Life Changing Tips How To Make Money By Blogging

Life Changing Tips How To Make Money By Blogging

Learning how blogging can change your life forever, I made $103,450 in my first year, $806,256 in my second year, and $668,9909 in my third year by blogging.

But not just me, for example, I've helped some individuals: owing jak from zero dollar to $5000 a month has gained from blogging.and being able to release his anxiety.if you're very careful about this content, I'd demonstrate you how to create cash from blogging.Make money in your city. see the step bellow:

Step number one : write your blog the right way

we can do this with in three easy stuff

First, we have to choose the correct blog niche just like building a base that's like the correct niche, the first issue about blogging most individuals are asking: what the hell I'd do about blogging?

Many bloggers discover a passion like going into some yoga, a soul of joy, meditation, or other hobby and going to write about it, but the reality is the reverse when you discover your purpose.

You need action to get feedback from your blog about what you're doing.

you need to choose right subject what you giving your client:

Let's speak about the knowledge you have or you want to teach something. You can write something you understand better about blogging content or holiday subjects.

Second you need good domain name:

Domain name is another name of your url page: what url means is the name of your website address or web address.This is another place for most individuals to overthink, our website is we just selected the name of this website for an hour.Just select the best name for your internet domain to begin right now.

Think about your domain name as much as less phrases and memorable. Do not use a lengthy tail domain name that may not be simple for tourists to remember.get the perfect domain name that match your business.

Third is your hosing space for blogging:

If you enjoy blog, the best location is wordpress and another platform is wix or webly, you can also use other website builders that are very user friendly and simple to use.Most people design their blog like a portfolio or look like this bio database, this isn't the correct way to demonstrate your blog to the customer, you need to professionally concentrate on some theme and design your landing page.

I suggest wordpress for blogging, but it's only for those who understand the basics of CMS (content management system) if you don't know how to begin blogging with can find

Step number Two:

Make your theme unique blog design : this you can make by simple step clean and beautiful 

1. Choose The right theme

Blog theme is like the right house or the false house to purchase the best vehicle or the bad vehicle.If you purchase a poor vehicle you may have a issue like damaging your battery or breaking a issue that could harm anything so rapidly, the same way if you choose the incorrect theme your customer can leave from your blog so rapidly because your design style is not great or unprofessional.
The client know very well what is good theme and what is bad.

You can find some best theme that is free and you may get it from wordpress. if you are not satisfied choose our theme price we made it for your blog as cheap price.
Another significant aspect of your theme is that you need to understand that your mobile web theme is optimized. More than 60% to 70% of mobile phone blogging. Make sure your mobile theme is friendly to visitors as well.


Step number Three:

Make the content for audience : Probably the most important questions is that what should i write about ?. 

This is another easy solution if you need to produce content that other individuals are searching for on their needs. Every day millions of individuals are searching in google, pinterest, youtube, twitter etc.they are looking videos, article and blog posts.

Most of the moment you're trying to fix their issues, if you're able to fix this issue most of the moment and you're offering the best customer alternatives, you're going to google search engine and this is a straightforward method that you'd get cash blogging online.

OK, This is not supper easy but this is easy what you are doing in your current job.

Step for writing  good content:

You should first investigate keywords. Go to our other subjects if you want to learn more about SEO (search engine optimization). New traffic monetization stair for 1000$ a month from blog


Keywords are all you need to discover ideal keywords and ideal content for your visitors that they enjoy most and come to your blog again and again. It's a easy concept online to create cash.

You can bring your effort into all content 80% content should be about precisely what the searcher looks for and how to solve what they need.Rest 20 percent you can add the color of your thinking to attract your visitors that you are truly special to other blogs and that your technique of solving them is so different and helpful.

after writing good content we would talk about traffic to blog

Step number Four:

To get traffic, there's plenty of way to get your content promoted by facebook, google, youtube, ponterest, twiter too.

The most recommend me to take back to your blog using first one traffic source.If you're going anywhere to promote your content, you'll need more time, if you're a man show and you're time limited to putting your blog content in more location first.Google is the best way to attract your content, and youtube is the best way to do so.

The another question is how do i perfect traffic for my blog?

there is lots of reasons you need to consider to do this. competitions, demographic area,type of platform etc .

lets get top five traffic sources :

Facebook Groups: Facebook groups are a very powerful place to take traffic back to your blog for your content. If they really need this, they'll have to come to your blog.but this might not be the best way to drive your blog traffic.

Google Search:Google is the most precious place to display your content because it  google search every day over billions of subjects. So this is a enormous traffic platform for you to get to your blog.How to Get free organic traffic news from websale

Instagram: You can also get loads of traffic via the Instagram social platform, this is a comparable way to bringing traffic back to your website as Facebook.

