Introvert people learn how to earn money using blog

Introvert people learn how to earn money using blog 



Introvert people learn how to earn money using blog || I am alone until now, my passion to observe society, when i walk in the road i have seen lots of selfish people, i have seen lots of ups and down in my life. i am introvert person, i do not expose my ability to others because some few people understand me until i express myself. my life is not easy especially when i go to work. i can not express myself to my boss who i am , some extrovert people taking advantage when i silent in my job. 

how to earn money , many ways people earning money in the world depends on what potion you are and how you are happy. i am so much happy now this is totally virtual world where i can express myself just writing my content and earning part time to make money using blog also is not easy. lots effort and passion also here related. we are all need job but some people not happy. see some best way earn money specially who are at home or introvert type people.

  1. before i start how i established my blog , i want  to tell my ups and downs.i was job less long time then i join one travel agency company. i go everyday in job , one day my job given me task to go with tourist long journey, i went them to cross border near Italy.


    I was not too much talkative person. i could not explain many history place and expose where i am going, i just came home, next day i went to office, my boss told me, you are not good tourist guide, i asked him how you know that. the boss reply me "yesterday one tourist complain about you".

    I was upset, my boss told me that this job is not for you . you should find another job. after i left that job, i was student then in college, i sometime go computer lab and search some new topics about job and new opportunity. suddenly i found how to make money using blog. 

    i got idea how to write blog and how to monitize this content using google analytics. that was my first interest how to make blog. after now long time i am doing well writing blog and earning money three way one is adsense second is affiliate and third is my own products,

    This is my past history online journey,now i am going to help you how to make money using blog. you may get lots of topics in google but every body would not give you inspirations because they are writing strait cut. i am here just writing my past history because you are may be same who are facing struggle establish  online job.

    Here's how to create a blog money:

  • Create your blog 

  • Start creating helpful content 

  • Go into your blog and start to Find visitors.


Create your blog:

 You will need to have a blog to make money blogging. While this is quite clear, many Pre Bloggers who come up with the concept of blogging with little or no technical background are also a stumbling block.

 I started blogging five years ago, then I earned some money online, I visited Malaysia, Indonesia alone, I didn't take cash from my family, I used my profit from blogging. Like me, you can gain cash.

 if you want how to make blog using wordpress and make money , you may find wordpress tutorial so easy way how to make blog.


Start creating helpful content :

 A blog is not a data-free blog so you need to concentrate your attention on generating helpful content once you have set up your blog. What you choose to produce depends a little on the subject you choose to write about, most effective bloggers concentrate on blogging content.


Go into your blog and start to Find visitors:


 Once you understand who you're planning to read your blog, ask yourself where you might already be gathering that sort of individual.

All of these locations you readers may already be gathering has possibilities to develop a position by leaving excellent remarks, offering to generate guest posts or merely by being useful and answering questions. With this list of blogs, focus, podcasts, social media accounts in hand you will have some excellent spots to start hanging out and creating value.

 Introvert people learn how to earn money using blog  ||  
With continued focus on generating amazing content and discovering blog readers, you will start to notice individuals visiting your blog and engaging with your content. At this stage, to engage with these readers and build community, you need to turn your attention.

Many ways of blogging money Come:


Adsense Income

There are ad networks like Google AdSense that function as a middleman and allow smaller publishers to run advertisements on their blogs while you need good traffic to make a direct agreement with advertisers. This is the beginning of many bloggers

Affiliate Income

 Affiliate revenue is, for example, when you connect to a product for sale on another site, take Ebay and if someone follows your connection and ends up purchasing that product, you receive a commission on that sale.

 Own Products Income

My number one source of revenue today is through the sale of my blogs ' services and classes. For me and many other bloggers, these virtual goods  take job to produce but have been profitable.


 The chart of income using blog:

 I'm constantly publishing fresh tutorials on this subject of blogging monetization so if you want more advance level how to make cash you can get our course so simple how to create money using blog.