Why blogging so difficult to create take time for cash?

Why blogging so difficult to create take time for cash?

Some fundamental reason for blogging failure 

 Lack of understanding
 Not enough time to blog
 Basic marketing error
 SEO Mistake 
 Do not know any coding
 Have knowledge but selected wrong subject etc
I'm acquainted with the 1999 blog. I tried a lot of ways to make this time popular with the blog, but I didn't have a lot of time to begin. I used the adsense program for 2000. I wasn't a html expert either.

I've realized for a long time now that we need more focus to create blogs worth true cash. Due to compatibility and absence of permission, many bloggers prevent blogging. Blogging takes so much time to succeed.

We need traffic for our blog, but it's hard if we don't understand how to drive traffic to our website. Many individuals are stuck in one location and that's traffic. One reason millions of blogs were ineffective and that's traffic. And absence of a well-managed scheme

We won't be hopeless. We need to work harder than we did in the past. Millions of individuals and billions of websites survive online, but not everyone is pleased with this achievement. That's why we need the right kind of guidance. You can get course from us in a short time to handle your website.

If you have a domain name and hosting, if you have some fundamental understanding, you can easily create your website or blog.

But you're new to this marketplace, you need to learn about html or coding, or you need somebody's assistance with website building.
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