Traffic increase problem may cause hosting plan for SEO

Traffic increase problem may cause hosting plan for SEO


I would tell the reason why hosting plan sometime important before start blog for SEO traffic increase. It took me few months to build a website and it involved a lot of trial also error. paid and unpaid hosting is different factor involve. unpaid hosting may cause the limitation of visitors.

After making the website live, traffic didn’t flow well, so I ended up redoing the site. After, that in the first few months I spent more time learning how to build the site and improving it. i discovered Traffic increase problem may cause hosting plan .Some hosting company is not giving full bandwidth for shared base hosting .

However, it’s been a great learning experience and I’m happy to say I spend more time focusing  best web hosting provider instead of the writing blog  first in website to increase traffic.

if you would love to work with wordPress or other CMS base platform you should consider that they all time is not free or they would not give you full service totally free . you may lose google search engine ranking by using free service or free web hosting platform that is not best to get huge traffic.

Increase traffic problem with paid domain and hosting:


Owning a great  Domain name and best web hosting  operating a website costs around $150 a year.  last year total income out to around $550. So in total, profits were -$350 this was my first year income profit using best paid web hosting plan who given me full of control gaining full traffic without barrier bandwidth

As it is now, i am sharing valuable lessons for you from my personal experience , but maybe others will disagree.

What would be more interesting is how you plan to grow, or how you get your traffic. What are your strategies here?

If you work long time making blog but do not get traffic you probably lose your inspirations to go ahead. you would not may get paid or would not get earn if you do not have traffic or visitors.

your all money and time and dedicated handwork nothing would be success 

If you do not know where the main problem and how to do before start your blog . do not wast time using basic free web hosting if you want real traffic in your blog. i love best Cheap web hosting plan who is really cheap that give me save money and Domain also free of cost each sign up for start up 

No need any technical knowledge if you use worlpress theme or built in theme start new blog,


 Not only best web hosting plan the reason lack of traffic you should do hard work . Learn
more to SEO Tips rather than on-page stuff. You can still build links, do keyword research, write content targeting specific keywords, and build up your social signals to get success in blog.


 How traffic come to  blog:

Most of my traffic comes from organic direct users or social media,This was more portion you should add for getting traffic but when you get more traffic if you use free web hosting you may lose up time and your bandwidth ,website slow may cause lose huge traffic. Google does not like slow loading website for google ranking.

Google always check domain and who is hosting provider, if hosting provide slow bandwidth and limit option definitely google traffic would be decrease even you are good blogger. your website like professional and have lots of products but you are using free web hosting and free domain that is one of the cause you are not getting more visitors.

Why didn't you success of getting lots of traffic:

Possible reason may be, your content is not attractive or your have lack of knowledge how to work SEO tools. you may unaware about best paid hosting plan . free hosing or free domain you may using or sub domain using that visitors does not like

Can i increase more traffic ?

If you work properly i.e get best web hosting plan and get free domain first to start your first blog
give your proper time and  making content is also important part.upload and post. use SEO or hire SEO get best result to success in virtual world make money online.