How to build and manage a professional Low cost website

How to build and manage a professional Low cost website

How to build and manage a professional Low cost website

I made a serious error when I began self-employment and attempted to get a site: I went a website building provider host my site and own my domain. It cost me $40-150 a year up front, but after a bit of speaking to webhosting, I discovered out

Good and better ways to make it inexpensive. You can also use or org to lock you straight into THEIR topics. That's not what we want, we like range. That's the cheapest way I've ever discovered getting a domain, hosting, website, and NOT being locked into a agreement or paying a complete year in advance.

So far, I've constructed four portfolio pages (two of which are still standing, two of which were scrapped) so I believed I'd share my knowledge and how I'd make it as inexpensive as possible.

This costs $10-12 to get started and only $6 a month to keep going afterwards, a little more if you get loads of hits on your website at which point you should be pleased to pay an additional $5+/month

Fun fact: most freelance blogs and websites will tell you using some host associated with the blue color.That's because they're giving you a discount connection (are they not saints?) and if you sign your life over, they get a good cut in profit.You're going to have to pay a year in advance to get a good price too and their quality declines every day from the reviews I've read.

You can get your own theme with my technique, customize it as you like, and get a really great website and portfolio with a few spare hours without paying insane monthly charges.The hard part is getting everything set up, and that's why most people don't set up their own website.With a step-by-step guide, I'm here to cut this time drastically.I'm also typing it all for my own advantage.

How do websites for traffic create cash?

One light easy way is through Google AdSense program to produce income from site traffic. You can readily create cash from google adsense once you have the correct traffic coming to your blog. You have nothing to sell,
This website shows you how to create a website.I've also blogged for the previous eight years as my primary source of revenue..WordPress is very strong and is capable of running most sites.Building your small business website is the cheapest way.

Make best website also it make more professional just hire cheapest freelancer
The most affordable way. If you do not have time just hire professional.

STEP 1 - Register Your Website Domain

  Go To Register NAMECHEAP

I use Namecheap and it worked fantastically for me.Through them, you can also obtain two-factor authentication and DNS privacy to ensure that your information and account is safe.I will walk you through the steps of connecting this domain to your website if you follow this guide alone.If you don't have Namecheap, it's up to you.

Creating a great business website I strongly suggest .com as it looks the most professional. Just pick up your name or something like ""If you've got to.This is the $10-12 I mentioned above.

Free basically offering

Free web hosting

They provide totally free web hosting with all features and tools to create a website. Free hosting is valid for the entire lifetime of your domain. 

you may use free version of WordPress hosting just sign up and you get some basic facility base WordPress theme and working environment.

STEP 3 - Create Your Website Content

 There are only seconds for a website or internet material to capture interest. A site's content should hook the public with content that is engaging and convincing. Provocative content is the latest website content trend used to accomplish this.

You need to be edgy, but you don't have to punch someone in your eye. Without bragging or boasting, your material should challenge and amuse the readers. Your site should be provocative enough to be memorable and spread a favorable word of mouth, especially your homepage.

This way you own website for free with WordPress easy  step for beginner bellow.

STEP 4 - Design a Logo for your website

 If you want the future hire designer to produce easy and minimalist logos as a inexpensive cost. If you can't create a logo in that style for yourself, how can you create such logos for my our website? Some of you guys might be able to assist you with advice and tricks.


STEP 5 - Design Your Website for low cost with WordPress

 First sign up with and follow step

You've got your wordpress login now!To get to the admin panel, add /wp-admin to the end of the url if you type your domain name and it displays you a default wordpress website.If not yet connected, type your static. Use to access when your domain is lastly activated.

Your username is a user and the lengthy string of numbers and letters you have written down and saved is your password. You can alter both the user and password, but let's keep going for now.

Congratulations, you created a website free of are prepared to edit your fresh website for WordPress! It should not take more than half an hour for that whole thing above. I'll stop telling you what to do here, but if you want a different subject

It will bring you to the topics of official wordpress where you can find a nice one.You can also search the internet for your own (free or paid) ideal theme.To upload one that is not formally on the wordpress list, download file and press the Upload Theme button at the top of it.Drag and drop the and install it.Custom plugins can be installed

Add your desired websites (Contact, About, Portfolio, etc.) via Admin console pages. Under Appearance, you can add them to the website menu by "customizing." You can do posts such as porfolio things or blog posts via console posts.if you want a website for your business see bellow link.

