Do you know wordpress site setup easy tutorial

Do you know wordpress site setup easy tutorial



Do you know wordpress site setup easy tutorial || WordPress is most popular in the world making website simple system.its use many prominent website like new York time, you can alter theme, you can add change page upload image, anything, imagine, if you work for agent who want website, you can make it simple for your client or your website. 

Here, you would get the concept of setting up WordPress in three different ways and making your client or your own website simple step. It's so easy and it can assist you make money online.

Three ways WordPress setup available


1. By

2. By Hosting Company website

3. By Install WordPress in own computer

If you are interested in post and page investment your, or from web hosting platform or, time assist you create website so simple way.each person and business needs their own research which platform is best for them to begin simple processing for them.

You should decide what budget is your web hosting.major web hosting firm supporting WordPress and supporting PHP and MySQL base modern age, vast number of business offering this for business website building process.

You should choose the best web host that supports the highest speed and customer support, one-click web hosting is offered by the hosting company installer.

Get setup By


here you can make website both ways 
Free system
Buying domain and hosting system

if you want to want totally free of cost web site see this topics may help you making good website.


By Hosting Company website:


 You need to pay for hosting, the vast majority of WordPress web hosting company, you don't have to worry about it.think the speed and customer support before buy web hsoting. see also uptime and downtime, bandwidth, traffic monetization review and many other factor geographically where the company establish.

if you want just baying cheap web hosting plan for small business see this tutorial would help you get idea. 

By Install WordPress in own computer:


If you really want more WordPress function and want to become an expert, is the best choice for anyone who loves to be a web developer.

If your objective of running your website as quickly as possible,  use or web hosting platform because using installing on your desktop

 That is not being able to make quick result in a short time, more work is needed to create a successful website and moment if you use, so we suggest using if you're individual and making your first website available in the week.

Installing WordPress in your computer with this simple step guide

Download WordPress recent version from Upload files using FTP to your internet server. Create a WordPress database and user of MySQL. To link to the newly created database, configure WordPress. Complete the setup and installation of your fresh website.

You will need a nice web hosting provider before you start installing WordPress. On a web server, you can get cheap, single room. web hosting company where you can host your file

Steps for WordPress installation:

  • Download WordPress' recent version from
  • Upload files using FTP to hosted web server.
  • Create a WordPress MySQL database 
  • To link to newly created database, we will need to configure WordPress.
  • Setup your new website

First, download and unzip's recent version of the WordPress software.

Upon completion of downloading WordPress, move to your downloads folder and find the newly downloaded. ZIP archive.To expand it, double click the archive.

And now, use your FTP client to upload these documents to your web server.

Most FTP clients follow the same rules ; the files on your own computer on the left hand and the files on the internet server on the right side. Select all the files on the left side and drag them to the right side to start uploading the files to the web server.

You will also need to generate a MySQL user with access and change permissions for the database.Before you leave this panel, please ensure that your newly created user is added to the new database and that this user is allowed to alter the database.

To access the WordPress Administration Panel and start managing the content of your site, simply compose wp admin to pick up the login screen at the end of your website's URL. Enter your previously chosen admin username and password and then press the Log In button.

This is optional to find wp-config-sample.php and rename it to wp-config.php,

  || WordPress does not store data in files, but in a database, and WordPress adaptively creates each page in your site whenever a visitor loads one of your websites.If you are using a hosting company, you might even have a WordPress database set up for you or an automated setup solution may be open to do so.

Customize WordPress theme


There are several methods to customize a WordPress theme. Here we'll look at the simplest and most common ways you can do this

You can access the customizer in the section of the admin. Go to Appearance To Themes To Customize. This enables you to make real-time changes to your chosen theme.
 The site icon or logo can also be changed in the  Site Identity tab. Here you can configure your site's appearance, edit background pictures, and handle menus on your site. It even allows you to preview your website in various ways such as desktop, tablet or mobile.


Using plugins, we can create the adjustments we need.They allow us the style as well as the functionality we need, but we can not develop WordPress as newbies.

Several plugins are accessible free of charge ; developers often produce these fantastic add-ons that allow you to dramatically alter your style's look or functionality.


