what is domain name and how to get it

what is domain name and how to get it

In order to recognize one or more IP addresses, domain names are used.In order to recognize one or more IP addresses, domain names are used.Domain names are used to identify specific web pages in URLs.For example, the domain name is pcwebopedia.com in the URL http:/www.pcwebopedia.com/index.html.

Each domain name has a suffix stating the top level domain (TLD) to which it belongs. Only a limited number of such domains exist. For example:

  • gov - Government agencies
  • edu - Educational institutions
  • org - Organizations (nonprofit)
  • mil - Military
  • com - commercial business
  • net - Network organizations
  • ca - Canad  
  • th - Thailand

  • More Details About Domain 

    The Internet is a giant computer service connected through a global cable network. Every computer can share information with other computers on this network.

    To identify them, an IP address is assigned to each computer. It is a series of numbers recognising on the internet a particular computer. This appears to be a typical IP address:

    To understand how domain names actually work, when you enter it in your browser, we'll look at what happens.

    When you enter your web browser with a domain name, this first sends a request to a global server network that forms the Domain Name System (DNS). Then these servers search for the database-related name servers and forward the request to the name servers.

    For example, if your website is hosted on Bluehost, the information on your name server will be as follows:



      These name servers are your hosting company's computers. Your web host will forward your request to the computer that will store your website.


    It's called this computer a web server. It has installed special software (the two popular web web server server software are Apache, Nginx). The web server is now trying to collect the web page and related pieces of information. Lastly, it sends back this data to the browser.

     Different domain names types

    Domain names in many different extensions are available. .com is the most popular. Many other options are available this kind of as.org,.net,.tv,.info,.io, and more. We always recommend using the extension of the.com domain, though. 

    Top Level Domain – TLD Top Level Domain or TLD are generic domain extensions listed in the domain name system at the highest level.

    Country Code Top Level Domain – ccTLD Country top-level domain code or ccTLD are country-specific domain names that end with country code extension of that kind as.uk for the UK,.de for Germany,.in for India.

    More than 350 million domain names are currently registered and thousands more are registered daily.

    That indicates all the good ones are already registered or very soon will be registered. This puts a lot of pressure on new users for their website to come up with a domain idea.

    Here are a few quick tips to help you select your next website's domain name.


    Keep a.com domain name because it is the most popular, easy to remember, and easy to promote. Make it easy to pronounce and spell Do not use numbers or hyphens Use domain name generators to develop clever domain name ideas


    How to purchase a domain name?  


    From one of the many domain name registrars, you can buy domain names. Usually a domain name costs 14.99 a year. Some popular businesses with the domain name are:




     Moreover, buying a domain doesn't give you hosting service automatically. Here you will also need a website hosting account for that.


    Many WordPress hosting companies also offer services for domain registration. This allows you to handle both services in one account, and you do not have to worry about changing your domain name server settings.