How much should a website cost in 2019?

all depends on what type of website you want. small website for individual who want to write just content that need only domain and hosting price. you can use worpress or blogger to make website if you are individual person. if you are business man you need more budget and you can do by your earning plan.

If you want free domain see our other parts 

What is a free domain? 

A domain name is referred to as an address for the website.Some domain suppliers give fully free domain names, while others give a free domain name in their paid host bundles.

How to make low cost website using shopify?

 Shopify is a small business owner website builder who likes to sell online products. This is a WordPress alternative. Many people now use shopify to be successful online sellers.

  • Signup shopify 
  • Connect domain
  • Use shopify monthly plan for hosting
  • Design your web template
 Connect domain:

 Use shopify monthly plan for hosting:

use shopify monthly price to host your website. without hosting we can not store our website data. so you can use shopify store, you do not need alternative self hosting from other hosting platform.

 Design your web template:

Design your web template, in shopify there are plenty of theme available. this is easy drag and drop way to design your unique web template.

If you are looking cheap or free domain .XYZ or Get free domain .COM 

Free website using blogger easy way learn how



 Website creation requires a lot of effort and time. We can't make a website if we don't have cash. But now there are a few methods you can create the website free. You don't have to spend a penny to get started. We'd understand the website's achievable system.your free site would be ready with in  days.

This tutorial shows you how to make website creation process who looking for the free domain of the website and wants to use the free domain of the website is right here. I'd show you the system that you can create entirely free domain website and can use website builders to create the finest website.

Create a website using free website domain:

How can I create a website free of cost?. If you're new to building a website, you should understand this basic stuff we need to do.

1. Domain name
2. Web Hosting
3. Template or web design html code 

What is domain name

  Sometimes Free Domain Names are available from some suppliers and are generally in the form of Also identified as a subdomain is a domain name in this format. Another free domain without a sub domain also provides free domain, i.e.

Where to get a FREE domain name 
you can check our other section full details how to get free domain and how to install.

How do I create a website after buying a domain name?
after buy domain name you need to buy also hosting plan. hosting plan is must for store any data of your client and website template. both website code and customer information store in web hosting plan. 

What is domain name and what we do this if you do not know you need to go this topics and learn how to make How To start Blog the RIGHT WAY using free website domain

we are going to details here how to make website using hosting and free domain name.

What is Web Hosting:

 Web hosting indicates storing all information on a remote server place that makes up your website. After designing and creating a site.

Many web hosting companies offer free and paid hosting strategies. We will use a free hosting company where we can add a free domain and use PHP or my SQL information to create a website. See these subjects if you want to know how to make WordPress website using free website domain 

 We already know what is domain and hosting and whee we need to find.

here we use blogspot domain that is free from google and you can make good website using blogger blogspot using free domain from freenom.

  how to make a website step by step using WordPress from other topics

Get a Free Domain:

There are plenty of free domain providers offering a subdomain base but only a few company offering custom domain without subdomain. This freenom offering domain  for one year, this is only for fresh freelancers who like to operate first practice base.

 Go to get free website domain > sign Up >  Find your domain name in search box  > go to check out  >  Place order one year for free > see your email address > confirm your email  > you are done  > you got your first custom domain name.

Go to Blogger:

sign Up with blogger 

Sing up with your gmail account

Click the new blog and write your blog name and give also tittle of blog.

After giving the tittle select the template from there

Now click the create blog. you just make your first blog using

hoorray!! you made it.

Process Of Blogger Subdomain By Freenom free Domain:

 Go to blogger settings

Step -1 : Go to Blogger Settings and discover your dashboard's Publishing option. Now press Set up your blog's third-party URL.

 Step-2: Then enter your freenom free domain

Step-3: After click save button you would get error message like bellow. you need to put this two option in freenom dns manage zone.

