Register free domain Dot tk web hosting plan for blog

Register free domain Dot tk web hosting plan for blog

Register free domain Dot tk web hosting plan for blog

Register free domain Dot tk web hosting plan for blog|| Free domain name easy to setup and totally best for new comer who are willing to make custom domain for them. Website and subdomain we can change by easy free domain name dot tk.

We are here to show you how to setup dot tk Free domain name'

Step 1 : Go To

Step 2 : Enter your  free domain name here . you can get .tk Dot ml, Dot ga etc

Step 3 : Set your domain registration length as one year 12 month base

 Step 4 :type your email address and verify it for get domain

Step 5 : Type  information to your account from and click on Complete Order.

 Step 6 : Now order number would be shown there. Click on Click here to go your Client Area.

Step 7 : Find My Domains page. In this page you'll see your free Domain. Now click on Manage Domain

Step 8 :Go Manage Freenom DNS. If you get  Zone not active yet  problem then just go to Management tools  select Nameservers  Use Default Nameserver Button and hit Change Nameservers.

Step 9 : go now CNAME and write www in Name and in Target. Do not close page

How to change Blooger name using Custom TK free domain name

Step 1:  open your Blogger Settings  Basic ---> Blog Address --> click on setup a 3rd party URL for your blog

Step 2: Enter the  .TK free domain name From Freenom. Don't forget to add www before your domain name. Save and wait.

Step 3 : You will get error page. Copy the Name and Target.

Step 4 : Open your free form CNAME click More Records. type  copied  from blog Name and Target here. click Now Save Changes

Step 5 : before free domain name Settings complete , you need to wait for 3 to 5 minutes and then go to your  Blogger site Setting page, last is click on Save.

Step 6 Done now. You have successfully setup a Custom URL In your BLOG..

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