 A child theme is a distinct collection of documents that remain at the top of the initial theme documents ; the site will use the available versions of the child theme documents.


Let's say, for instance, that your baby theme has the file index.php but no file page.php.Your site will take from your kid theme the index.php file, but from the parent theme it will take page.php file. 

The theme files determine the appearance and meaning of the locations ; using an FTP client, you can use the theme editor to edit the theme. The second technique is much safer, as there is a risk that you will be locked out in the first.

There are several other methods to make changes in the theme, but only once you've become WordPress expert should you attempt. For this reason, WP sites can be a little tricky, but they are also more scalable and effective. 

Choose to customize a nice theme. Use the Customizer to make adjustments. Make additional plugin customizations. Use custom CSS to customize. Use a baby theme to make sophisticated modifications.

Some plugins for customization include: Site Origin CSS Modify more visual components without understanding CSS necessarily. Galau UI Visual Editor When viewing the front end of the page, add or remove blocks from websites.

Visual Composer For some moment now this plugin has been around. To get used to it requires a little bit, but it's integrated into many topics. Visual Composer allows you to do almost anything without knowing a ton of code. However, it's a bit imprecise, so ideally you would understand some CSS at least.

Beaver Builder A WordPress drag-and-drop plugin builder website. Elementor Page Builder Another plugin for the construction of the drag-and-drop page.

The CSS editor integrated into the Custom CSS in the Advanced CSS Editor plugin Jetpack

If you are working with the structural elements of the site, creating a kid theme is the best way to customize a WordPress theme. 

The files in a WordPress theme regulate a site's appearance and feel. To edit theme files, go to Appearance and select Theme Editor in your WordPress dashboard. You can also use FTP link to access theme files.

Originally designed as a blogging platform, WordPress is now what is known as a CMS content management system.

There are many articles on how to install WordPress. They create the method look long and frightening, and it can definitely be a little confusing the first time you do it. 

Download WordPress Go to the download page of WordPress and download the recent WordPress version.

How much website building process costs ?

We'd attempt to demonstrate the price of building a you won’t repeat some of our mistakes losing time and money.When costing your website project, particularly if you're new to building websites, what to watch out for. Written for beginners by an experienced web designer and involves a robust breakdown of costs.

Before I want to discuss the information, please ask yourself a query and believe what's correct for you

What kind of website you would like



E-commerce online store 

Information Base ( non profit, religion, hobby,education)

Portfolio ( photography,video , desing , graphics)

What is the most significant component for you?

You want a website that looks professional
You want a lot of assistance (phone, email, chat live)
You want the price to manage your website and the budget to be limited
Is it an significant mobile friendly website for you?

What about your ability and how to handle your website?

You're in excellent coding design and you only want nice web template configurable design without too much customization.
You want some website layout control, but minor changes may not influence your emotion.
you are good in html /css so you can customize your web template by yourself.

Every time you try something fresh, it can really assist to have someone in your corner who has expertise in the topic. That's why designers or developers ' value extends beyond just the website's ground layout.

See below price factor how much cost this is an instance graph for the website construction phase but not the same. It relies on where you work and how you work.

A kind of free consultation about your website's real price.

 Many individuals are opening up their own sites. Currently there are nearly 1.9 billion websites and the number is increasing every day.Every website's cost is individual. It relies on numerous variables. We will try to help you create a website cost blueprint for yourself to give you a better understanding of what to expect.


Most generally needed to build a website

While a website's price is extremely individual, in each website creation phase some factors are universal and determine a website's cost:

Type of website
Domain and Hosting
Basic technology 
Setup and Design and Development

This basic thing you must need for every website.

 In the context, all websites are driven by some sort of software. This can be pure HTML or PHP files, a WordPress or something else content management system. Costs will vary depending on your decision.

Building a website isn't enough, you also need to maintain it running. Continuous maintenance (including marketing) is also component of the price of your website

What is the price of a WordPress website?

The response to this issue really relies on what type of website you are attempting to construct..if you want free cost of website then you just sign up as starter base. you may get web design tips and trick from other may get free theme and basic knowledge after sign up if you need more help see our other post.

