How to buy hosting plan free domain at the top level

How to buy hosting plan free domain at the top level

i was exited when i was young because of my first website i would make by myself. I was plan what need first and how to success to make my website. i seared lots of information from google and continue my learning process about website making.

Finally i made this website, i am going to show you exited simple step for making website using hosting plan and free domain. just buy hosting plan and get free domain at the top level like .com or .info etc

Free domain or top level domain is most essential part:

i met one of my freinds who love coding , i asked him to make one simple html base website, he was so busy that time, after a week i called him, he said, yes it is ready but you need to buy domain and hosting for run this simple website.

that time i was not able to pay much amount money, i asked him how much i have to pay for domain and hosting. he told me, for domain you pay 9 USD and hosting per month plan 6 USD. 

i asked my mom to give me that amount money, i went him and ask to buy domain and hosting.

My friend when search online which company given better cheap price, he found hostinger who offering free domain if buy from them hosting plan and that was also so cheap.

My freind tolled me that waw!! ' you are lucky you would not pay from this company total 15 USD. just buy per month share hosting plan from them and this is price 0.08/mo

waw!!. That's fantastic, I just discovered a free domain purchasing a hosting scheme now and it's completely inexpensive. I'll demonstrate below how to register with the hosting company and get free domain and low cost hosting schedule bellow:  
 Get  Free Domain Now:

just go here and sign up

find your desired domain name. it would be your business related name. example: if you have dog and want to share how look like your dog and what activities you do with dog. just take any name that is your best choice related of your dog.

when you get your domain name ' that is great ' now go to checkout

in order summery this is hole details you would get . you can buy 1 year or 3 year validity for your domain . if you want free domain you do not need choose 3 years. just pay your hosting plan that's all. after one year you need to renew your domain name.

waw sound good. you would get simple 12 years free domain name just buying cheap hosting which would give you fully functional website. good to see if you can make this simple step. just do it if you know some basic knowledge how to make website.

I have seen many website offering free top level domain when they buy hosting plan. but some company price little bit higher. if you does not like cheap hosting plan you may go bluehost or namecheap or different company options is different. i chased hostinger because this hosting plan so cehap and that is only under 1 dollar.

payment options also affordable. i buy using paypal free domain and hosting from hostinger . you can do it card payment or paypal or even bitcoin for free domain purchase.

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