Why We Need Cheap Online Store and Website Builders

Why We Need Cheap Online Store and Cheap Website Builders



 " I am shocked the price of domain and cost of hosting now a days".I'm a student, I haven't been able to buy high-rate domain and hosting money yet, but I have the ability to make website or blog. I struggled from the beginning, I did this and I used cheap domain and hosting to run my own website. Learn how to spend few money on domain and hosting to make cheap online shop.


There are several way we can reduce our website building cost or bypass the penny spend habit. cost reduce would make you more confidence invest in Online business. we discus the basic way reduce cost. see the bellow the anatomy reducing cost in website making. We must need knowledge and experience how to make cheap website.

1.For freelancer use first blog until grow audience
2.For small business we should reduce hosting and domain cost first until grow our website.


We must know difference of blog page and e-commerce site. If you're freelancer, you'll need to have a blogging site that includes excellent design base site, but if you've got a business site you'll need somebody to run your business website.


I'm going to demonstrate you how most web developers construct their sites and how you can bypass costly website constructors that are often too restricted for a larger site.

Simple 4 step essential for starting a good website

  1. Hosting the internet and registering a domain
  2. Create your website via the web host
  3. Design your website
  4. Complete by adding content

MORE How to make professional website you may find here

How people develop websites in 2019 see bellow chart

How to build a professional Low cost website

The most common website builders or content management systems in 2019

WordPress (free) 52% Wix (paid) 7% Joomla (free) 4% Progress Sitefinity (free) 4% SquareSpace (paid) 4% Webly (paid) 2%

Why do so many people use WordPress to set up a website?

Compare the reason for wordpress and other website builder is simple and wordpress is free and easy and take less time.

WordPress vs. HTML & CSS: it may take 6 + months to learn HTML from scratch, let alone CSS and PHP. Having a basic knowledge of HTML can help you gage things faster, but learning HTML is not a viable option if you want to create a website within a day or two.

WordPress vs. Website Builders: Website constructors are costly and often very restricted. They are nice, but not more, for one-page ads.

Cheap Website Builders Wordpress:

First STEP

Take Web Hosting and Domain Name Registration

You'll need two stuff to set up your WordPress or any other sort of website:

Domain Name (a web address such as Your webaddress.com) Web Hosting (a service connecting your website to the Internet)

 You will need a internet hosting to store your pictures, content and website files. Your website will not be noticeable on the Internet without internet hosting.

It looks much more professional to own your own domain name than to have your site on someone else's domain like company-free-website.com, and it's also extremely inexpensive. For one year generally ~$15/year, most hosting companies give FREE domains.

Second  STEP

Set Up Your Website

You are well on your way once you have purchased your domain name and set up your hosting! Now it's time to start up and running your website. The first thing to do is to install WordPress in your domain.

WordPress Installation There are two methods to install WordPress, one of which is much easier than the other.

1. Nearly every reliable and well-established hosting business has incorporated WordPress 1-click installation that makes a snap.

If for some odd reason (some hosting companies don’t provide one-click-install for WordPress) you don’t have the option to install WordPress automatically,:If they don't have a 1-click installation, you might have a poor host to deal with! do not buy hosting if they do not give one click instalations options.

Third STEP

You will see a very fundamental yet tidy site once you have effectively installed WordPress in your domain. But you don't want to look like anybody else, are you?

How To Find a Theme You Like

1.Log into your WordPress dashboard

2.Access FREE themes


Specific keywords can be searched and/or filters used to discover topics that fit your style. It may take a while to find the ideal theme, but it's worth it.


3.Install your new theme

Fourth STEP

Include content on your website

You are prepared to begin creating content with your theme installed. Let's go through some of the basics rapidly:

Adding content Tutorial in WordPress

Would you like a "Services" page or a "About Me" section (like at the top of the site in my menu)? 1. Look for the "Pages"-> "Add New" sidebar in the WordPress Dashboard.

You will discover a screen that looks very much like what you might have seen in Microsoft Word. To create the page you want, add text, pictures and more, then save it when you're finished.

