why free hosting domain start up failure good for practice

why free hosting domain start up failure good for practice



People struggle to make a good website, many people don't have time, but some fresh entrepreneurs want internet platforms to be successful. Why a lot of individuals want to go online and begin company.What is the primary reason individuals enjoy coming online.Why even use free hosting and domain to begin failure.

The reason for starting failure is that free hosting and free domain is one of the primary issues. Many new people don't know what the free hosting bandwidth provides and why the free domain isn't ideal for starting up. Let's detail why many begin failure right from the start.

1. This is not the same era as the online business of the past
2. Competition factor online now overloaded
3. Google's previous algorithm and so distinct now

Are you ready to begin a company online?.If the reply is yes, it's a good idea.You're fresh to the platform?.If the answer is yes, you should be familiar with the fundamental concept of starting online business.If you are new online start up, this content may be useful.

Use free domain and sometimes hosting is not worth starting up.We'd look up the hidden jam.

1. This is not the same era as the online business of the past

Blogging online now popular platform, but in the past many people were unfamiliar with blogging, what blogging many people don't understand but now a few years, I guess, almost everyone knows what blogging is, but the primary fact that blogging in the past and now a few days has been very distinct.

Until now, blogging has grown larger than before in the early 2000s. Many bloggers are growing because blogging is now one type of start-up business. who doesn't have money but can make cash from blogging or any tiny base business. blog making now easy
Learn basic wordpress blog making idea

Some reason of past and present failure:

Google's previous blogging rank was so simple as it is now hard

Only two or three website builders dominated the previous blogging platform, for instance: WordPress, blogger, etc., now many website builders like shopify, webly, wix come to compete with other website builders.

If we only use free sub-domain and free hosting or free domain, google ranks only top-level domain fast than other priority, so free domain and hosting can not win Google rank with paid domain or paid hosting.

2. Competition factor online now overloaded:

There are over trillion website operating online, but google rank top ten, on the first page, when searching for any keywords in google, google tries to show up appropriate subjects to visitors, but the issue is that, now a few days, google first offer top priority website that have professional website including excellent domain and hosting, free domain and free hosting are not useful now a few days.

Have you got a professional website? If you're not pleased with your website, peek  to establish it professional, also purchase cheap domain and get professional hosting. You also need to know Basic SEO to make cash on the website.

3. Google's previous algorithm and so distinct now:

If we look at google information, they always update their algorithm due to user experience, some people follow the other's black hat SEO or other tricks to push up SEO rank, google knows very well some people attempting to write material the same way or blogging by duplicating other's, so google tries to update at the same moment to get better outcomes for customers.

Get better results if you follow the bellow rules

Get to know the recent update whenever Google wants. Don't copy any other;s website data, google machine learning system today so smart, try unique content posting if you're prepared to know more from websale.xyz updating all the time.

Free hosting domain is always deceiving your present blog rank due to user experience. Visitors don't like free website domain. Free hosting also has low speed loading effects on user experience and seo ranking.

How to accelerate Google rank

I suggest that you always avoid using a free hosting domain from the start. But you can use free hosting domain to do website that would be good for beginners who want to know how to use free web hosting and  free domain.

Choose a nice template and attempt to update quality content or audience-products that really would help the visitors.