Tips Before Buy Any Domain Name See How

Tips Before Buy Any Domain Name See How

Registering domains for a long Term or Short Term Tips

We have seen some common problem ---

I have been hand registering domains for a long time now and over the years I have lost many domains that were available at the time that I was doing my research and shortly afterwards were taken by someone who put their info under whois privacy


Many people we love one year base domain name registration because one year they offer cheaper than next year price. it is hard to get that domain if we do not renew next year because of that domain bought by someone else. so my Tips Before Buy Any Domain Name See How

Think Before buy any domain name:

some freelancer buy one year base domain for hobby or test purpose. some people continue their website some of them quit in online. after one or two year some people rethink to join again online because they already knows that without online buiness setup present time impossible.

many people come back again and try to buy same domain name that already bought before. unfortunately when they find their domain name under thier business name someone taken, this is happen because after expired the domain validity anyone can buy if you do not buy again. simple but big problem sometime 

Consider long time lasting domain name:

One year may be top level domain 7.99 USD but major time is this same charge excluded other charge this price. you can add SSL cerificate even you can hide your address also. this is your choice how you introduce yourself and your business. 

Be professional, consider at least three years domain validity that would help you make perfect business with in three years. 

Work hard this three years your business online be ready to earn money. no matter where you live what you do just buy long run domain without face any problem for smooth business run online.

We are many facing same problem when we unaware about renew our domain name
If you planning, you want domain now and get already researched about domain name, what is the best suitable for your business. you may buy for long term base at least 5 years contact. 

This is best advance way to think because you never know what would be next year your domain demand . Some big company may willing search same domain you already bought but they are may be waiting to buy your domain or reseller waiting to get that when expired.

You can buy cheap Domain that give you best domain name. For five years base you may get it bellow 100 USD domain contact for five years. Lets Do it cheap domain for five years contact.

Domain is not all but domain is brand of your business:

if we look up big company domain name like amazon, ebay, facebook this type of domain name you never can buy because this is brand of company, same as you want to make new company and you taken one domain name under your company name now this is call brand. you should not lost this domain name anyway if you stop to use this domain someone would buy your domain. i prsonally was problem for my one client.

i bought one tv domain for them after one year their share holder one leave the company after one year they did not decided yet they would continue online TV Chanel or not , but when expired the date of domain they came to me again to renew their domain, i search their domain again.

now i have seen someone bought that tv Chanel name between this one month gap. i was noticed that company that that domain bought by another person, so strange. so big think that you may lose your brand name if you quit using domain name.

Be prepare at least three years validity for your company domain name for future smooth business.

What would happen if i buy any domain name one year base:

One year is so long time but one year is not enough time for who are planning long term business online. short term business or only for hobby base you can use but this is your choice what you do.

How much money you would spend online and how you want to earn. you need to plan before start online business. online business change so quick there have lots of competition and hard work need to establish here.

That does not mean you would not be gain. success depends on what you are doing or what action going effect for your audience. if your customer want your producers that is good sigh for continue your online business.