Problem solving easy CNAME record setup get it now

Problem solving easy CNAME record setup get it now


How to add  CNAME Records for Bluehost Hosting

we are new freelancer try to setup our own domain in hosting but sometime it hard without knowledge about what is CNAME record. we are just giving some idea that would be helpful for setup domain using CNAME record.

CNAME record setup almost every hosting is similar. this process could help you setup your domain with hosting. we are here talking bluehost cname record as example. see bellow process of CNAME record setup simply easy way.

Before we start we should know what is CNAME record?:

 We can link up domain using A record , C Name Record, CName record basically points your domain name . example of A record and C name record system like bellow

  • An A record for pointing to the server IP address
  • A CNAME record for pointing to

we are now giving some idea how to setup cname record with blue host.If you get domain's DNS is hosted with Bluehost, follow the instructions below to add the CNAME

Login to your Bluehost domains account.

Select the Domain Manager tab to manage domains.

Under the domains, find the checkbox in the domain to view the DNS Settings of the domain

In right side tab  click the Manage DNS Records link.
Under Add DNS Record section, specify the Host Record

In the Type Drop down, select CNAME from the list.
  1. In the Points to field, specify
  2. Select Add Record 

The added record will be listed under CNAME (Alias) section.

You have now added the CNAME Bluehost
 You may have to wait for at least an hour for the changes to take effect in the DNS Servers

hosting Name server record example look like the main key to adding in CNAME place.
so this is easy to change if you get am this two part.different company has thier different for 000webhost company DNS server address is same every hosting company have similar DNS address.