Here's an overview of all the measures we're going to take in this guide from beginning to finish.

How to discover a domain name and register it free of charge.
Selecting the best host on the internet.
How WordPress can be installed.
Install a template to alter the layout of your site Creating WordPress pages.
WordPress customization with addons and extensions.
Resources to learn and get assistance from WordPress.
Take it further, build more characteristics of websites

The cheapest way is to make your own website building process

There is sufficient technology out there to enable you to build a website without coding, most prominently open-source content management systems such as WordPress and Joomla.If you are willing to spend time learning the system of your choice, for the cost of hosting and domain only, you can have your own website.



Domain and Hosting for Website Building Process

Domain and hosting are one of a website's fundamental requirements. That's why they're the first part we'll look at as well. Although there are many kinds of hosting, you have two primary decisions when it comes to constructing your own website: self-hosting and hosting

Domain Name

Your domain name, like or , is the address of your website on the Internet. Accessing your website is what your clients type into their browsers.

Web Hosting

Web hosting is like your site's home. This is where you store your website's content and files. If a visitor tries to access your website by typing in your web address (domain name), they will be sent to the files stored on your website hosting server.

We help you construct your website. This is the cheapest cost of converting internet blogs to professional websites using coding. You can get a web template of excellent quality without spending too much cash to keep. Web hosting and domain we choose to set up for you as low price.

how much does it cost to build a website for a small business :

how much does it cost to build a website for a small businessIt depends on what kind of website you are looking for. How many pages you want to add to your customer and what service you provide. How are you going to send your products? It would be a global base or a small local business. All need to talk to developers to assist give you a better understanding of the cost. see our price list from products to get idea for beginner.

How Much you can earn from website as a beginner ?

It also relies on you, what kind of products you want to sell online / what kind of products / digital or physical / how large your company is / how many things you need to manage your website and business.

There is no limit but you need to create a successful website and marketing strategy online as an individual start-up company.



How i earned profit together on WordPress domain and hosting

I finally started an online business that would enable entrepreneurs to discover the best-selling high-margin products I came up with the concept as depth of thought. Once I search Social media sites and realized that many entrepreneurs make small profits when selling products online

.I've been trying to rethink my vision and decide fresh ways and cut costs How i have profit together on WordPress domain and hosting.Suddenly I decided to choose the domain and host the website in WordPress together.see bellow idea how i make my site for profit.

How did I start the project?

I rapidly picked up a nice premium domain that I purchased for $20. It's been purchased several times in the last few years now it's mine.

I recreated a well-known theme forest model a little bit and then changed it in 4 days.

I have not yet began using any complex payment gateways as I began the sales testing project. I'm just collecting money using payment service.


My complete project cost is not more than $90

I developed the entire WordPress website using domain and hosting and as it turned out to be the template I set up has an outstanding builder integrated

The website doesn't look very cool, but my experience always informs me that you need to focus more on clients and their desires and provide them with the greatest assistance and service they purchase.

The next step was to point out how many individual people in such a service are interested. I knew there was some demand, but I didn't realize which one.

I believed I could get some sales by then, and for me it's an experiment.

My primary job now, of course, is to create this company and make it mega profitable.

Advise for New beginner for Online store: 


I believe it's just creative experts blogging. I'm blogging as well as the chosen one in my line of job.

If you want your own online service to get generated personally, the main thing is to discover a niche that already exists and enhance your competitors ' service. Don't forget to also give affordable rates! That's all it is 

Don't build a super cool thing! Giving people specifically what they expect from you is the main thing.

Start a company by providing just one alternative to one pain for your clients. You need to enhance this one alternative for your clients

Do not invent complicated web business designs and do not initially generate super fancy websites. Your current job is to fully understand if your Internet services are being demanded.

There is no need to invest in paid advertising immediately. Try the techniques I used in my facebook, direct sales, affiliate, google, etc.


All other message for online business together on  WordPress domain and hosting :

 Don't assume company is simple, but it's not really hard. If you understand what instruments to use and how to interact with individuals efficiently,

It was a bit strange to me. I realized that I had some products in my online store that would give me a profit of $35 per sale now, and that's the sale of the item.


