Traffic Volume may be major driving force for best web hosting

Traffic Volume may be major driving force for best web hosting

Traffic Volume may be major driving force for best web hosting  || I used one of the web hosting providers to share hosting. Without traffic, I knew nothing online that could be successful. All websites need traffic paid or organic anyhow. 

For my website, to drive traffic i use before share hosting .My visitors were only 20 for the first month.Over 58 visitors were in the second month.I got 2,000 visitors a day after six months.That time it was so painful because I only used the hosting plan call this share hosting.I'm just spending 1 USD per month that time.

Choosing  Best Web hosting Primary Condition

Site Uptime Must Need

Site Speed Must Need 

Customer Support Need

Traffic Volume Must Need

The key factor in choosing the best web hosting provider is the volume of traffic for many reasons. Hosting has a lot of benefit but we can get some unhealthy web hosting without some knowledge that could damage our future traffic.

Ssome reason traffic volume king:

 Without traffic website like nothing 
 You can't sell anything 
 what customers want to purchase from you
 What's the best products on your website or what's incorrect.

When I used to share hosting, I had to face uptime of my website due to tons of traffic coming but limited space.I asked the web hosting company what the issue is, they say, that you have already reached limit volume that bought traffic on your website.

So, this was my website's main reason for slow downloading and hanging due to a lot of traffic coming at the same time.

For Business website premium web hosting plan best: 

So, first I can say, do not compromise when you want to buy hosting, because no one knows if your website goes tons of web traffic but you're using basic web hosting plan, you must lose your fifty percent traffic reason is basic web hosting pan.
Best use of premium web hosting from the start that never gives you any frustration in getting more traffic at a moment.

Premium hosting gives you the opportunity to back up customer data on a daily basis, always update php file, uptime the best customer support available all the time and no downtime.

Traffic Volume may be major driving force for best web hosting 
 || Pricing factor of premium and basic for best web hosting 

Basic web hosting plan price so cheap, focusing only on small or individual businesses, but everyone needs traffic. Both traffic and cash are essential. So, think what you want first of all with your plan.

Most basic plans for web hosting are in the range of $0.90-$10/month. Yes, the options are cheaper. Some of them are renewal promotional offers.

The $10-$20/month premium hosting price range depends on what the company offers and when.So, take this chance where the best offer is going.See this web hosting plan where you would judge the best web hosting plan if you need more cheaper option.

Web host is not where extra money should be saved. If you're upset about the hosting price, I would say you need to give a damn about generating revenue and traffic before you try to save a few bucks to reduce hosting costs.