Step-4: Go to new browseer and open Go your account. if you do not know how to make freenom free domain see this topics. see WORDPRESS TUTORIAL
 click on “My Domain”from Domain panel of freenom

Step-5: Click Manage Domain

Step-6: find and click Manage Freenom DNS that would help you get DNS management option

 Step-7: CNAME Record field put "www" in name site and  put this in target field as like bellow picture""

Step-8:add another CNAME and place similar way from blogger third party second red box code in CNAME record like bellow picture

Step-9:Now Need to similare way to add A Record

put all this Ip address in A record Target Field

Step-10:this is final setep. after save wait few minute to succes. come blogger and click again save button in third party access filed of blogger settings. you have done, now your free domain setup ready and your website need to make professional look also. so change the blogger theme.

Your free website now ready to use.

Hurry!! ..

How to change blogger Theme:


Background Change from blogger customize theme:

 Step 1: Browse to the Template and Blogger Dashboard page

 Step 2: Click on the orange Customize button 

 New window would be open like bellow 

 Step 4: you can change background image using by background option

Adjust Template Width from blogger customize theme

To edit your content and sidebar widths, navigate to the Adjust widths options by clicking on the link in the upper left hand corner of the Blogger Template Designer.

Change Background Color og blogger using customize theme

To change your background colors, press the Advanced link in the top left corner of the Blogger Template Designer to switch to the Advanced options.

The new website using free website domain making tutorial || There have lots of  option that could give your web template processional look or what you like to change. that is basic idea how to change the blogger theme using customize option.

Do I need to buy a domain name to have a website?

If you are looking professional look your website. domain buy is must because free domain is not well known for customers and bad impact in seo matrix. google would not like free domain for good results in seo.

if you like ready simple website reducing your time and invest lots see our best cheap websale page. we are focusing individual who looking professional look website to promote their content and earn money with ins short of time. you no need to invest lots of money.

How to create a WordPress e-commerce shop ?



  How to create a WordPress e-commerce shop

e-commerce shop easy way setup in WordPress tutorial for you here. You need to read this guide if you're curious to know how to begin an online store. How to form a good e-commerce site with the most famous internet platform in the world


If you want to begin an online store, first here is an overview, and then we will go into the following information:

Sign up for web hosting

Choose a hosting plan

Choose your shop's catchy domain name

Complete your registration for hosting

During the hosting account, ensure WooCommerce was installed





How to create a wordpress website for beginners WooCommerce :

You will learn basic how to create a website.WordPress gives your site with a strong base. WooCommerce turns your WordPress website into a basket case for e-commerce – and the base package is free of charge. Even without paid plugins, on all of your most major websites, you can introduce the finest aspects of e-commerce design.

 Before you can begin selling with wordpress, there are some things you need to set up first, such as currency, payments and shipping data.

 Welcome to the alerts of WooCommerce on your WordPress admin pages. Go ahead and click in the notification on the Run setup wizard's button.

How to create a WordPress e-commerce shop ?

You can see the Setup Wizard for WooCommerce where you need to press the Let's Go button to start.

How to create a WordPress e-commerce shop ?

For WooCommerce, you first need a few important websites for cart, account, shop and checkout. To generate these websites automatically, you can press the Continue button.

How to create a WordPress e-commerce shop ?

 The next step

Now you're going to have to inform WooCommerce where your shop is and what currency and unit measures to use.

How to create a WordPress e-commerce shop ?

To move on, pick your location and currency, press the Continue button. Next, the shipping and tax data must be entered.

How to create a WordPress e-commerce shop ?

Both digital downloads and physical goods can be sold by WooCommerce.

If you are going to ship products, you can inspect the box, or you can leave it unchecked if you are only going to sell digital goods.

Next answer the question of taxes. WooCommerce can assist you calculate your rates automatically and add taxes.

You can leave it unchecked if you're not sure. Later on, you can always add tax data from WooCommerce configurations. To proceed, click the Continue button.

Next, choose your online store's payment process.

How to create a WordPress e-commerce shop ?

WooCommerce support for gateways of payment for PayPal, PayPal Standard and Stripe. WooCommerce also has many other payment techniques available. Payment acceptance is using the simplest technique of PayPal Standard.
Enter the email address of your PayPal and press the Continue button.
Now you've done it, your online store WooCommerce is all setup.

To exit the Setup Wizard, press the ' Return to WordPress Dashboard ' link. You are now prepared to add products to your online store after the completion of the WooCommerce configuration.

