How Website Builders Actually Asking For Upgrade Membership

How Website Builders Actually Asking For Upgrade Membership

website builders company really free of cost? how much we know from the deep of experience. promotion and reality of use any website builders have enormous gap when we enter in working place.From human mouth to mouth we all know one word and that is free of cost.

we are using WordPress long time but our journey was not smooth when i was empty pocket, this is hard to invest first time without know any idea where i would invest. how website builders asking for upgrade plan when we enter free plan of basic website builders. see the bellow experience of mine i would like to share for future choice.

I was young, when i discovered about WordPress blog. I was student and tried to new things search in online during study time.I Searched many thing in google, suddenly,  i found WordPress
 I research what is WordPress, i quickly understand this is blog platform.
I tried always new platform to test. I signed up with WordPress. i made some hobby base blog and that time was 1999, now 2019 long time in my journey.

I stopped work from WordPress blog because of my working time.
Suddenly i was trying to open new blog in WordPress recently but i wondered WordPress asking to paid service ,monthly hosting price even that was free of cost early time ,where i can find free blog!!. I am really surprise how it is possible?.
This is most popular blog platform charging hosting price 3 dollar per month. !!!

I was shocked and i thaought how it is possible?
are they are not going profit?. why they are killing new developer who are looking best place for practice web development. so, my point of view for all who are willing to work with free platform but reality is free platform going small day by day.

WordPress competition company  may have many but nobody can take place WordPress place.

Hope In future we get new company who offer for developer to make free blog for future success. I am not talking here blogger that is part of google.

Why WordPress Blog hosting  No more free?

 They have millions blogger account, they are not interest now free to give service. very bad for future developer or new comer.

This topics for everyone who are planning to work with WordPress but they asking charge for opening account.

 Using is self hosting platform. you need here to buy any hosting plan then you may use the wordpress, the only free option is blogger but here also you need custom domain, in worpress we all need domain also, 

this is mandatory domain and hosting plan for making website . other options already involve to get better result. do not think without domain name and hosting you would be king to earn money except affiliate. Next time we would talk about affiliate platform.

How website builders offering free service :

We love free that is our desire and website builder  company taking this advantage, they give first time free then ask for money after one year even when you buy any free domain from freenom this is one year totally free. after one year you have to pay. so simple marketing strategy. 

If you need any ready mate blog include domain setup .contact us we make you for setup . you do not need technical knowledge. contact us about your interest. we make success blog for you

The reason to say you may work as paid service but try big platform with hosting company same price and better service. why you give pay for blog if you can not earn money.