Namecheap transfer domain is so simple if you understand it

Namecheap transfer domain


Namecheap transfer domain is so simple if you understand it || Basically,Domain transfer means domain owner transfer from one account to another account.Once a transfer is made, all appropriate domain and registrant data will be maintained by the new registrar.Domain names can only be transmitted if they have been registered for 60 days or more with the prior registrar.

The first thing we do when you begin a domain transfer is to look at the administrative email address connected with your domain in the present Whois. They also search for the email address of the registrant. If these two email addresses differ, an authorization email will be sent to each. Namecheap transfer domain is so simple if you understand it see bellow process:

Steps to move Namecheap to your domain: 



Step :

Go Dashboard > Sharing & Transfer > unlock> New Owner > write email name > Click change >give password >Click Change.

To make sure your domain name can be transferred, sign in to your current Registrar and check the following:

The original domain name registration was at least 60 days ago and the domain has been for at least 60 days with your present registrar:


Start preparing your transfer domain:

 Open up your domain to remove the registrar lock that you may have set for added security ; get the present registrar's Auth / EPP code

If you are unable to request an EPP code in your registrar's account, please contact them and ask them to provide it.


Send your transfer via your account with Namecheap: 

Namecheap transfer domain is so simple if you understand it || 

  1. Once logged in, select Domains from the top menu and select Transfer 
  2. enter your domain name and then press Transfer
  3. check on the next page to see if the domain is prepared for transfer and enter the Auth code in the corresponding sector 
  4. Click the  ' Add to Cart ' button, then press the  ' View Cart ' button to the right of the page 
  5. Enter it in the Promo Code  section if you have a coupon code, then press Apply 
  6. Click the Confirm Order button and continue the checkout.

 The transfer starts at the Registry and the domain acquires the status of pending Transfer. Transfers reaching this phase will be verified automatically within 5 days. Lastly, it may take the Registry 24 to 48 hours to finish the transfer.


 What could result in a Domain transfer failing.

  1.  Domain is not over 60 days of age or has been transferred over the last 60 days. 
  2. A domain that has been registered or transferred from one registrar to another within the last 60 days is not eligible for transfer under ICANN regulations
  3. The domain with the present registrar is closed or on hold. 

The said ccTLDs must be renewed at least twelve days before the expiry date. Anything that is not renewed by this moment will be redeemed and, if recoverable, will include an additional recovery fee. Unfortunately, a domain in redemption state can not be transferred.

Namecheap transfer domain is so simple if you understand it ||  
You can also confirm domain ownership using the EPP authorization code that your present registrar will need to obtain. To transfer the domain, the EPP code will NOT be used.
ICANN applies the 60-day rule to all registrars of domains and can not be ignored.