You can now add can make a profitable e-commerce store up by wordpress. this is simple process. if you need more information go our other content to know more how to setup profitable e-commerce website. website building process all time tricky if you are new in online.

you may get ready made website from us cheap price. we give totally blog base website where you need just marketing and you may earn by your products marketing.

Adding a product summery in WordPress


It's close to writing a post in WordPress to add a Simple item.
Go to WooCommerce > Products > Add Product.  Then you have a familiar interface and you should feel at home right away.
Enter a product Title and Description.
Go to the Product Data panel and select digital or virtual service that can be downloaded where applicable.


Adding General section in WordPress

SKU setup - Stock holding unit (SKU) monitors goods. Must be unique and formatted so that no post IDs match. Post IDs are numbers, for example, so that SKU could be 001A
Price - Regular price – the regular / normal price of the item. Sale price – the discounted price of the item that can then be scheduled for certain ranges of dates. The sale will expire at the designated end date at 11:59pm.

Adding Inventory section in WordPress

The chapter on inventory enables you to separately handle stock for the item and decide whether to allow back orders and more. It allows you to sell products, allowing clients to purchase them in the cart.

Adding Product images wordpress 

Add a picture of the main product and an picture gallery. More option in  Add images and galleries to the product. 
You can find all options in stock selling goods.If you want the complete product feature to be uploaded, you need time to comprehend all the features of a week's lease.Learn to practice the fundamental concept.

If you're facing any issue, let us know you're asking a question.We can assist you with what to do and how to fix it.Stay tuned to continue updating and selling WordPress.

wordpress ecommerce themes free you can use this :

We need a powerful and professional e-commerce WordPress theme. You can discover the best connection to WordPress theme here. Google love theme responsive and friendly mobile with heavy well design format. Let's choose to get it.




Ecommerce Gem

How Can I Get Free Hosting for WordPress  


How Can I Get Free Hosting for WordPress


Looking for free WordPress hosting? The blogger's greatest free hosting attempt is 000webhost. Totally you may can participate. follow the bellow rules to install wordpress in 000webhost.

WordPress definitely may not involve any official introduction, as it is the most famous blogging platform that has rapidly created its own place in the hearts of each webmaster. However, if you are a novice and want to be wealthy with distinct nuances of web development, it is essential to make it clear that WordPress started in 2003.

The setup of WordPress on 000webhost is certainly the correct way to go, as 000webhost is a user-friendly, free website hosting service

That you won't have to spend a dime on web hosting, which is very essential when you begin your website. And setting up WordPress on 000webhost is, above all, easy and even a beginner can handle it effectively.

The easy-to-use interface makes a smooth process for both the entire installation.

The installation process wordpress in 000webhost

Either the renowned five-minute WordPress installer (see tutorial on how to install WordPress manually) or the 000webhost auto-installer can complete the setup process. Follow the WordPress self-installation directions:

Access your 000webhost app and go to the Build WordPress website and click INSTALL NOW.
Click the Install button to start the installation process.

Hit Go to the Configuration page button for WordPress once the installation is complete.
Select your language and click Continue.

Enter the name of your site and the information of the administrator on the next screen. Continue to click WordPress Install.

WordPress is now installed and your WordPress website could be created.

WordPress Dashboard can be accessed by 000webshost

 Upon finalization of the setup cycle, you will be sent straight to the dashboard of the WordPress administrator. Use one of the following URLs to access the WordPress admin region anytime later:

In order to access the dashboard, you will need to use WordPress administrator credentials that you entered during installation.

Other Free Hosting For WordPress

if you are not satisfied with 000webhost you should try bellow free hosting for practice purpose. some are have good parts to do and some may have limited option.
x10Hosting. / AwardSpace. /Byethost. / Hostinger-powered / 000WebHost. / FreeHostingNoAds. / Freehostia.


000webhost wordpress login is easy after installation. it can retrieve you WordPress login page.

000WordPress tutorial is a fundamental concept for you to set up or install WordPress in 000webhost.You may contact us to fix the issue if you feel difficulty.If you have no time to create a website and need a ready-made website, please contact us.We're helping you to serve online the complete functional website.We're also marketing your website and maintaining it.
See our products page where you get cheap best website are available for beginner.
free wordpress hosting all time for beginner but it have some restriction to get google high rank and limited bandwidth. we recommend paid hosting for professional website.
Find content about best domain for website