New Simple Two Step Website Made By Free Domain

New Simple Two Step Website Made By Free Domain


Making website with free domain now possible. free domain going easy to setup with WordPress or other hosting platform.

I'll show you all the top-level domain I can use with WordPress. Whatever domain you want could Let's start the method below and it's cost-free New Simple Two Step Website Made By Free Domain

Step Number one : 


  • Make WordPress site using special theme: 

If you don't have an account with WordPress. Sign up with that and come back here or you can try to select any free template from the right side of the dashboard after reading this WordPress dashboard.

Now you can edit the fresh template where you can drag the features you want to add, it's so simple and user friendly.. You don't need any understanding from the start, but you can get some advance tutorial to the next subject for advance level.

Here's my favorite thing to add template, you can get dozens of free template here. If you've got a restaurant or a coffee shop, you can get a model of the same subject. Many categories with a free model are stored. You're choosing someone.
This is free fundamental template, you need to edit text, pictures, your business logo, etc.

Step Number Two :

  • Getting the web hosting for  WordPress:

All right, we need the WordPress hosting site now to host WordPress. I'm using the because the one-click option to add WordPress admin panel is so inexpensive and great.

Let's sign up with a hostinger and you can get a free domain name by signing, go this hostinger and sing up to get a free domain, you can get any type of domain, etc. I personally choose a premium choice because I can get a lot of free domain name for myself and unlimited bandwidth free SSL as well, which increases my google ranking.You'd be without a ssl certificate if you choose basic package.

If you like, go to the hostinger because it's probably cheaper than others.Go to the search page for domain.Find the domain of your desire and search.Check whether or not the domain is accessible.
Go to check out if available.Include your hosting with that, it's simple and you'd get a free hosting domain.You can also pay with a paypal or Bitcoin card.It's really cool and simple

WordPress installations by hostinger web hosting :

Hosting is a internet hosting platform offering affordable hosting of cost shares. You can see the hostinger C panel whenever you log in to the hostinger. There are specific WordPress log menus you can find .Also you find  such as email, PHP admin, database etc.

From here, you can offer your WordPress password and fresh website title, but attempt as much as you can to fill the box. If you want root level data to be stored, you can. You can also placed the name of your custom domain there.

Get the auto installer for install wordpress

Use the hosting device to install WordPress, you'd receive email.See your email, you'd notice the success of your WordPress installation.Now you can use your password and username to log in to your WordPress hostinger.So easy and simple.You're glad to get a free domain right now?Contact us to create a professional WordPress theme.

Installing plugins in WordPress super easy :

You're now receiving your fresh brand page when you've completed logging in to WordPress. So you need to create it look professional, customize your logo adding and content dding method, if you need eCommerce to add to your website. Let's teach you how to add WordPress eCommerce

The menu bar Lest side plugins menu can be found after you get the dashboard. Click this button and go to add plugin alternatives.

You can also enable or deactivate any plugin.If you need more assistance with what plugin is better and what is crucial, you should use your option to discover our future course.If you have no time to handle your website, please let us know.We manage and handle your website for monthly fee handling and low cost base maintenance.

The template Adding Tips:

Return to the dashboard. Find the pages of the menu. You can add a fresh page and load all you want with the color and text font. One main page is called  home page and another is all  pages supporting websites.

You can also select the template from the right side of the page.It's super cool, you don't need a lot of expertise, I believe you have a fundamental professional understanding to do that.If you don't have time to contact us, we'll help you to make it perfect in the near future, this is a 5-page template or website processing time is one week only.