Twitter: Twitter is another platform every day for millions of visitors to go to twitter to get up-to-date news and that is  trending , if you understand how to create viral content, this twitter platform is best because a lot of organic traffic comes from there.

Pinterest:Last one is pinterest recent evolution full of organic traffic from them, here you can just share your content and who's looking for unique subjects they'd be sure to come back if your content is really interesting.

Step number Five: 

Build your subscribers, you must have the option to subscribe to get your fresh material when you publish your blog if you promote content.make sure you don't forget to add the subscribe button to get your customer back.Most people not buy from your blog first time because they need trust to you.

Most importantly, email plays a crucial role in the purchase of products. When you send them an email about your fresh products they might be interested in and come back to purchase when they see your products or content going back and forth to their email list.

Email list is one of the blogger's valuable assets. Set up a collector of emails or a lead magnet. You can use mailchim or other email subscriber supplier to assist you gather email list visitors and auto reaction as well.

Lets talk about how to make money from blog :

Step Number One: Ads

You can gain cash from display ads to implement in your blog such as adsense or other ads.another type of add is sponsored add if someone willing to pay you to show their add in your blog this may we say sponsored add.

Step Number Two : Affiliate Marketing 

Affiliate marketing means that you are retrieving your visitors to other websites that sell products, and if they purchase products from that website you are commissioning each sale.

 Step Number Tree: from your blog

Selling your own products through your blog might be digital products like me selling some customer service and helping to create fresh websites. If you have time and capacity, you can do this.

You can sell your eBooks or service for hundreds of thousands of copy.So think about that, you don't have to work hard, if you don't understand how to create a website, you can resell our products to your customer and get a commission..
you can sell the physical products too if you have any products.

Why are you choosing our products?

We offer professional base service as low a cost that can assist you create a happy customer.

Finally tips: you can do internet teaching blog or what you enjoy. You can also gain cash from your blog like me. If you need assistance, we'll assist you.

 build a website as low cost as possible learn how

If you are looking seo services for website check here


How to possible make money by website sale online


How to possible make money by website sale online||

We're tired of getting the best location to sell our own website as a freelancer. Lots of money could be sold on many websites. Some people aren't pleased it's not simple to sell online, especially website sales, they need confidence to sell. 

Quality is the most significant thing to sell online, some websites are not great, but some freelancers know all about how to create websites that they can sell long-term on the bellow platform.

#1. Fiverr








#1. Fiverr

Fiverr is the world's biggest marketplace of freelance services for corporations. Best freelance internet blog services.Outsource your blog project and get it done rapidly. To help the growing number of companies selling online, Fiverr Launches e-commerce industry store.The new sector is jamming into the trillion-dollar market by providing more than 35 types of services to online selling companies.


 Submit your register in less than 5 minutes ; shop and sell internet service providers free and safe transaction with Flippa 1 platform. 


Shopify has all you need to begin selling online. Start an online store to build a good online business with Shopify. Looking? This intensive guide includes all you need to understand about a dropshipping company.


 Buy and sell equipment, vehicles, fashion clothing, collectables, soccer goods, digital goods, eBay is the location to sell for sale websites and businesses! 175 Million sellers want to sell their fresh or used websites and businesses.


Sell your etsy products and get online money. This is a easy way of making cash online and selling digital products such as website, layout and so on.

Other Possible way Make money online

Starting to make cash from it, I built up a six-figure freelance writing company and eventually became self-employed.

1. Begin a blog.
2. Marketing In Instagram.
3.Training on-line.
5. Sales and marketing  By affiliates.
6. Virtual Assistant.
7. Social Media Manager.
8. Travel Consultant.
9. Website consultant for WordPress
10. Freelance Writing

1. Begin a blog.

Many platforms enable you to set up a blog free of charge, and they are extremely simple to use. If at first you just want to blog carelessly, this might fit you well.

2. Marketing In Instagram.

Social media has been the lapdog of digital marketing for quite some time. Online social media profiles will rank highly in the results of search engines. The social media boom is a gold mine for the marketing of social media brands making it easy to share content. 

3.Training on-line.

If you've been blogging and attempting to create money online, seeing other individuals supposedly getting it all figured out, selling online course and making cash easy way possible.


The podcasting community and database has increased quickly over the past few years. Podcasters are even able to create cash out of their podcasts. The freedom to listen to podcasts and the freedom to produce whenever and wherever you want

5. Sales and marketing  By affiliates.

You totally need link monitoring and link management to get the most out of your affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is the most common way to earn money online. You don't need your products just need to sell other goods.

6. Virtual Assistant.

Make money as a virtual assistant. Need to make cash rapidly online?. Just go anywhere like freelancer or fiverr. Go and get your concept promoted. Lots of internet purchasers searching virtual assistant. Easy fast way to make cash. There's no need to wait long.