Adding pages to the menu in wordpress

If you want to link your fresh page to the navigation bar, 1.Click "Update" 2 to save any adjustments you have made to the website.Click "Appearance" in the WordPress Dashboard 3 sidebar-> "Menus."Find the site you have developed and add it to the list by clicking on the next checkbox and then "Add to Menu."

How Plugins are installed to get more from WordPress

What is a plugin in WordPress /

"Plugins" are extensions designed to expand the capacities of WordPress, adding characteristics and functions to your site that are not built-in.

They are shortcuts to get your site to do what you want, without building the characteristics from scratch.

You can use plugins to add picture galleries and submission forms to optimize your website and create an internet s

How  install a new Plugin in WordPress?

Go to "Plugins-> Add New" and simply begin looking to begin installing plugins. Keep in mind that more than 25,000 separate plugins are available, so you have a lot to choose from! It's simple to install – just click "Install" once you discover a plugin you like. 



WordPress has theme which is same other website builder templates . different is they use CMS (content management system ) easy to use for client.

how to build a website 2019 if you do not know coding 

The most easy way is WordPress or zomla or blogger for individual or small business.
you can get our template as cheap price setup free . go and see our products where you may get details of pricing and setup fee. we serve all things from website builder expert who are working long time, you do not need to worry about that.

Get Free Hosting If You want

which website builder is best for me

probably WordPress has many theme and plugin that is best for your requirements, but you have to buy some plugin . every plugin is not free in WordPress. 

So we suggest if you have plan small amount money to make small business website contact us or see our products list better for help you to get your website.

  How to make website spending 1 dollar:

 Website for one dollar is easy if we use a blog platform, we only need one dollar domain to create a new website and the ability to use blogspot or wordpress to make websites.

Why don't you need to host money when you're following this?

The explanation for free website builders like blogspot or wix or web site builders. You 're lucky to be able to make content and simple know how to write. So, what you need is only one domain name. Buy a cheap domain, or buy a dollar domain if you love it. 

Get more topics how to make free blog website if you do not want to invest to make website.

How to Profit From One dollar website?

 Revenue is not easy if we wait a long time, blog content has been so easy to rank in the past, now millions of days of blog updating everyday content. 

We never know how demanding a blog-earning day now is. But don't worry, keep one to five years of patience, your income will have to come.
  Idea will make money from you, so quick to resell website if you have the ability to make website. Go to the auction website like ebay or etsy to re-blog your website, earn extra money just to spend one dollar. 

Another way you can raise money is adsense revinue or affiliate revenue. Websale.xyz represents a perfect example.

Million dollar website is perfect example how the website owner resold his website and start from the bottom.

 How to get free content for blog or website?

If you're unfamiliar with English blogging, you 're probably under dogged with blog success being a maximum reader like English, so you need an alternative way to write, that's how you can make your content in English. Google translate may help with the best solutions, or similar website.

  How you can get cheap website Design?

Website design is most relevant because the website design could be an excellent example for readers, many websites are too easy for users to understand, responsive websites are too difficult to create before you purchase. 

You 're probably getting cheap website theme at under USD 3. Try websale.xyz to find the best design and development theme. Time is the most important part, you need to reduce your time to make the best website

How website builders help your website making process?

Many website constructors like weebly, wix, wordpress, joomla best freelancer solutions. All is the best content management software for website development. 

The pros of this website builders are you don't need to learn more coding, on the other hand, website builders' disadvantages are not all cost-free features. Most plug the most important but have to pay for it.

How you can improve your website?

Improve the content of your website and the page has to. Best design helps drive greater traffic. User-friendly website and content send you more reviews in Google Ranking.

1. Make User Friendly Responsive website
2. Add Social Share Button In your website blog
3. Update coding when you need it
4. Use  Google Analytics to understand users experience.
5. Hire best freelancer to update your website content
6. Learn SEO for google rank matters.

 How to get free HTTPS for website

Https is part of trust. if we buy one dollar domain but use weebly or other website builders except blogspot you may need https for secure URL. 

Learn basic idea how to get free SSL certificate from websale.xyz

Free Website Website Builders List:


Free of cost website you need domain name, hosting , theme, content or products, and promotions. we discuss here basic level and easy way how to get website free of cost. see the details bellow.


