Blogger website code upload tutorial by file manager

Blogger website code upload tutorial by file manager

In order to run the website, we need to upload file to host cpanel. However, many people looking to upload file or website code to host c panel. File Manager may look slightly different depending on which cPanel version your server is running.

Each file manager hosting design is different from some of them but the basic system is the same. You may be familiar with uploading any file to any Web hosting file manager if you follow the rules of bellow.

Go to Cpanel
Find File Manager and click it
click the open and which file you would like to upload select it
Click upload from the tool bar
check the file whether is uploaded or not by browsing any browser

If you want to learn all system how to upload index file in hosting cpanel follow the bellow step

First, there is a simple step to run any server code on the website.We must first upload the index file to a cpanel.Index file is the main application file that is run by client and server automatically.

Your website would not run without index file.So find and upload your index file in the file manager, and the folder should be root directory.

What is root directory?

The directory root of a domain, often recognized as the home folder, is the principal folder that holds all the information for either a domain or a subdomain.

website code upload tutorial

What is publick_html folder?

Your public html folder is the root directory for your key domain name. It ensures the server returns files that are stored in the public html folder when someone enters your main domain.

Some basic error upload file in file manager:

Uploading file by FTP 
File upload by file manager

Sometimes the type of file may be a reason to upload to the file manger. File size may have an effect on upload sometime. You may change the file type in the file manager to retry the upload.