what the meaning of FTP or what is FTP means

what the meaning of FTP or what is FTP means

what the meaning of FTP or what is FTP means

FTP main focus for File Transfer Protocol. The is use of FTP is to transfer the filers between different computers on a particular network. File Transfer Protocol allows a user to switch files between different computer accounts. You can transport files between an account and a computer or throughout the online software archives with the help of FTP.

A website consists of many web pages to describe the business and services well. IF you are making a website, you have to create pages with the help of a text editor or any other tool on your computer. After the development stage, you have to transport the files to the server where the website will be hosted. Here File Transfer Protocol comes into the play. It helps in transferring the files from the computer to the server.

How FTP works

what is ftp
Install the FTP client to the computer and set an FTP account with the helps of your ftp hosting service provider on the server. This is the very first stage of FTP file transfer work. The process of FTP is very easy and comprehensive.

Open the FTP client. You will get many boxes there. The first box will be "Profile Name" folder. You can change the name of the folder and rename it with the website site name for quick recognition.

The second box will be "Host Name" or "Address". This is the name of the server you are using to host your home page. Once you are done with such fundamental steps, you need a "User ID" and "Password" to operate your account.

If you do not waste your time in typing the password every time you access the account, you can click on the button which saves your password permanently. Do not worry, you can change your password anytime for security reasons. To make the process fast, you can goes to the startup properties and make changes to the initial local folder, so that it go the place where you are keeping the home page files automatically.

Once you have done with all setting, click on OK to connect with other servers. You will see files are displaying on the right side of the screen. To remove any confusion, it is advisable to set up the folders on the hosting server exactly the same, you set on the computer. It will help you to remember to send the files to the correct folder.

On the left side, the files on your computer will be displaying. Select the file you want to transfer by double clicking on the folder and the same with the right hand side files of the hosting server. It will transfer the files from the computers to the server. The method of transferring the files through FTP is convenient and reliable.

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