Get Tips How to wordpress install in awardspace

Get Tips How to wordpress install in awardspace 


Get Tips How to wordpress install in awardspace

New easy way we can setup WordPress In awardspace get it how

WordPress Tutorials for awardspace Hosting

  • Start the Zacky Installer.
  • Choose WordPress as the CMS you want to install.
  • Pick any themes and plugins that you want to install with the CMS.
  • Configure the website settings.
  • Install WordPress.
  • Enjoy!
    Follow bellow rules to setup wordpress

    Step 1:  Get into the Control Panel and Gear the Zacky Installer

    when you registered an account and entered into the Hosting Control Panel, you can see a menu like this. Click on the icon that says “Zacky Installer”

    Step 2: Choose WordPress


    Here, you can choose between the different CMS’s WordPress & Joomla only, if you are using free hosting This is a WordPress installing so click on the WordPress image.



    Step 3: Choose Design & Plugins


    Awardspace have made an effort to integrate some themes and plugins, that you could install simultaneously with WordPress. you may skip that part by clicking Next. If you want to install a theme – click on the one that you prefer. And click Next afterward.

    Next are the plugins install. You may follow the instructions above. If you like some of them mark them and they’ll be installed automatically. Afterward, click Next.

    Step 4: Configure Your Web Site Settings

    ou’ll be able to choose your domain, register a new one, or pick a free subdomain from Awardspace 


    If you already have a domain, you may use the falling menu to choose it, as shown in the picture.

    You Should Choose  Site name, fill the Admin profile details and click Next.


    Step 5: Install WordPress


    Check and double-check the information you’ve entered, so you won’t have to re-install the CMS. After you are sure, everything is as it should be, click the Install Now! button.


     Now that you’ve installed WordPress to your site Congratulations.

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