 I believe that many online stores are constantly looking for products that would significantly increase their earnings by 10 times and they are sure that they need to spend more cash in advertising and expand the product range.

I'm working for a team at the moment and getting a 10 percent share, because I constructed something they wanted for no upfront price. Because it's just 10 percent.

 Start business online Now:

Contact the websites builders. gather  your concept and list your products.

 You're likely going to do it on some kind of online selling concept. Selling an online business through niche will make it fairly simple to turn out quickly otherwise open online store.

 Starting a tiny online business is not likely to create you a millionaire, but it can provide you with significant personal and professional advantages. Your market is larger than others, you're never the same as before if you're successful in online business. So, believe it's a worldwide, i have some profit together on WordPress domain and hosting making a damn killer website.



Why Do You Need WordPress Web Hosting ?



In google billions of website running think that there 50  of blog are made by wordpress. thsi is huge opportunity for you taking this free advantage.this is totally free for beginner. we dissuss here some basic cause why we use wardress.
For making website ,Domain name is not enough for running your website except hosting. hosting or web hosting or WordPress web hosting same . all are store data in server. your website data manage by that company who supply hosting. we can say hosting means like renting space from data store company.

Many individuals tend to believe it's nice enough to register a domain name to get an active website.What they don't know is that a domain is as useful as your name, a name that can be recognized by others.You need to host a website to get a website active and live on the web.If you want to construct a website without using web hosting services

What is web hosting for website ?


Web hosting is essentially the room you purchase to store your website files on a web server. You basically lease server room on a server where your internet files will be positioned when you purchase website hosting.So whenever someone searches your website by entering your domain, they're going to be directed to your website.You can create a website on your own desktop, but if you do not upload it to a hosting.

What is WordPress hosting and how different that from normal webcasting

imagine you have account in WordPress and you are confusing where my hosting ?. yes this is confuse when you sign up wordpress free version but you do not know where my web hosting place. WordPress similar like all web hosting platform but something different about coding or upload website.

full control of website you can do by yourself using WordPress without any coding. WordPress store all your data and image or any other content in their own server that is we call hosting. you can get free hosting from WordPress but limited. you can also get full of access WordPress where you pay the extra cash of plug ins or other theme which has totally professional.

what is web hosting other company ?. other company is same they store data of your website. but they  have other option and vast programing capability page store in their server or place. you can make unique design and upload in web server of hosting company if you have capability how to make design website and other programing language. 

wordpress time less way to make website and easy . WordPress use vast majority of blog who are doing good because there no need any coding to make website 

How to FREE manage WordPress hosting

You chose to start your fresh website using WordPress. That's a big choice. WordPress is a sort of web builder and one of the world's top CMS, as it makes creating, building and growing your website very simple.

You need a domain name and a web host to have a website online. Without these two, you have no way for individuals to access your website, and you have no files for your website to be stored anywhere.

There are two distinct variations of WordPress, and You can genuinely get a free domain and website with the second version, without the need to sign up for your own hosting.

Different between and

Essentially, you're going to host your own WordPress page with, while your site will exist on with and you're going to use a subdomain.

What is the meaning of


You will need to install it on your own server when using this version, so you will need internet hosting facilities. This will offer you more liberty and control, however, and you will be able to construct whatever site you want.

Why is it that

You're going to build a free subdomain site. In order to access your site, individuals will need to type in something like ""

You don't need to worry about a domain or hosting. Simply sign up and begin with the choice of free topics to build your site.


What is the primary issue with the free version of WordPress?

This may sound perfect, but growing a famous website or online business using a subdomain is very hard. You'll also have a very tiny range of topics and plugins to choose from with, even if you are

Why Self-Host WordPress hosting best for freedom  ?

You want to create it precisely as you see fit when you create a site. With, your choice of plugins and themes will be very restricted and you can only create some customization.

You open yourself to the whole globe of WordPress plugins and topics by self-hosting WordPress. You will have access to the free themes and plugins library, as well as any premium theme or plugin you want to buy.

 It may be your most significant choice about your WordPress site: which hosting group should I entrust to my site? because after build up your website you may stuck to transfer to other web hosting.

