Why don't blogs generate money by Free Domain and Hosting?

Why don't blogs generate money by Free Domain and Hosting?



One of the main reasons why your blog doesn't succeed is that you use free domain name and free hosting. Currently, free interface is not trusted by viewers. They love only prominent extensions like.com or.info or.xyz because of the viewers ' consciousness.

 Lets see intention of making blog every day

There are more than 3 b websites operating online. 200 million are active. Do you understand that over a million fresh blogs are uploaded every day using wordpress to blogspot ans others's platform.. Google crawl will have a hard time finding a fresh blog. Why doesn't a lot of the blog use Free Domain and Hosting to generate money?

Are you planning to use blog to make cash? Are you a specialist in any submitted experiment or are you passionate anything about ? If you reply yes, you might be successful in blogging online

But you might need to work harder than before. You need to compete with established bloggers at this moment. Who's already been successful and google like that blog because it's trustworthy and helpful to spectators.

Some reason you won't be able to write a blog

Not enough Experience How to Write

Have Problem Web Design as a Professional way

Lack of knowledge SEO Building

Lack of Knowledge what you are doing online

Hobby but you are not giving 100 percent focus your blog

How to successfully write blogs and make cash

 Most likely the best answer is that you need enthusiasm and hard work

We don't post information about how to be successful here, but you can get some hints about how to be successful in the 21st century.It's harder and harder to make money from the beginning of the blog now, because some new blog doesn't get adsense approval and some don't get enough traffic.

If you don't have viewers, you might be wasting your blog writing time, even if you're a talented person in your particular sector. 

Why don't a lot of blogs generate money using Free Domain and Hosting?
For some purposes, more than 100 million blogs do not make cash.They might not go the right way to get started.You need to understand exactly the success blogger's blueprint.More tourists than fresh bloggers are receiving and they also earn cash.You shouldn't be hopeless, but follow the successful bloggers ' footsteps.It's a brief way to be successful.You can discover a course here.Maybe you can attempt that.

Get free domain hosting if you looking that

Free domain might affect your traffic

It varies depending on the domain expansion, but most of the free ones are generally not extremely ranked in searches. I have a few free domains I used when I set up my websites and they didn't get a lot of traffic. Now I'm primarily using them to forward or hold websites.

If you want free low cost website see how to make it

What extension of the domain should we use

The expansion still matters, but it will get traffic as long as it is not obscure.These days,.net,.co,.us,.co.uk and country-related extensions are usually well ranked.I have a couple of.xyz sites and they struggled to be frank, primarily because the expansion involved so many scam sites.It's a worthwhile investment as a.com costs less than $10 and is the best

Getting a free domain website doesn't really seem professional at all. It would be quite difficult for visitors to your website and potential customers to take your website seriously if you don't even have a correct domain name.