7. Social Media Manager.

Every social media manager requires particular, distinctive abilities There are many areas to learn how to become a site admin or manager of social media.

8. Travel Consultant.

Many travel agents start their own business. One thing to consider is that you don't need to gain a degree

9. Website consultant for WordPress

You can create a worpress consultant's website. This is enormous demand because a third of bloggers use wordpress, they need lots of plug-in and service, you could be wordpress internet consultant easy way to earn cash.

10. Freelance Writing

You may face some short of  money when you're a brand new freelance writer because everyone needs experience. Learn how to write excellent material first, and experience writer can make a lot of cash.

Introvert people learn how to earn money using blog 



  I am alone until now, my passion to observe society, when i walk in the road i have seen lots of selfish people, i have seen lots of ups and down in my life. i am introvert person, i do not expose my ability to others because some few people understand me until i express myself. my life is not easy especially when i go to work. i can not express myself to my boss who i am , some extrovert people taking advantage when i silent in my job. 

how to earn money , many ways people earning money in the world depends on what potion you are and how you are happy. i am so much happy now this is totally virtual world where i can express myself just writing my content and earning part time to make money using blog also is not easy. lots effort and passion also here related. we are all need job but some people not happy. see some best way earn money specially who are at home or introvert type people.

  1. before i start how i established my blog , i want  to tell my ups and downs.i was job less long time then i join one travel agency company. i go everyday in job , one day my job given me task to go with tourist long journey, i went them to cross border near Italy.


    I was not too much talkative person. i could not explain many history place and expose where i am going, i just came home, next day i went to office, my boss told me, you are not good tourist guide, i asked him how you know that. the boss reply me "yesterday one tourist complain about you".

    I was upset, my boss told me that this job is not for you . you should find another job. after i left that job, i was student then in college, i sometime go computer lab and search some new topics about job and new opportunity. suddenly i found how to make money using blog. 

    i got idea how to write blog and how to monitize this content using google analytics. that was my first interest how to make blog. after now long time i am doing well writing blog and earning money three way one is adsense second is affiliate and third is my own products,

    This is my past history online journey,now i am going to help you how to make money using blog. you may get lots of topics in google but every body would not give you inspirations because they are writing strait cut. i am here just writing my past history because you are may be same who are facing struggle establish  online job.

    Here's how to create a blog money:

  • Create your blog 

  • Start creating helpful content 

  • Go into your blog and start to Find visitors.


Create your blog:

 You will need to have a blog to make money blogging. While this is quite clear, many Pre Bloggers who come up with the concept of blogging with little or no technical background are also a stumbling block.

 I started blogging five years ago, then I earned some money online, I visited Malaysia, Indonesia alone, I didn't take cash from my family, I used my profit from blogging. Like me, you can gain cash.

 if you want how to make blog using wordpress and make money , you may find wordpress tutorial so easy way how to make blog.


Start creating helpful content :

 A blog is not a data-free blog so you need to concentrate your attention on generating helpful content once you have set up your blog. What you choose to produce depends a little on the subject you choose to write about, most effective bloggers concentrate on blogging content.


Go into your blog and start to Find visitors:


 Once you understand who you're planning to read your blog, ask yourself where you might already be gathering that sort of individual.

All of these locations you readers may already be gathering has possibilities to develop a position by leaving excellent remarks, offering to generate guest posts or merely by being useful and answering questions. With this list of blogs, focus, podcasts, social media accounts in hand you will have some excellent spots to start hanging out and creating value.

 Introvert people learn how to earn money using blog  ||  
With continued focus on generating amazing content and discovering blog readers, you will start to notice individuals visiting your blog and engaging with your content. At this stage, to engage with these readers and build community, you need to turn your attention.

Many ways of blogging money Come:


Adsense Income

There are ad networks like Google AdSense that function as a middleman and allow smaller publishers to run advertisements on their blogs while you need good traffic to make a direct agreement with advertisers. This is the beginning of many bloggers

Affiliate Income

 Affiliate revenue is, for example, when you connect to a product for sale on another site, take Ebay and if someone follows your connection and ends up purchasing that product, you receive a commission on that sale.


Own Products Income

My number one source of revenue today is through the sale of my blogs ' services and classes. For me and many other bloggers, these virtual goods  take job to produce but have been profitable.


 The chart of income using blog:

  Sell to online coronavirus reasons:

 Coronavirus explanation we need to adjust the way we earn. Most local companies have gone broke. Because of coronavirus locking down people can't go out. Online we will take the opportunity to earn. There's an immense opportunity to sell from home and we can avoid crushing local businesses and quickly expand our online customers.