BEST hosting services for WordPress and comparing their uptime Tips : Whichever host you choose, maintain in mind a WordPress hosting's 3 most essential considerations:Speed, Uptime, customer support.

If you need any content or full website contact us or see our products to get huge save make your personal blog or website.

 How I get for WordPress Hosting



 WordPress Hosting easy for beginner but They're more costly than hosting yourself, but the headache will save your time to make website or blog.WordPress easy to setup and time consuming CMS base platform. Hosting Price higher than self Hosting or share hosting.
If you have no experience with web hosts, the simplest way to do this is to use fully managed WordPress hosting facilities such as or

 WordPress Hosting Guideline Anatomy

Why is the hosting guideline for WordPress? .What is the reason you need to host WordPress? What's the best choice to host WordPress or share a hosting scheme with another hosting business?

What is your monthly budget to spend for making website ?

yes you need to plan how much you want to spend your money to make your website or blog . how big is your business . for small business you may spend 50-100 usd dollar but you may use share hosting low price and good long term facility for hosting. offer Free to Premium option 

You may get free WordPress them and website but this is have some few facility than paid version. 
if you need free version that is best for beginner. you may see the price list of WordPress hosting plan and use there tools 

I've never used hosting that wasn't free before but I'm starting a small local business and need to step it up. I made my site to test out the layout at 00webhost and now I need hosting.i used both wordpress and share hosting. wordpress better for small or miduam or big all but you need to spend little bit more money than share hosting because you should buy  plugin and hosting plan plus good theme also. your monthly budget going up and up day by day using WordPress.

why major people use WordPress hosting plan?

WordPress is a simple way of making a do not need any basic coding knowledge. If you have fundamental understanding of how to create a website using CMS, you can design your website in an hour. If you don't understand How to make website. Get it from how to get an idea from our other post.

If you want to learn how to set up your own hosting, you can usually start at $5 or less by learning how to make money online .

Because web hosting is the powerhouse of all websites, choosing the correct hosting facilities for your internet company is therefore very essential. You were also in the starting point, so you can begin with a shared hosting service, of course.

How share hosting offer to use WordPress 1 click option 

There might be, but the supplier depends on it. For example, some wordpress plans could include WordPress optimizations, or a 1-click pre-configured deployment. Or maybe they include free maintenance characteristics such as periodic updates. You have to ask the supplier what is included in their package. recommend thee best choice in there website 




This does not imply that WordPress is not supported by other hosting providers. Most of the WordPress linked hosting supplier because WordPress builds 70-80 percent of the tiny website. Think of the WordPress hosting necessity.


Free WordPress hosting usage anatomy

if you are new in WordPress you may try free service hosting plan. that is have 3GB usage capacity . and some of free theme .that is all included only free version WordPress hosting service. you may find source of price plan of WordPress hosting  here

Compare to other hosting provider and WordPress

we recommend if you want to reduce your cost you should use WordPress first. if you want to make big your company day by day and want to freedom to brand then recommend share hosting or VPS 

depends on what and how to store your data in online. your company is big or small think first.
do you have any knowledge about coding ? if yes and you can make yourself your website, you may choose share hosting plan best for you.

Some people go other hosting because there have huge professional support 

Better to go for a shared service, but not a basic one, a more advanced one that gives more resources and the ability to have more than one website and other features. Like this if you your business grows the account can manage your needs. And later down the road if you think more is needed you can check some VPS's but for now shared hosting should suffice.

If you grow your company, the account will be able to handle your requirements.And if you believe more is required later on, you can check some VPS's but it should be enough for now shared hosting.

Last but not least, this WordPress hosting guide can come up with some fundamental concept in line with other hosting scheme.Please contact us if you have any confusion about wordpress hosting and sharing hosting.
WordPress Hosing is comparable to a hosting company that stores all your information in WordPress Platform and gives you the ability to design your website without any coding expertise.

This is a big difference between  WordPress hosting and other hosting Company.

other hosting service like bluehost you need to know basic html and php code impliment your website or someone help you to integrate your site. 

If you don't have time to create a website, please see our products and we will help you to make the website better and the lowest possible cost.

We help tiny bloggers and small business owners to create a beautiful website here.