Why do I use domain name registration and web hosting?

Why do I use domain name registration and web hosting?

Hello, I am a college student who tries to create some extra money to pay my school fees. So at the back of my head I have this little concept. I'm great at random word-making. So I thought why don't I sell a nice website?

So for a college student like me, is this a successful business? Is there already a lot of opponents out there for company like this? Is this a saturated arrangement?Why do I use domain name registration and web hosting?. i am going to plan of my why i am using domain name and web hosting from my personal experience.

why  i am use Domain and Hosting:

  • I've created my website and earned cash online so I want to tell you why I use domain name and web hosting is easy and that's how I convert my idea to make cash

  • There's no reason you need to come up with your own original idea if you're just looking to create a little cash. There are plenty of tried and tested ideas that don't really require any skill you might have.

  • I don't believe we're going to construct an overnight decentralized internet ; it's going to take a lot of effort. So I don't believe anytime quickly my website will go away. So, I'm also converting my time to money. My hard work on investing domain and hosting includes my enthusiasm for buying this two thing.
  • Building a company and lastly at the stage where I need a website to engage individuals in buying my products.
  • That was my plan and I've done it now, lots of buyers of mine asking to create their company with affordable price, I'm helping them to establish themselves in online business as much as low cost.


How i am making money by domain hosting using:

  • Since 2005, I have owned small internet companies. You can be up and running in less than 1 day and less than $20 with a Wordpress blog. I sold my own products online, selling and promoting other affiliate marketing goods.
  •  Google Adsense was my most secure and valuable source of revenue. Even as I went away from my company for months at a moment, every month Google Adsense kept cranking out money.
  • If you still want to start an online business, I would be more than ready to assist you locate through the early phases. Simply let me know 

What are my internet company start-up tips:

  • People are doing company with human beings they love. People are working hard for people they love. You will be much better at sales and leadership if you can understand this and learn that persons are not always logical rational beings.

  •  Gain faith by first delivering something of value without expectation. With clients and private interactions, this takes you very far. Don't, particularly early, pull your clients for every penny.
  • You're going to end up being a none master. Get really nice and outsource everything else in what you do best.

  • To make a fortune, you don't need to touch thousands. Start with 10 real clients. Then twenty. Even if you start an internet company, you will discover a way to face your early clients
  •  Don't try to build your service for everyone, or it won't work for anyone. Customers would like you to specialize in particular works

  • What you want to spend your time doing doesn't matter to the market. Create on a gap and a need to build a company. Don't attempt to make company your passions. Be enthusiastic about constructing something and being entrepreneurial
  • You've got to work on the considerable but not urgent stuff. Make the choice that eliminates a thousand choices in the future. Think forward. Do the uncommon task.

  • In the face of stress, uncertainty, anger and fear, think logically and calmly. That's the ability you're going to get very far and save tons of damage control.

Take your actions for making online business: 


Much more crucial than awareness is action. It can paralyze too much data. You're never going to be prepared enough and 99 percent of things are going to go differently than planned. 

 Protect the reputation of your business at all costs.Online reviews are one of your business ' most significant stuff.Monitor them constantly and request feedback from your client immediately after a sale or transaction.If you do that, you can manage a complaint before posting online a poor evaluation.