Backup Creation,cPanel Backup, Addon Domains, Parked Domains, DNS Zone Editors , Let's Encrypt, SSL/TLS Manager, Password Protected Directories, IP Address Deny Manager, cPanel Databases Section.

Hosting cPanel tutorial of Dreamhost:

 Dreamhost cpanel is distinct from any other hosting company. In dreamhost built in cpanel is not accessible. In dreamhost custom cpanel option is open.


 Best User friendly Web Hosting cPanel:

In the early stages cPanel hosting was not easy to give the users the best way. Now a few days it's much simpler than other web hosting offers cPanel template best way today.

Login cPanel Namecheap:
When you sign up for shared hosting with Namecheap you'd get auto-logged in the Namecheap cPanel section.

Hosting cPanel of Namecheap:

The Namecheap cPanel configuration is different from other settings.

Go account function
Go Create A New Account
Click A Package
 Choose the domain
Fillup Username password

After fill up all requirement click Create a New Account.