 If you're just a beginner level front end developer who's planning to build a handful of websites and you'd like some help with what you can do or learn to make your website building process more efficient.You are in the right place, we help to create websites for small businesses in the future. you would learn Free Website Only Few Step You Need By Website Builders.

Website building Process Only Few Step You Need:


       You need to build a website that is best for you.
  • Get a free domain name and connect to it
  • Set up your website and customize it 
Choose bellow one option that is best for you website builders:

Is it sufficient to create a good website? Well, it relies on what you call a "good website" and a website builder. In most cases, free users are unable to use custom domains, add more than 5 pages or so, enable eCommerce, and remove advertisements that the builder places free websites.


 Free website Builders selection Tips:

The website builder's company correct selection is very important when it comes to efficient project development.Whatever service you choose, you should be conscious of its significant parameters, advantages and disadvantages, particular characteristics.The selection of the service should also rely on the requirements and goals of your web design.Here are the main elements to consider when searching for a decent internet construction instrument:

  •  what platform Easy : many CMS base website builder very well like wordpress,blogger,wix,weebly etc. they have well reputation and user experience. 70 up percents small blogger and business hasmade by wordpress. you cn try this platform.
  • Template or Theme Making : If you're a blogger and want to write your hobby material online, you can use the free theme that provides any platform for building cms or websites.But there are some restrictions, you can't easily add new ideas or change the layout or you can't get a distinctive theme complete of command.If you understand coding, you can purchase a cheap theme or create yourself.We produced a web template prepared as a inexpensive cost. you can try this for your blog or website.
  •  your future Budget and plan : Website building process company  deliver flexible plans for all tastes and economic capabilities. In order to get the correct one, consider the requirements of your web design and verify that the plans meet them.

Find your best free domain :  

When running your website, domain is very essential.Any free website builder will give you one instance of a subdomain: if you do one blogger website, your domain name will be "your website.blogspot.com," but this is not a professional look.You need a nice domain name for your website as a inexpensive cost.Use this domain if you don't want to purchase it.It's working well.Similarly, wordpress gives its domain name.

The reflection of your brand identity should be a pleasant domain name: it should highlight and improve your brand name, thus resisting niche competition.

Customize your website:


You decided to use the website building process company. What are you supposed to do to make the method a success? What measures do you need to take to finish the assignment?. you need to ensure your website well professional look.

If you are blogger or content base website you may need also well professional look web template too.

  • customize template : Access the dashboard and find out what the system provides customization instruments to deliver maximum efficiency and visual appeal to your website.
  • Upload content : if you are content writer you can do now with website building process company. this is totally free. after writing content you need it publish and get the traffic.

  • Driving Traffic : only website is not enough. you  need also viewers to come your website. how the react and how they go you should monitor too. that is why you need google ranking process to get popular your website. if you need any SEO help to rank your website or blog contact us. 
  • Content quality Maintain :  Make sure you update your content on your website frequently. However, pay attention to the quality of the material you are adding. 

 Website Building process  Pricing :

website Builder  pricing depends on what kind of website needs and how large is it?If you want more WordPress plug-in, you can spend some additional cash on the plug-in, or if you want to alter the theme style, you can purchase a specialist theme.How large your company or program relies on your budget.Custom domain and hosting must be the basic price.Other costs are theme, plugin,web maintenance monthly charge etc.

website builder templates Price : it also depends what type of theme you want . one page or more page. is that template base or e-commerce or content base or no profit base. we help you to manage your website reducing your time in online and also help to get it rank too.

What you are thinking now? why is website builders so easy for you or is it difficult to make website? let us know your idea how we can help you for future website building process. contact us whenever you need.

Reduce Cost is not only way to earn money from website

We have two choices, one is buying stuff and earning money investing lots of money, the second choice is time, you need to invest your time to make almost free website only buying cheap domain under a dollar that's all. 

Earn money that patients need, and work hard. So, freelancer can make money easy without investing a lot of money.

SEO Is The key to success for any website:

We may not be happy till our website gets traffic. Optimization of the search engine can help to rank any website in google. We need to learn how to market any website on every site. Well trained famous website. We've got to learn every part of this website.

When we find a solution to how to make money from the web blog, everything is fine. So, be an expert on every site, earn money and reduce the cost of making a website.