Problem solved how to domain setup in blogger Easy step

Problem solved how to domain setup in blogger Easy step

Domain setup is simple if you understand some fundamental DNS points from server to domain configuration issue fixed if you understand how to do it correctly in blogger.

So simple to use blogger or website.You're the right place xyz or any other custom domain settings issue solved anywhere using this system.Here I'll demonstrate you how to fix any place in the domain configuration. Before I begin to see all the topics below to get a basic concept of how to set up a domain easily.Setup BlogSpot With your Custom Domain very easy step by step see bellow

Complete step-by-step guide to custom domain configuration


Step 1: Purchase Domain Name from any domain provider i.e. godaddy or hostinger or

Step 2: setup domain from domain provider to


 Suppose you have Domain Provider domain. If you don't have a domain, you can buy it now, or if you want to get it completely free domain  , or if you want to spend some penny for .xyz domain get it on a hosting scheme, you can get it simple step.

Some basic free domain also available now making blog and blogger custom domain setup process also possible with free domain name.

Before we begin, we need to know what CNMAE record is and what A RECORD is first, and this is two vital domain configuration options for any web server.


Typically, CNAME documents are used to connect another server, which means that it is altered to connect to a fresh location where domain is linked to another server.

We're just explaining our own way of understanding what CNAME is. We didn't talk briefly about it here. If you want to shortly figure out what CNAME record is, Find what is CNAME record here.

What is an A record?

A record used to locate internet server's ip address, such as: godaddy ip address or blogger ip address would be easily stored in any domain management cpanel to point domain name. Simply substitute the current ip address and position the other ip address of the web server in DNS jone.

Purchase Domain Name from any domain provider :


 We're assuming you've got a domain and you're buying it from a godaddy domain company that's selling enormous present time domain. Domain configuration sample we're talking from godaddy. See below godaddy domain configuration image hope you get some concept of any domain configuration issue how to create it simple.

 DNS of godaddy is must to custom domain setup. go DNS Zone file like bellow

Add a record or click godaddy ADD RECORD option for domain setup 

Point  host field with www and points it with this way see the bellow picture

Same way click the another CNMAE Record

Copy from blogspot  third party point to option and paste same way in the CNAME Record in godaddy

Click after save change.

now we jast finished CNAME record adding system in godaddy.

We need to add A RECORD in GODADDY DNS zone.

Adding Process A RECORD IN Godaddy DNS Zone 

Add A record from godaddy Domain zone

then place "@"  in host filed and place four ip address from blogspot here . see bellow picture how to do setup domain A Record in godaddy

Place this Four IP Address in Godaddy Domain Zone for Blogspot custom domain setup

After setup come back blogspot and go settings > basic > third party domain setup > 

 click save 

when you save it takes few minute to get full of access with any domain point too. .xyz domain also same way you can add .

setup custom domain all are same if you can point correctly A record and CNAME Record,

this all same way custom domain setup by any domain extension like .xyz be ready to use.

How to domain setup in WordPress:

WordPress is another name for CMS base website builders. Create domain We need some steps in WordPress. Now let's get started.

Log in Wordpress:

From the Dashboard select Domain

 Add your domain and click Add Domain to Blog:


If WordPress see that domain are available you would get another page

Fill up all requirement


 If domain buy from third party you can switch by changing wordpress nameserver by your third party domain nameservers.
change wordpress nameservers that look like bellow:

Get virtual domain setup



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How blogger make success as a freelancer?

When we look up the oldest online blog site we can claim that one of them is blogger. Only register with and buy a top level domain like xyz, and try adding it to your blogger. Professional make up style. Using it to make online blogger effective.

Blogging Basics you should Know:

Often we need some tools to make our blogging career future, we need routine to get up. Need mood to begin blogging. No attitude energy can hurt starting blog. Analyzing past blogging experience, we can claim that 90 percent of blogs die due to bad routine and time-producing.

Technical knowledge of blogging start up:

Technical expertise is important for the start-up of blogs. 

We should be learning every aspect of the resources we need. This practice, we say, makes good. If we don't know how we can walk so we can't. 

We need some simple tools that every website manufacturer makes. Reduce tension and go blogger or wordpress to get more information about blogging.

If we talk about some resources here, it may be best for you, but sometime we need inspiration to get going.

 If we explain every part of blogging here but you don't have any mood after having grasped the information that wouldn't be a good start.

 From the start we need our time and our enthusiasm. We should know that is a free chance to make money.

Mental tools for blogging start up:

Conscious person may be aware that our technological knowledge needs to be adapted to our mental emotions. 

If we stop our blog in the middle of the trip, we may not get an audience 100 per cent feedback. Maybe, we've stopped blogging because it doesn't give money back. 

We're not getting any input. We need to continue to expand our practice time. Success is contingent on your personality.

Expand your time to make money online by blogging:

When you have your own values, which may not be appropriate to start blogging, your background may not be that much of a starting point or you may not be interested in blogging.

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